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The Wedding Confession by J.J. Knight

The Wedding Confession by J.J. Knight

She sparkles. He growls. Baring their true feelings could be the start of a wild love story—or the end of it—in a sexy romantic comedy by a USA Today bestselling author.

One spilled glass of wine and bridesmaid Ensley James is ejected from a country club wedding in the rain. Ensley looks on the bright side. That would be her longtime crush Drew Daniels. The moody, broody, skin-pricklingly sexy groomsman is tossed out with her. Waiting out a hot spring storm in a cozy shed for two, it’s time for Drew’s confession: he’s strictly a one-nighter. Ensley’s dare? Give her three date nights and see where it goes.

A veterinarian like Drew is great when it comes to puppy love, but he has his reasons for his rules about women: no true feelings, just flings. So why agree to Ensley’s three-date challenge? Easy. Miss Ray of Freaking Sunshine is absolutely irresistible. Night after night, Ensley and Drew can’t ignore the heat, the growing intimacy—and the unexpected complications. Drew’s walls may be crumbling, but Ensley’s still at risk of being another tryst.

Especially with Ensley’s final confession. This one could be their rockiest challenge yet.


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The Wedding Confession by J.J. Knight

Book 1
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“Drew, I dare you to three dates.”     “A dare? Like elementary school?”     “Yes. I double dog dare you.”     “Who with?”     “Me, Drew. I’m talking about me!”



Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

When your BFF gets married and one of the groomsmen is your childhood crush, you try to stay away from him. But when the stepmother is a bridezilla in waiting, you have to help your friend make her wedding day the best.

Now Ensley is stuck outside the country club with Drew, and it is about to rain. Drew thinks if they continue around the side, they will come to the front and be able to get back inside. Needless to say, they don't. They only find a shed to hide from the rain and things get hot and heavy.

Now the wedding is over, and the couple is on their honeymoon. Drew is back home and working at his vet's practice and Ensley is back at her local bank. After several racy emails, Ensley decides to surprise Drew and visit him to continue their time from the shed when Drew misreads her visit.

Now they are getting along, Drew has calmed down, Ensley's vacation is coming to a close and she has to tell Drew she has to leave. How is he going to react to the news she is leaving? Can he forgive her? Will Ensley be able to make him see that they belong together?

I loved this story, there was so much banter between Ensley and Drew that made their past and present collide. Can they forgive and make a future together? I loved this one and can't wait for book two.

This is a fun read, with a very engaging female lead, and a pretty grumpy male one! It has a fabulous start at a wedding, which is being commandeered by a self-serving stepmother, until Ensley saves the day – but ends up being ejected from the event. Cue meeting up with her childhood crush, Drew, and starting a challenge to get him to see her for more than one hook-up.

Drew now has his own vet's practice three hours away from Ensley's home, and he has a very poor manner with humans, even if a great vet. When Ensley comes to visit, he makes a huge assumption that she wants a job and causes chaos in her life. It was fascinating to me how I couldn't decide who was more silly in that moment – Drew for making the assumption he could help her out by giving her a job three hours from her home, or her for not saying something about the fact she was just visiting...

Anyway, as she breaks down his walls, and he realises he has no desire to rebuild them, we get to enjoy two people who have known each other for a long time finally get the happiness that they deserved all along, and that is just what this romance reader enjoys!



Even the grumpiest veterinarian can’t resist a lost kitten.


Author Bio

JJ KNIGHT is the USA Today bestselling author of romantic comedies and sports romance. She’s a fierce mama bear for all the humans under her care: biological, adopted, and those in need of mom hugs. Her books portray characters who learn to push through hardship to find love and belly laughs.

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My luck is never good. But today is different. My childhood crush is the groomsman, and I’m the bridesmaid.


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