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Submission Impossible by Lexi Blake Blog Tour

Submission Impossible by Lexi Blake Blog Tour

He loves the sweet life

Greg Hutchins is reluctantly adulting these days. He’s settled in his job, recently bought his first house, and has a network of friends he can call family. But there’s something missing in his life, and he can’t quite put his finger on it. When he’s assigned to a case that involves investigating a biochemical company, he meets a woman who’s sweeter than any candy. Maybe she’s just the thing to make him feel complete.

She’s ready for the future

Noelle LaVigne has faced plenty of tragedy in her life, but she’s on the right path now. Between her new job and settling into a new city, she’s got no time for dating or relationships. She’s worked hard to get where she is, and no man is going to push her off track. Except the minute Hutch crosses her path she can’t seem to think about anything but the handsome security expert. He’s there to find a corporate spy, but late-night work sessions make her think they’ve both found something much more meaningful.

A twist they never saw coming

When the case becomes dangerous, both of their futures are on the line. And when the bullets start flying, they will have to learn to trust in each other if they hope to survive.


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Submission Impossible by Lexi Blake

Book 22
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“I’ve spent a lot of my evening researching your boss, and she’s dangerous. I think her corporate structure is sketchy, too. I think there’s a good chance she’s under some kind of investigation, and you’re going to get dragged into it. Is there any way you could take a couple of weeks off?”

It was the conclusion he’d come to. He would feel safer if she didn’t go back into that building again.

She shook her head. “I can’t. If I leave, I leave my research behind, and I’m close. If I prove my processes can work I’ll be able to hire on anywhere, and that would be remarkable at my age.”

Well, it was the answer he’d expected. “I want you to keep your eyes open and call me the minute you feel like anything’s weird. Trust your instincts.” He let out a breath and admitted the answer he’d come to. “I’m going to let Kyle go in with you tomorrow.”

“Good, because I have it on the highest authority he was going to take that job anyway.”

It was good to know he was in charge. He closed the screen of his laptop. He should go to bed and let her have some peace. She had to be at work early in the morning. He would lay on her couch and stare at the ceiling.

He was about to stand when Noelle beat him to it. “Hey, you didn’t get your prize.”


“That’s kind of what you wanted, right? I’m supposed to give you something for opening up to me.”

“I wasn’t thinking about it as a prize, though I can see where you would.” He wanted to explore this thing between them, and having her talk to him or tell him something important about herself would do that. But he wasn’t going to push her. “You don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

He was going to go slow. He was going to get to know her and ease into a friendship that could become something more. He had to be patient.

“I want to.” She crossed the space between them. “I want to give you this.”

She had another Red Vine in her hand. He’d wanted something personal from her. Something that would let him know this woman better. He got his own candy back. Story of his life. Still, he gave her what he hoped was a game smile and reached out. “Thanks.”

She pulled her hand back before he could take the candy. It wasn’t even a full one. It was the last little piece of what he’d given her.

“I want you to take it from me.” She licked her lips and put it in her mouth.

He was fully awake now, and about three thousand reasons this was a bad, bad idea went through his head.

It was too soon. She was sheltered and inexperienced. He was not. He had needs that would shock her. She’d literally said she didn’t do weird sex stuff. He did. A lot of weird sex stuff.

He should wait because she wasn’t doing this because she was in love with him. She was doing it because they had wild chemistry and she couldn’t help herself. He should be the senior partner and end this experiment of hers.

She settled on his lap. Suddenly every muscle in his body was tense and waiting to see if she was doing what he thought she was doing.


She lifted her face to his, offering that last bit of sugar, and he gave up the idea of waiting.




Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Noelle needs help, someone to protect her. She has found something a coworker left and now the coworker is dead. Noelle is trying to piece together who killed her coworker without getting herself killed. Her dad calls a favor in with his buddy at McKay-Taggart. What she wasn't expecting was Hutch.

Greg "Hutch" Hutchins is the computer whiz at McKay-Taggart, and he is assigned to the case of Noelle and he can't believe it when he meets her. The connection he feels is something that he wasn't expecting. What he learns is that she loves to bake but she is sweeter than her baked treats.

Can Hutch find out who is trying to steal the research Noelle is working on? Can he keep her safe from whoever is after her? What happens when Noelle thinks Hutch is trying to steal her research?

I loved the Masters & Mercenaries: The Forgotten series and this spin-off of the original Master & Mercenaries, Reloaded is starting off with a bang. It is filled with suspense, a little BDSM, alpha males, and strong heroines. I can't wait for more.

Oh, I was SO happy to see that we were getting more from this wonderful group of people and their complicated world. I am so invested in them all, and any chance to get back with them and see how previous relationships are moving forward, and new romances starting out. What a treat! If you are new to this group of series, then I would recommend that you start with an earlier book – but you could read this, feel the richness, and then go back, if you really can't wait to get Greg and Noelle's story.

Most of the guys of M&M are physically strong and their activities involve danger in the field. But Greg “Hutch” is invaluable for his IT skills. The new case requires a bit of both. I really enjoyed how he dealt with some very tough issues, as well as enjoying the techie side of things.

Noelle is a talented scientist who is working for a company where another scientist has died in suspicious circumstances. She is certain that there was something strange going on, and decides to investigate. Fortunately for her, her father (who we know from the Butterfly Bayou series) calls in a favour, and Hutch is sent in to help. As we get to understand what the issues are, I think most of us who know already just how bad Lexi Blake scientists can be, will be relieved that this involves less horrific experiments than before! A clever twist is involved instead.

I loved how Hutch and Noelle are together, how they accept how each other comes to the relationship, and have a lovely positive attitude to life – even when things are not looking too good.

I cannot wait to see what is going to happen in future installments – I am so happy to be back in this world!

Avid Reader☆☆☆☆☆
4.5 stars
M/F Romance
Triggers: Click HERE to see Avid Reader’s review on Goodreads for trigger warnings.

Noelle is fantastic at her job. She has a loving family and while home visiting, she mentions to her cop dad that something might be wrong with the recent accident at work. And while the person who died wasn’t her best friend, Noelle knows that they were a competent scientist.

With an overprotective streak a mile wide, Noelle’s dad calls up an old friend to help protect his daughter. Noelle knows that she is to meet with the McKay-Taggart group to figure out whether or not she needs protecting.

Hutch doesn’t make the best first impression by insulting Noelle before he even sees her. Noelle isn’t one to stand on being polite, especially to someone who has judged her so incorrectly, so she puts Hutch in his place.

With espionage, hidden agendas, and hot bodyguards, Noelle and Hutch will have to fight for their lives and their love.

Blake doesn’t disappoint with this new series. It keeps you on the edge of your seat and you get to see the McKay-Taggart gang.

I can’t wait to see more!

Masters & Mercenary: Reloaded book one features Hutch and Noelle (along with the McKay-Taggart team). If you've ever read any of Lexi Blake's books, you know that she can do BDSM in some very delightful ways, but she also has substance in her books. This story, I'm not going to spoil it, but I will say that characters are intriguing and they're well thought out.

Hutch is ready to start his life – he's grown up, he's matured, and he's questioning where his life is heading. He's part of the Tag family mercenary team, a bodyguard or whatever you want to call him, whatever his job is. His next job is going to be one of the most difficult. Noelle is a brilliant scientist with a past, lots of tragedy has befallen her but she doesn't give up.

When her co-worker dies mysteriously, and some information on their laptop goes astray. She's in over her head. That's where the Tag family comes in. This is a great joining of two different types of people and the story just flows. There's never a dull moment, and the people are real – they make mistakes, but ultimately, they find their way.

Action, adventure, suspense, all of that, along with some super-hot sexy scenes, and in the end, love. What more could you ask for?

I'm excited for book two.



Author Bio

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author LEXI BLAKE lives in North Texas with her husband, three kids, and the laziest rescue dog in the world. She began writing at a young age, concentrating on plays and journalism. It wasn’t until she started writing romance that she found success. She likes to find humor in the strangest places. Lexi believes in happy endings no matter how odd the couple, threesome or foursome may seem.

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