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Resisting Hunter by Rachael Orman Release Blitz

Who knew life could change so fast? I certainly didn’t.

At 25 years old, I discover that I have a twin sister who I never knew about. We’ve been raised in completely opposite worlds, but that doesn’t stop us from bonding once we learn of each other’s existence.

However, I’m not quite sure how to handle my sister's adopted brother, Hunter. He is the sexiest man I have ever seen and he is determined to get me into his bed.

If I give in, I will be putting the budding relationship with my sister at risk.

I refuse to give in.

WARNING: Sexually explicit scenes. Intended for audiences 18+ years.

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My steps faltered when my eyes landed on the man standing in front of her. He was speaking in a tone so low I couldn’t hear what he was saying. He hadn’t yet spotted me so I let my eyes feast on him an extra second longer. Bulging muscles stretched the sleeves of the t-shirt he was wearing. Not too much, but enough to show he worked out. Broad chest. Long legs encased in jeans that showed off his thick thighs. I finally forced my eyes back to his face only to discover he was now looking directly at me.

His forehead creased, his eyebrows drawing together. Clearly, he wasn’t happy to see me. The mouthwatering arms I had just been admiring crossed over his chest as he followed each step I took that brought me closer to him. His dark hair was pushed back from his face on top and short on the sides. Thick eyebrows and dark lashes emphasized his magnificent blue eyes. Even with his lips pursed in a tight line, he was jaw-droppingly handsome.

An aura emanated from him. One that let everyone know he was powerful, demanding, controlling. He wasn’t the type of man to back down from a challenge and he always got what he wanted, no matter the cost.

He was intimidating and intense even without speaking a single word — and I wanted him. What would it be like to have a man like that? Would he hold a woman down and fuck her hard and fast? I was willing to bet he would. Thoughts of all the wicked things we could do together had my panties growing damp and my nipples pushing out, begging for attention.

Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Dylan works as a hairdresser, saving every extra penny to open her own shop one day. And at 25, it is a good dream to have. But learning that you have a twin sister is something that can throw your world into a spin if you are not careful.

Cora is the twin sister, raised by a family with money and given every opportunity. She also has two brothers and both were adopted. While Cora wants to learn everything about Dylan and share her life with her, Dylan is finding herself being drawn to Cora's brother, Hunter.

Hunter is the type of man that uses women, throws them away after he gets what he wants. And he wants Dylan, but he isn't sure what it is that is pulling them together. Can they spend one night together and not get burned?

This story was a rollercoaster ride for me because Cora had my head spinning. She was all over the place, didn't understand or didn't care that Dylan had to work. Always wanting to go shopping, where Dylan hated it because she didn't have the extra money to spend. But I guess that is the difference between someone who grew up with money and someone who didn't.

I loved the idea of this story, Dylan dated but didn't find the right guy. Then she finds him and he happens to be her long-lost sister’s brother, go figure. But the story is really good and will have you in tears by the end. I need book #2 NOW please.

Avid Reader☆☆☆☆☆
4.5 stars
M/F Romance
Triggers: Click HERE to see Avid Reader’s review on Goodreads for trigger warnings.

Dylan is a hard working woman who has a dream of owning and running her own salon someday. She scrimps and saves all of her money in the hope that this dream is on the horizon. When she works on an annoying bridal party, she is in for a major surprise... she's a twin and never knew.

Cora is naive, selfish, somewhat annoying and endearing all wrapped into a twin package for Dylan. Cora grew up around money – a very different life than what Dylan grew up with. While Dylan never wanted for anything, both twins are so different.

Then you have Cora's adopted brother, Hunter. Dylan and Hunter are pulled together by some unexplained attraction. You have some very steamy scenes and these two burn it up. But while you have their romance budding, you have family drama beckoning too.

This book has a whirlwind of emotions stuffed into it. I loved that you never really knew what Cora was going to do, even though sometimes, it was annoying.

I can't wait for book #2 and hope that it comes right away!

Mary Jo☆☆☆☆☆
I loved the premise of this book. A twin you didn't know you had and who seemingly won the lottery by being adopted into a wealthy family. Add in two adopted brothers and from the outside looking in, it seems to be a fairytale come true.

I loved how the author wrote Dylan, how she isn't overwhelmed by her sister's money, her family's importance, and how she doesn't hold a grudge against her parents for giving Cora up for adoption. Still, Dylan struggles to find a niche in Cora's world, and it’s made even harder by her attraction to Hunter, Cora's adopted brother.

As I finished part one of this book, I realized the old saying is true: Money can just about buy everything, but it can't buy happiness.

I am a happily married mother of two beautiful (and trying) little girls. We have two German Shepherd pups (2 year old and 7 month old) that are constantly getting into trouble and keeping us on our toes.

I am currently attending ASU for my Bachelor’s in Graphic Design, but I am an avid reader when I’m not writing a book of my own. Just like I write, I prefer hot, naughty and all out dirty books, but I also enjoy Urban Fantasy, dystopian and science fiction as well (as long as there is a little romance somewhere in them). I also love to volunteer anywhere I can to help those who are in need.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Resisting Hunter (Love and Lust Duet #1) by Rachael Orman to read and review for this tour.

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