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Desert Tryst by Susanne Saville Audiobook Review

The cat-and-mouse game between professional assassin Dmitri Dzerzhinsky and FBI Special Agent Thomas Dalton may be developing into something more, at least for Dmitri. Blurring which side Dmitri’s on can’t continue. Hoping to get rid of his desire for Thomas, Dmitri goes to 1Night Stand for help.

Unaware of the assassin’s interest, Thomas is attracted to Dmitri as well. So, discovering Madame Eve has given the Special Agent a night with the man of his dreams seems too good to be true.

Sometimes it’s dangerous to get what you wish for. Can two men on opposite sides of the law find common ground beyond their mutual attraction?

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Length: 1 hr, 15 mins
Narrator: Greg Tremblay

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

I had no idea there were M/M 1Night Stand books. I gotta say, "WHEW!!!" That was hot! Desert Tryst is exactly that – a one-night stand that takes place in a Bed & Breakfast located in New Mexico. As per usual, the service goes above and beyond when arranging the tryst, arranging for the actual object of Dmitri's lust to fulfill his fantasy... Special Agent Thomas Dalton. On opposite sides of the law, one would expect an enemies-to-lovers storyline. However, we come to learn that both men have harbored an attraction for one another for some time. While Dmitri sublimated his attraction for his foe by feeding Thomas information that enabled him to bring down criminals and advance his career, Thomas had to come to terms with his attraction for Dmitri as he'd never before been attracted to a man and didn't quite recognize it for what it was. Fortunately for both men, Madam Eve knows best.

As this audiobook is performed from an erotic novella, there is little time for complex character development. Saville moves the "relationship" along through each man's internal musings and their conversations regarding previous run-ins, thus making the post-coital decisions believable. As for the one-night stand, let's just say that the desert wasn't the only thing hot.

Not surprisingly, Tremblay's performance was excellent. I loved the Russian accent he affected for Dmitri. I am thankful that Thomas was American as it allowed me to enjoy Tremblay's more natural speaking voice, thus giving me two aural treats to gorge myself on. While Desert Tryst might not be the most complex of plots, it was exactly what it purported to be and delivered on its promise and then some. As an audiobook, Tremblay's vocal performance makes a sexy story even hotter and guaranteed that it will be listened to again... and again... and again – hence 5 stars.

Susanne Saville enjoys caffeine – especially in coffee and tea, traveling, horseback riding, reading, and John Barrowman. Not necessarily in that order.

She has a Master's Degree in History and a second Master's Degree in Library Science. The casual observer might suppose that this primarily qualifies her to dispense fries at fast-food restaurants. Ah, but no! Ms. Saville has worked as a Reference Librarian in California and as a History Instructor at Georgia Military College. She has also been interviewed by Dog Fancy as an expert on the pug dog's place in history.

She currently resides in New England and, along with writing, delights in researching, spending quality time with her cats, and eating fries at fast-food restaurants.

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