Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Accidentally on Purpose by L.D. Davis

Emmy hates her boss Kyle Sterling. She does the unthinkable after a night of drinking and sleeps with him. Before she can even begin to put the enormous mistake behind her, she finds herself snowed in for a long weekend with Kyle. The pair not only get cozy while the storm rages outside, but Emmy sees a side of Kyle that she didn’t know could possibly exist beneath his hard, temperamental exterior.

When the storm is over, Emmy insists on moving on, especially since Kyle has a long-standing girlfriend, socialite and heiress Jessyca Venner. Soon Emmy starts dating Luke Kessler, and even as their relationship grows serious, she finds Kyle hard to shake. Kyle aggressively pursues Emmy without mercy, despite the fact that she clearly loves Luke. Armed with the knowledge that Jessyca possess sensitive and alarming information that has the enormous potential of destroying Sterling Corporation, Kyle refuses to cut ties with her until he is able to find a way to save the family business from devastation.

Emmy, unable to resist Kyle any longer, begins to make a series of bad decisions that result in heartbreaking, life altering, and even devastating consequences.

Is there hope for Emmy or will she lose everything? Will she be able to forgive Kyle for a terrible act? Will she be able to forgive herself?

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

2.5 stars
What to say, what to say...

I really kind of hated this book. I get that a love triangle has angst and deep rooted emotions, unfortunately this story just fell short.

I really wanted to like this, but the characters were annoying at best. Emmy didn't act or speak like a 30 year old, professional woman. Her actions led me to believe she was barely 20! Kyle had absolutely NO positive characteristics whatsoever and I really question how/why they "loved" each other. The majority of this story is "told" to you (narrative), dialogue wasn't prevalent – and when it DID occur it sounded like Young Adult.

Beyond these issues, the story itself wasn't very exciting, it was annoying and frustrating. At first we have a strong, selfish heroine who gets tangled up with two men that she loves (at the same time). When Luke decides he's done, Emmy continues her affair with Kyle (did I mention he has a girlfriend?) until he gets violent. This is the point that Emmy just becomes guilt-ridden, depressed, and self-deprecating. Taking off from her home and rebuilding a life (sort-of) in a new city.

Luke, oh poor Luke, he seriously got the short end of the stick in this story. Emmy returns to him in Chicago and luckily, he takes her in...
And everyone lived happily ever after. UGH.

THEN the HUGE revelation at the end of the book...Drugs?!? This is the reason for the violence?

I don't know, this just wasn't for me.

L.D. Davis was born and raised on the east coast in the United States. She has five children, a husband, and two cats. She often daydreams about running away (alone of course) to a tropical island where she would do nothing but write, read, and consume fruity drinks with umbrella toothpicks. L.D. has an Audible addiction and One-Clicks more books than she can read. She has deep affection for wine & other tasty alcoholic beverages, Downton Abbey, and a secret obsession for all things Star Trek. Did I mention her deep affection for wine?

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