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Scoring Points by H.L. Day Release Blitz

Lights Out Series. RJ Scott, Lisa Henry, Charlie Novak, H.L. Day, Emma Jaye & Beth Laycock.

Can two warring team principals in the cutthroat world of F1 ever admit that there’s more to life than scoring points?

On the surface, Kurt Whitford has everything. A successful business. Good looks. Money. A famous popstar girlfriend hanging off his arm. And as the icing on the cake, he’s just been announced as Nebula’s new team principal. The downside? The opposition. It's seventeen years since Kurt has seen the infuriating and irresistible Gio Rossi, but the man hasn't changed a bit.

Whatever Kurt Whitford has, Giovanni Rossi can surpass. Well, except for the girlfriend. Despite needing to keep his sexuality on the down low, he’s not that far in the closet. And if Kurt thinks that Gio’s ready to let bygones be bygones, he couldn’t be more wrong. Gio hasn’t forgiven. Or forgotten.

As a long-rooted rivalry kicks off once more and sparks fly both on and off the track, can Gio and Kurt go head-to-head without the media getting wind of their true feelings? Or is their undeniable sexual chemistry about to prove their downfall?

This M/M romance from H.L Day features enemies-to-lovers, opposing teams, secrets that go way back, and suppressed feelings. Set in the high-octane world of Formula 1, it features fast cars, spectacular crashes, heated rivalries, and of course, a HEA.

**Each book in the Lights Out collection is a standalone story, and the books can be read in any order.**

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Scoring Points by H.L. Day

Book 4
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This is part of the wonderful F1 M/M series which I am enjoying greatly – thanks to all the talented authors.

Kurt and Gio are now team principals in F1; they knew each other in their early racing days – Gio had all the support from his family, something which Kurt certainly did not. They did not part on good terms, as young drivers, but now have to be in pre-race meetings together, and lead their teams in an honourable way. This could be a challenge when their feelings clearly still run deep, and the hurt has not entirely disappeared.

I loved the mixture of F1 team dynamics, and the need to consider the visuals of two opposing principals spending time together, but also the benefit of someone who understands exactly what you are going through – hugely engaging and deliciously romantic.

Another winner for me!

Scoring Points is the fourth installment in the Lights Out series. Lights Out is a multi-author series that can be read as a standalone but characters from other books are sprinkled throughout. I do recommend reading all the books in the series to get the full effect of the series and characters.

Kurt Whitford is Nebula’s new team principal. It's his first season as the principal but he's been involved in racing almost his entire life. When he was in his teens, he was a kart driver, and his biggest nemesis was Giovanni Rossi. Kurt's had a lot of firsts with Gio, but he was so confused about his sexuality that he knew being gay wasn't something that was accepted by his father or racing. So, for seventeen years he's hid who he really was, and he's thought about Gio but never contacted him until they find themselves against each other on the grid.

Giovanni Rossi has always dreamed about being a team principal. He knew if he couldn't drive and be the best, he'd be a principal. When it's announced that Kurt Whitford will become the team principal for Nebula, all those feelings from seventeen years ago come rushing back. And if antagonizing Kurt and getting under his skin gets a reaction from than man, he's willing to do whatever it takes.

This is a new author to me, and I loved all the angst with this one. It was so well written. I loved seeing Kurt's walls come down until he felt comfortable with who he really was. Gio and Kurt were enemies, but the line between love and hate is thin.

I can't wait to see what's next in this series!



Author Bio

H.L DAY grew up in the North of England. As a child she was an avid reader, spending lots of time at the local library or escaping into the imaginary worlds created by the books she read. Her grandmother first introduced her to the genre of romance novels, as a teenager, and all the steamy sex they entailed. Naughty Grandma! Romance novels were forgotten for a while when real life got in the way: university, clubbing, work, moving to London, and more work.

When life settled down (slightly) H.L Day stumbled upon the world of m/m romance. She remained content to read other people’s books for a while, before deciding to give it a go herself.

Now, she’s a teacher by day and a writer by night. Actually, that’s not quite true—she’s a teacher by day, procrastinates about writing at night and writes in the school holidays, when she’s not continuing to procrastinate. After all, there’s books to read, places to go, people to see, the gym to visit, films to watch. So many things to do—so few hours to do it in. Every now and again, she musters enough self-discipline to actually get some words onto paper—sometimes they even make sense and are in the right order.

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