Thursday, April 6, 2017

Leap of Faith by Jackie Keswick

Close friends and partners at FireWorks Security, Joel Weston and Kieran Ross know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. They have each other’s backs, make a formidable team, and carefully ignore their volatile chemistry.

When Kieran struggles with the aftermath of an assignment gone wrong, Joel is there to help. When Joel is caught in an explosion, Kieran jumps into a burning marina to rescue the man who means so much to him. But they never discuss what’s closest to their hearts, not prepared to risk their friendship for the mere possibility of something more.

Faced with bombs, assassins and old ghosts, Joel and Kieran must find out why they’re targets, who is after them and—most of all—how each would feel if he lost the other. Can they continue as best friends, or is it time to take a leap of faith?

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Full of adventure and suspense, this friends-to-lover story had me enthralled from the first explosion. As the first book in a new series, this story introduces readers to FireWorks Security and the highly skilled men who work for the company. In this first book, explosions, chase scenes, and drug wars make this an exciting read. The spark between long term partners, Kieran and Joel, develops into a special romance between two battle-hardened men.

Romance between law enforcement/military partners is a familiar trope in m/m romantic suspense. While Kieran and Joel aren’t the most thoroughly developed pairing in this genre, they do work well together. Kieran’s experiences as an undercover DEA agent complement Joel’s military skills. Unlike characters in many similar series, there is no conflict between these two. They are fast friends and loyal partners from the outset. I never completely understood why they had stayed platonic for so long. The conflict they experience is the threat to life as a result of their experiences in the story. Joel is caught in an explosion, Kieran is tortured by terrorists…

M/M romantic suspense is a genre full of brilliant series and unforgettable characters. Kieran and Joel aren’t as unique, quirky, or funny as some of my favourite men in similar series but I enjoyed their romance and I loved the action in this story. There are several interesting men introduced in this book and I will definitely be looking out for the next story in the series.

JACKIE KESWICK was born behind the Iron Curtain with itchy feet, a bent for rocks, and a recurrent dream of stepping off a bus in the middle of nowhere to go home. She’s worked in a hospital and as the only girl with fifty-two men on an oil rig, spent a winter in Moscow and a summer in Iceland, and finally settled in the country of her dreams with her dream team: a husband, a cat, a tandem, a hammer, and a laptop.

When she’s not working or writing, she… doesn’t exercise. Instead, she cooks and researches English history and traditional English recipes. She has a thing for green eyes, suede, and tight cyclists’ butts, and is a great believer in making up soundtracks for anything and everything, including her characters and the cat. And she still hasn’t found the place where the bus stops.

For questions and comments, not restricted to green eyes, bus stops, or recipes for traditional English food, you can find Jackie Keswick in all the usual places.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Leap of Faith (FireWorks Security #1) by Jackie Keswick to read and review.

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