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Heat for Sale by Blake Moreno Blog Tour

Heat can be sold but love is earned.

In a world where omegas sell their heats for profit, Adrien is a university student in need of funding. With no family to fall back on, he reluctantly allows the university's matcher to offer his virgin heat for auction online. Anxious, but aware this is the reality of life for all omegas, Adrien hopes whoever wins his heat will be kind.

Heath—a wealthy, older alpha—is rocked by the young man's resemblance to his dead lover, Nathan. When Heath discovers Adrien is Nathan’s lost son from his first heat years before they met, he becomes obsessed with the idea of reclaiming a piece of Nathan.

Heath buys Adrien’s heat with only one motivation: to impregnate Adrien, claim the child, and move on. But their undeniable passion shocks him. Adrien doesn't know what to make of the handsome, mysterious stranger he's pledged his body to, but he’s soon swept away in the heat of the moment and surrenders to Heath entirely.

Once Adrien is pregnant, Heath secrets him away to his immense and secluded home. As the birth draws near, Heath grows to love Adrien for the man he is, not just for his connection to Nathan. Unaware of Heath's past with his omega parent and coming to depend on him heart and soul, Adrien begins to fall as well.

But as their love blossoms, Nathan's shadow looms. Can Heath keep his new love and the child they've made together once Adrien discovers his secrets?

Heat for Sale is a stand-alone m/m erotic romance by Leta Blake, writing as Blake Moreno. Infused with a du Maurier Rebecca-style secret, it features a well-realized omegaverse, an age-gap, dominance and submission, heats, knotting, and scorching hot scenes.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

5 Guilty Pleasure Stars.

This is my first by Blake Moreno, and having only read Vespertine by Leta Blake, I need to rectify this by reading the author's backlists.

Heat for Sale was the ultimate in guilty pleasure reads for me. I ate the novel up in one sitting, gobbling it down, wanting more. I was intrigued from the start, flushed through part of the middle, then anxious as the angsty drama unfolded near the ending.

This is Mpeg, where the genders are alpha, beta, and omega, with the traditional gender roles. Heats. Breeding. Birthing. This one of the best of the genre I've read thus far (I'm new to the genre, but have read at least 20 or so).

Adrien is an orphan, a struggling college student, and ready to go into his first heat. His university organizes auctions for omegas to make money to finance their futures, especially when breeding is added to the mix.

Adrien was raised in a religious community, where he is the epitome of naive and innocent. Sweet. Intelligent but not worldly. He's modest, a virgin, and terrified over this new world he's about to enter.

The auction ensures anonymity for the alpha. The omega does not know who 'purchased' his heat until he comes face-to-face with the alpha. What a meeting that was... (fans self)

Heath is an older alpha, highly influential and wealthy, who has a bad past with the omega he loved. Nathaniel passed away years ago, but he had left an omega son behind. The angsty drama of the novel is how Heath purposefully outbids everyone in the auction to win his dead lover's son's first heat.

Not going into greater detail, this was a yummy novel. The power-exchange between the alpha and omega was pure deliciousness. Adrien's guilelessness allowed the reader to experience events unfold right beside him, as it was all new for him too.

I do believe this is a standalone, but I could definitely see how other characters mentioned in the novel could easily be future narrators. A few of which intrigued me, and I'd love to read their stories.

Highly recommended to those who enjoy MM Romance, Mpreg, age-gap/second-chance romance/May-December romance.

I really liked this book. It had some smoking hot scenes in it, a shy timid omega, and I guess you would call Heath an alpha with some issues? I loved how clueless Adrien was about things but was so trusting with Heath. Heath came off as a jerk at first, but he really wasn't. These two both wanted the same thing but were too afraid to say anything. I was shocked how forgiving Adrien was when he learned the real reason Heath bought his heat. My only wish was we had more of the birth and of Heath and Adrien after the baby was born. It was such a buildup and then it was over. I loved Simon as well and would have liked to see more interaction with him and Adrien. If you like lots of hot sex though, this book is for you.

Blake Moreno explores the darker side of erotic romance. Married to a hot tech nerd, educated in BDSM, and attracted to twinks and twunks alike, Moreno embraces taboo explorations. Come along on a quest for intensity and deep emotion. Don't fear the dark.

Blake Moreno is an alternate pen name of the author Leta Blake.

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