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The Borden Series by R.J. Lewis


Marcus Borden has always been used to power and control. After a crime-filled upbringing in a very harsh neighbourhood, Borden leaves his hometown, returning four years later mysteriously rich and unrecognizable, with one woman on his mind.

A woman he'll never have.

Pained by his devastating loss and filled with rage and guilt, Borden's world turns dark.


As a fiercely independent woman, Emma Warne knows all about hard living. Having kept to herself most of her life, the last thing she expects is to be thrust into the world of infamous criminal Marcus Borden, the dangerous man the entire city fears and loathes. But the more she pushes him away, the more he comes back, taking over her life and stripping her of her control she desperately clings to.

Once Borden has his sights on her, Emma is going nowhere anytime soon, and what she doesn't expect least of all... is that she may not want to either.

WARNING: This is NOT a love triangle. This book contains sexual situations – of a very rough nature – violence, and strong language that may be offensive to some.

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Book 1
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This is the first of two books and I read them back to back, as I needed to know where the story went!

The prologue ensures that we sit on the edge of our seats from the get go, knowing that this is a harsh, unforgiving world that we are entering. It then travels back in time, and breaks our hearts again. With an author prepared to level such cruelty at the reader from the beginning, and certainty of an HEA is put into question. And other questions abound too ... which get revealed very slowly, and painfully.

As often is the case, the story's strength can hinge on the effectiveness of the side characters, and here Borden's certainly outweigh Emma's – by a significant margin! The chemistry however is equal on both sides, and we get only a taste of how strong that really is. By the time the end rolls round, be prepared to be hooked, and in need of Borden 2 before you can rest. It is not a cliffhanger per se, but just an antsy need to know just how the whole story will play out.

Very intense read, about a world I thankfully live far away from, but find fascinating, nonetheless.

Borden 2

I fell in love with a very bad man.

Marcus Borden is that very bad man, but I knew that already. I accepted it. I just didn’t expect to be pulled into the darkness of the world he'd worked so hard to hide from me. Now he's let me in and showed me what he's capable of – and it scares me. It scares me to think I'm in love with a man that has enemies who would do anything to hurt me.

And with a dark threat on the horizon, I need to ask myself just how far I'm willing to go to be with him. And how deeply in love I am with him to accept his darkness.

WARNING: This book contains sexual situations – of a very rough nature – violence, and strong language that may be offensive to some.

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Book 2
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Strong 4.5*
Straight on from Borden, I had to know how this dark and intense romance would play out. The lead characters are now set, we know what has happened to the one other woman that Borden loved, and so does Emma. Yet she has stayed, as their deep connection, and very frequent explosions of chemistry are just irresistible. She also knows that she is in love.

This is a great second book, taking us very quickly into the murky underworld that Borden rules over. We learn many secrets which were hidden in book one, and we see two people who live only for one another. That is sorely tested here, as is the camaraderie of Borden's gang. I had to stop reading a few times, just to remember to breathe. And with all the prior knowledge we have been privy to, it is very difficult to imagine anything good. There are bursts of humour – such as visiting her grandmother – which lighten the air a touch. There are (many) hot passionate scenes which heat the blood and remind us just how intense this relationship has become – which heighten the importance of a successful outcome. I can only recommend that you read it for yourself.

Great series, thank you Ms. Lewis.

New York Times and USA Today bestseller, R.J. Lewis, is the number one bestselling author of the Ignite series and the Loving Lawson series. She was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. She did a bit of travelling, residing in Western Australia for six years, before returning to Canada and settling down in Vancouver with her family.

In her spare time her hobbies include travelling, reading, savouring every moment with her two children and doting husband. She has been writing all her life and looks forward to sharing her stories with readers who are interested in character growth and romance of the unconventional kind.

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Ruthie reviewed her personal copies of Borden & Borden 2 by R.J. Lewis for this post.

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