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Breakaway by Kindle Alexander Blog Tour

Can Greer help Dallas breakaway from the restraints of his past? Breakaway by Kindle Alexander Blog Tour. Kindle Unlimited.

Greer Lockhart set out to save the world from itself when he organized his first beach cleanup at the age of twelve. Now, as a uber-successful venture capitalist for eco-friendly startups, he doesn’t let anything get in the way of his goals—whether personal or professional. When a new fitness app schedules a site-wide cycle race, Greer’s competitive side won’t let him back down. Not even when his undivided attention turns to the one racer he can’t beat: Biker101.

Dallas Reigns learned a long time ago to keep his head low and his focus forward. He gives his all to a business he started with his brothers, BikeBro. But he worries his all might not be enough if they can’t gain traction before their financial ship sinks. A chance meeting with a hard-hitting venture capitalist is just what they need. Until his resistance is tested when the striking blond man shows interest in more than just his company, challenging all Dallas’s etched-in-stone boundaries.

When the illusion of Dallas’s life threatens to crumble under the weight of his own desire, can he find a way to fortify his iron will, or will Greer help him breakaway from the restraints of his past?


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Breakaway by Kindle Alexander.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

The story starts with us meeting Dallas and his brothers, who are trying to make a go of their fitness business, BikeBro. We meet Greer separately and learn that Greer’s personal trainer is Dallas’ best friend. As we get to know a little about our main characters, the story moves a bit slowly. Then Greer meets Dallas the first time and their chemistry is off the charts and the story takes off. I was hooked.

The connection between the men is so strong and their journey is so emotional. Some parts of the story were sexy and full of heat and joy. Others were difficult and heart wrenching. Through the hard times, the men have some good people around them to help them. I particularly loved Dallas’ little brother, Ducky. I hope he gets his own story sometime in the future. As for Dallas and Greer, they are both good guys and deserve their happiness. It was inspiring to see Dallas come to the realisation that he deserved to live an honest life and to be happy. I was also inspired by Greer’s commitment to his environmental projects and taking care of those around him.

This was a story that had me crying at various points and my heart breaking but by the final page, the tears I was crying were tears of joy. If you are an m/m romance fan, don’t miss Breakaway, it is wonderful!

This is a really good read – and I really hope that we get Ducky's story soon too! There is a lot going on in this very engaging and extremely moving story. There isn't a minute when we don't want Dallas and Greer to work out how they can be together. When we understand what horrors Dallas has suffered, then Greer's mission is even more important.

Dallas and his brothers are at a tipping point with their BikeBro business – an amazing product with lots of demand but hampered by cash flow issues. We quickly get to understand that Ducky is the IT genius, Dallas is the fitness guru, and older brother Donnie... well, I think he does more of the business side of things. Donnie lives with his wife, and it is quickly obvious that he is not a particularly nice guy. Kindle Alexander has a great skill in giving very clear messages through situational dialogue, so that I know how I felt about all three brothers very early on. Dallas's best friend is one of their trainers, Skye, and thanks to her they meet with Greer.

I liked Greer a lot from the start – he has excellent credentials as a human being on a green mission... a rather surprising fact for a very successful hedge fund manager! He lives by his values, and even when Dallas questions some of them, he accepts that, in fact, Greer really has thought it through.

I loved seeing these two men dance around each other – one so confident, one so conditioned not to be able to open and honest. It is wrapped around a really engaging business story, which may be surprising, but I assure you, it works really well.

I have to admit it took me a bit to get into this book. Once I finally did though, it was on! Greer and Dallas were great together, I actually wanted more, more of them, not about the companies, just them. There wasn't a lot of drama in this book, but man, talk about a brother being a jerk. Gesh. The sexy times were amazing and you can't help but want more.

I felt it took me way longer than it should have to lose myself in this read. Once I did, I couldn't put it down, but it took me few chapters to get there.

Dallas and his brothers are in the beginning stages of their company, BikeBro. Each brother is playing their part. Dallas is the fitness trainer, Ducky the IT man, and Donnie does the business side of things. They need money to get this product out there and doing a site-wide race to get the product out there is perfect. Dallas is doing what he can to keep everything afloat while being buried in debt. While out celebrating, he drinks more than he should and sees Greer and is instantly attracted to him, but it's a side of himself he doesn't let out. Can he let himself finally be happy?

Greer is a successful businessman but is a player and only has time for hookups. He is just what BikeBro needs to succeed. Seeing Dallas in a club has him questioning everything he thought he knew. Can he do a relationship?

I loved watching the relationship bloom between Greer and Dallas. I admit I wasn't a fan of Greer at first, but I slowly came around to cheering for the two of them at the end.



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Nothing had ever been this right before. Breakaway by Kindle Alexander.


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