Thursday, January 14, 2016

Rogue by Callie Hart

When people get too close to me, they wind up dead. Blood. Bullet holes. Stab wounds. I’ve kept my identity secret to protect the ones I love, but now the most dangerous man in my world knows exactly who I am… And he’s coming for me.

Hector Ramirez has brought war to my doorstep, but he won’t win.

I’ll fight to defend the vulnerable.

I’ll kill to protect my club.

But I’ll die to save the woman I love.

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Book 2
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Rogue is the follow up book to Rebel. Rebel was an amazing read setting the scene for the Dead Man's Ink series. Rogue starts where Rebel ends and doesn't disappoint with the thrill factor.

Hector Ramirez follows Rebel to New Mexico, he has no fear making his presence known. He's here to put an end to Rebel and the Widow Makers. Rebel does the only thing he can, keeps Sophia locked away without a word as to why. Sophia feels like a prisoner, locked away. Rebel's trying to protect her the only way he can. When Sophia is given the chance to walk away, will she take it? Can Rebel keep his promise to keep her safe from the men that scare her the most?

Rebel and Sophia have a high chemistry, explosive relationship. Rebel is one sexy dirty talker. He finally starts to show that dark side of the badass biker. He knows what he wants and he's not afraid to get it. Sophia is learning that her life is not what she expected it to be. She's scared of what it's becoming. Can she be that person? Can she walk away and never look back? Will she be whole without Rebel in her life?

“I’ll risk my freedom and every last cent I own. I’ll risk the sun and the moon, and the wind on my face. But not you, Soph. I’ll never risk you.”

Rogue is one sexy read. Ms. Hart once again brings the suspense and thriller action. She keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next. She answers the dangling questions from Rebel but leaves you with just enough unanswered in Rogue that you can't help waiting for the next one. I have to find, I NEED to find out what happens next.

Callie has experienced many changes throughout her life, and gone through many ups and downs that have all worked towards shaping and molding her into the person she is today: fun loving, active, social, and hard working. The only thing that has remained a constant throughout her life is writing. Creating characters who will tear your conscience in two is a favorite pastime of Callie’s. There are few real saints and sinners in her books; more often, the denizens of her stories are all very human. Broken, flawed, and always with the potential for redemption.

Despite the subject matter being markedly hot and heavy in comparison to the stories she wrote in elementary school, there will always be an element of fairytale to her work.

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Shannan reviewed her personal copy of Rogue (Dead Man's Ink #2) by Callie Hart for this post.

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