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The Billionaires: The Bosses by Calista Fox

What do you do when you have not just one hot boss, but two? And they both want you?

What will it take to make her theirs?

Bayli Styles leaves California wine country behind for the bright lights of New York City, in search of fame and fortune. However, fame and fortune are a little further out of reach than she had hoped, so to supplement her meager modeling income, she seeks a hostess position at Manhattan's hottest new venue, owned by billionaires Rory St. James and Christian Davila. Bayli gets much more than she bargained for when both devastatingly handsome and magnetic men make her blood sizzle...and offer her the guiltiest of all pleasures--themselves.

Bayli is the perfect solution to the two problems currently plaguing entrepreneurs Rory and Christian, professionally and sexually. She'd make the ultimate -face- for their current joint venture, but both men are thinking beyond business and waste no time seducing Bayli into their brand of double pleasure. In the end, the threesome will put it all on the line--their bodies, their hearts, their souls--either destined for failure, or for the redefinition of true love.

This is a standalone ménage romance with an HEA.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Avid Reader☆☆☆☆
M/F/M Romance
Triggers: Click HERE to see Avid Reader’s review on Goodreads for trigger warnings.

Bayli is getting desperate. She wants to break into her modeling or acting career, but just can't seem to get noticed. She sees an opportunity and takes it only to be mowed down, literally, by the one person who can make or break her ability to land the hostess position – Rory.

Rory is intense in a way that would make anyone cower. However, he has a softness to him when nobody is looking, but because he's also a perfectionist, he is usually gruff and mean too. His relationship with Christian is long standing and doesn't waiver, despite being insanely attracted to Bayli and wanting her with all that he is.

Christian is intense, but in a business sort of way. When he meets Bayli and she asks for a job – in a roundabout way, he admires her. He knows what it's like to work hard and get your dreams. When he sees Bayli, he instantly thinks of Rory and how much fun they could all have together.

The three of them are friendly, but I didn't really get too much chemistry between them. The men are overprotective and the stalking angle is strong. I enjoyed the story and watching these three figure out their relationship.

The second book in the Lover’s Triangle series and this is Bayli's book. We have three girlfriends who grew up together in wine country – River Cross, CA. Bayli's mom died and left Bayli with a lot of medical bills and debt. Putting her life on hold to care for her mother, after her death, Bayli moves to New York to pursue a modeling career. She is looking for her third job to help pay the bills and runs, quite literally, into chef Rory St. James. Rory is immediately drawn to Bayli. He and his business partner, Christian, who also sometimes partners their lovers, find Bayli to be exactly what they are looking for in their bed and in their new endeavor. Christian envisions a new cooking show featuring Rory as chef and Bayli is the perfect spokeswoman. The three find themselves entangled in love and in business.

While I really enjoyed the first book in this series, for some reason Bayli's story didn't do as much for me. I found them in love too quickly with no back history to support such quick and intense feelings. The ménage scenes were well worth the read though, so I liked that! Throw in Christian's sometimes-lover and full-time office assistant who is a woman scorned and not happy with the new girl, and it's not a bad book at all. Solid three stars here.

This is the second in a series – and we do get some contributions from Jewel, who stars in the previous book – but it is fundamentally a standalone. I had some issues with that book, because of the writing style, and it hasn't really changed here. It is nothing serious, just a bit too much catching us up on their background through thoughts, and swapping out of usual words for a more flowery version. The story is strong enough for me to have enjoyed it all the same.

Bayli is an interesting mix of a character, with some parts of her being very confident, and others very insecure. As we understand the challenges of her youth, then it is less surprising, and helped to explain some of the less expected actions or comments. She certainly caught a lucky break with these two men, and takes full advantage of their combined skills! Ms. Fox certainly knows how to heat up the pages with ménage adventures.

There is a loose mystery involved, which was rather loudly signalled, but amusing. I wish we had more of their lives pre-epilogue. I am very curious as to whether the super independent Scarlett is going to catch the trio bug of her two good friends and get her own happily ever after.

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Calista is a former PR professional, now writing fast-paced, steamy books to set your pulse racing! She has won many Reviewer’s and Reader’s Choice Awards, as well as Best Book Awards. Calista has crossed the country many times over by corporate jet and travels internationally, always with her laptop in tow to capture intriguing story elements and exotic locales! She is also a member of Romance Writers of America and a Past President/Advisor of the Phoenix chapter.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of The Billionaires: The Bosses (Lover's Triangle #2) by Calista Fox to read and review.

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