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Blocked by L.P. Dover

He’s got every reason to be cocky... until a female cuts him down to size.

I’m Dallas Easton, the best goaltender in the league. I make a damn good living playing hockey, and with women falling at my feet wherever I go, why not enjoy it? I get whatever I want, whenever I want—that is, until I come across the one player who gets the best of me on the ice.

When I try to pummel the dude, all hell breaks loose. Imagine my surprise when the helmet comes off to reveal a woman underneath. And not just any woman, but the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen. Callie Davis is the complete opposite of the puck bunnies I usually go for, a good girl with sick moves and a selfless streak a mile wide. I need to make amends, but she dodges me at every turn. It doesn’t help that Callie’s brother hates my guts, or that my agent thinks she’s bad for my career.

But I could care less what they think. I can’t let our little run-in on the ice be the end of our story. Because when I set my sights on something, I won’t rest until I score.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Dallas Easton thinks he is God’s gift to hockey and women. He is the best goalie in the NHL and he gets his pick of any woman he wants. He is hot-headed, cocky, and ready to fight at the drop of a hat. But when he gets into a fight, it is an angel who stitches him up and he has to find her to say he is sorry.

Callie Davis is a surgical and ER nurse and loves what she does for a living. She is also the sister of Justin, new teammate of Dallas. Which means that Justin and Dallas hate each other. Growing up with three brothers, they all played hockey. Callie loves to watch her brothers on the ice and she loves to practice with them too.

Dallas wants to know more about Callie, but she wants nothing to do with him because she knows about his past with women. She doesn’t want to be next notch on his bedpost. As he tries to win her over by sending flowers, which she gives to her patients, asking her on a date, which she turns down, he has to figure out some way to get her to see he can change for her.

Can Callie give him a chance to change? Will Dallas screw things up before he gets a chance to show Callie he can chance? Will his past come back to haunt him? Will her brothers step in and keep them apart?

I am loving this series and I love L.P.’s writing style, especially when she is writing about hockey and MMA men. They are so yummy. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with in the next book.

Avid Reader☆☆☆☆
M/F Romance

You don’t necessarily have to read book one, but it helps because characters do make an appearance again from book one.

Dallas is cocky, arrogant, and kind of a hot head. He thinks that he is going to keep living the single life and love it. He has an agent who is constantly harping on him about image, so that was somewhat annoying for me. Dallas meets Callie one night when his teammates are giving him extra practice. Despite being a great keeper, he allows several goals from a teammate and is riled up – he pulls the mask off to find Callie.

Callie is working as a nurse and loves her job. Even though it’s hard to see the sick kids, she loves what she does. She lives with her brothers and even has her cousin, Maddox, constantly checking in on her and protecting her. It is a little over the top in terms of the protection that Callie is given by her brothers.

I also really loved the relationship between her best friend and brother – Hannah and Corey. I thought that it brought some balance to the book, given the dynamic of Callie and Dallas.

Dallas has to work very hard to prove himself to Callie and sometimes that seemed a little one sided. However, there was great chemistry between Dallas and Callie.

I really hope that Maddox gets the next book because I can see tons of drama to come for him.

I really looked forward to the sequel to the first book in this series. I loved Kellan and Kristen in book one. Book two does not let us down either! Dallas and Callie were so fun to read about.

Dallas and his anger issues, then Callie comes in and just sweeps him off his feet. I loved it. It was hilarious watching him fall over himself when she shows that she isn't a pushover and she is much tougher than she appears.

Dallas cracked me up because he was so determined to fix his mistake when he'd first come at Callie (because he thought she was a man) that I couldn't help but love him. And while he was trying to make it up to Callie, he ends up becoming a better person and that is always a beautiful thing to see happen.

I really appreciated how hockey was a big part of the story, but it didn't take over the romance and the character development.

I will say it is a very light-hearted and fluffy story that's cute and lovey dovey, but it was very entertaining and I enjoyed it as a break from the heavier and darker books that I tend to lean toward.

I’m a huge L.P. Dover fan and she never fails on giving a fantastic 5-star read! I seriously couldn’t put this book down and wound up reading the entire thing in one sitting. I think I’m going to go ahead and call this my favorite book of the year.

Dallas Easton is a textbook player – he’s a hockey player in his prime and has a new woman every night. He winds up being bashed over the head and a beautiful angel stitches him up. A few days later, Justin, one of the newest hockey team members, and his siblings challenge Dallas to a duel on the ice and when one of them bests Dallas he attacks… to find the beautiful angel underneath all the hockey pads. Not having realized it was Callie, Dallas feels bad about having attacked her and is now doing everything in his power to get a chance to apologize. However, Callie’s family isn’t letting Dallas anywhere near her. Dallas tries relentlessly to get Callie to agree to a date with him, but Callie makes him jump through a ton of hoops before finally accepting. Then once the two become close, Dallas’s prior commitment to a dating show comes back to bite him.

I absolutely love Callie’s brothers being such a huge part of this book, it made for a real page turner. Dallas is one of my favorite book boys in a long time, he’s hilarious, caring, and fierce – all the best qualities of a book boyfriend! I also love how the author has set up (what I hope) is the next book in this series with Dallas’s trials with the dating show becoming... well I won’t say because that would be a spoiler, but I’m excited to see where this series goes next!

Mary Jo☆☆☆☆
We all know guys like Dallas Easton, the lunkheads, the assholes, the guys with few redeeming qualities. That being said, we also know that most of them do have a few things that make them special and when they let their guard down, we see what that is. Most times, it takes a lot of patience and determination to see beneath the bullshit to see the mushy center. Sometimes it’s worth it and sometimes it’s not. This is one of the times it’s worth the time and effort.

Dallas Easton is a bully on the ice. As he’s one of the best goalies in the league, so he can get away his attitude on and off the ice. He’s also a love ‘em and leave ‘em kind of guy, not one for long term relationships. One of those hook-ups lead to him being struck in a head with a beer bottle and an angel stitched him up. Imagine his surprise when that angel busts his chops on the ice a few days later, and is the sister of one of the newest players on the team.

Callie has been around hockey players her entire life and knows how they play on and off the ice. She’s not surprised by Dallas’ antics that got him hurt, but she wants no part of it. She’s steadfast in her resolve until he surprises her by agreeing to visit the children’s wing of the hospital.

As Dallas and Callie’s relationship grows, factors beyond their control seek to tear them apart. Trust is essential to any relationship and once trust has been broken it’s hard to repair.

This is the second in the series, and any fan will also see links across to the previous book – which is great! I do think that this story stands well on its own, but is even richer with some history, so do go and read Hard Stick.

Dallas is your pretty typical hockey playing stud – with an excess of aggression thrown in – so it isn't really a surprise that any other player would not want him to target their sister as the next woman on his list. However, Ms. Dover has cast him as a man who suddenly understands what he needs and who he might love, which is terribly inconvenient given his next promo project!

We get to see both sides, so we know of the impending disaster, although not quite the cause of it. The buildup is well done, the romance cute – especially for a big burly goal keeper – and the passion is chemistry laden. Lots of fun things thrown in, and an intriguing mystery to be solved regarding Maxwell and "Paige."

The potential for many more stories from this bunch of hockey players is looking good, which makes me super happy – and hopefully, Ms. Dover very busy!

I absolutely loved the moment when Dallas and Callie meet. He’s a competitive NHL goalie with a bad temper and she’s an unknown nobody who keeps getting pucks past him. It’s only after his temper gets the better of him that Dallas realises Callie is a woman – and his teammate’s sister.

This is the start of an unlikely romance between two fiery characters. Dallas isn’t terribly likeable at the start. He’s miserable and quick to anger. He has a puck bunny habit and a terrible track record with women. Callie, on the other hand, is fantastic. She’s a surgical nurse and a hockey player. Before she’ll consider dating Dallas, she sets us a series of embarrassing challenges for him.

This is a light and easy read. It is a fun romantic comedy and I really love the way Dallas evolves through the book. There are tons of characters in this story and I’m looking forward to some of them getting their own books.

I’m going with four stars, not five because the last third seemed to ramble and it felt like the story lost focus for a time. But this is still an entertaining hockey romance.

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L.P. Dover is the New York Times bestselling author of the Second Chances series, the Breakaway series, the Forever Fae series, the Gloves Off series, the Armed and Dangerous series, and a standalone novel, Love, Lies, and Deception. She loves not only to write, but also to play tennis, hike in the mountains, go white-water rafting, and sing. A Southern belle with a former life in periodontics, L. P. Dover lives in North Carolina with her husband and two beautiful girls.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Blocked (Breakaway #2) by L.P. Dover to read and review.

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