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Twist by Kylie Scott Blog Tour

From New York Times bestselling author Kylie Scott comes the second sizzling stand-alone novel in the Dive Bar series!

When his younger brother loses interest in online dating, hot bearded bartender Joe Collins only intends to log into his account and shut it down. Until he reads about her.

Alex Parks is funny, fascinating, and pretty much everything he's been looking for in a woman—except that she lives across the country. Soon they're emailing up a storm and telling each other their deepest, darkest secrets... except the one that really matters.

When Alex pays Joe a surprise visit, however, they both discover that when it comes to love, it's always better with a twist.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Joe Collins sets up a dating site for his brother Eric. When Eric doesn't want to use it, Joe has every intention to cancel it, until he reads an email from her.

Alex Parks, a self admitted recluse, has been having an online relationship with "Eric." She decides after small span of no communication from "Eric," she is hoping on a plane to go meet him in person. One of the bravest things she's ever done, until she walks in Dive Bar and she can match all the names with faces, but Eric has no idea who she is.

I absolutely loved Twist from the first word to the last. Ms. Scott has an amazing way with words. There is humor, a bit of a rollercoaster of emotion, and just the right about of drama to suck you in. It doesn't hurt that Joe and Alex are sexy and quite explosive when they get together.

I can't wait to see what's next for Dive Bar!!

I loved hearing from Mal he will always be a favorite KS character!

I have been a huge fan of Kylie Scott since the first Stage Dive book. I was over the moon when she started writing the spin off, Dive Bar series. I really enjoyed Twist! It started with a bang and continued to be a great read that I didn't want to put down. Alex and Joe meet each other on an online dating site. Problem is, Joe is posing as his brother, Eric, on the site. When Alex decides to take a chance and come meet her "Eric," she drops in on everyone at the Dive Bar and all heck breaks loose. Eric has no clue who she is, but Alex seems to know about everyone else! This scene is by far my favorite awkward online meet up gone wrong that I have ever read! Kylie Scott's way of writing a strong but funny and self-deprecating lead is one reasons I really enjoy her style. She mixes such comedy with real feeling characters and heartfelt emotions. Several crack up moments and lots of funny inner dialogue by our leading lady Alex, I found myself giggling often and then groaning over Joe's thick-skulledness. This book has well written, lovable characters with the right amount of drama.

While the first book didn't do as much for me as this installment, I think I'm a fan of Dive Bar and all its funny and fun characters.

Alex shows up at Dive Bar ready to finally meet "Eric," who she met on a dating site and has been emailing for six months. The problem is Eric has no idea who Alex is. Joe steps up and confesses she had really been emailing him. Humiliated, Alex runs back to her hotel but ends up coming down with the flu and Joe helps nurse her back to health.

I love that while there is plenty of tension and drama in this story it isn't overly gushy in its romance. When the characters open up to each other a bit at a time, it feels honest and real. I also love that Alex and Joe are just two ordinary, hardworking people with normal person issues and worries. I found them easy to relate to and it was even a little inspiring seeing them encourage each other to face their fears.

Twist is a great read. I'm having a ball spending time with the crew from Dive Bar and I look forward to the next book in this series.

If you have not read any books in this series yet, then I would suggest that you do yourself a favour and start at the beginning – but if you are too impatient, then this will still be good as a first dip.

You know that saying, "Never judge a book by its cover?" Well Alex gets to learn that it was definitely the contents that attracted her attention and should still.

Told with a wonderful mix of humour, previous emails, and an abundant need for flu remedies, this is a story of the modern age. Seriously enjoyable book of the type that makes you want to keep turning the pages right to the end in one sitting. The writing style is fluid, with plenty of snappy, snarky dialogue to make you laugh and cringe at all the correct moments. Add in some super hot bits and a dose of sadness, and all elements are well and truly covered.

Thank you Ms. Scott, for another really good read.

I love the way Kylie Scott brings a story to life. I loved this addition to the series!

Alex has finally found someone she can talk to… online. Then she goes to meet him and finds out she’s been catfished. Joe is a hardworking bartender who decided to pretend to be his brother online and wound up being attracted to the quirky Alex. Joe is huge, blond, and bearded where the brother he’s pretending to be is tall, dark, and handsome… exactly Alex’s type. When Alex flies to meet her online boy-toy, she’s very upset to learn that not only has she been tricked, but he’s not even her type… or so she thinks.

I absolutely love the camaraderie between Joe and Alex, it’s hilarious. The two are really perfect for one another. I love that Alex is such a quirky heroine, she’s not your typical “perfect” woman you usually get with a romance and I really enjoyed the originality. This is a real page turner, I can’t wait for Kylie Scott’s next dose of awesome!

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Kylie is a New York Times and USA Today best-selling author. She was voted Australian Romance Writer of the year, 2013 & 2014, by the Australian Romance Writer’s Association and her books have been translated into eleven different languages. She is a long time fan of romance, rock music, and B-grade horror films. Based in Queensland, Australia with her two children and husband, she reads, writes and never dithers around on the internet. You can learn more about Kylie from her website.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Twist (Dive Bar #2) by Kylie Scott to read and review for this tour.

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