Thursday, November 12, 2015

Perceived Love by Viki Lyn

When psychic Nate Coleman dreams of a murder, he knows it's a premonition. He can't forget the image of his ex-lover with a bullet hole through his chest. Nate has no choice but to confront William and face the skeptical scientist's ridicule.

Dr. William Ryner doesn’t believe in what he can’t prove. When Nate comes back into his life, it’s not to rekindle their love, but to bring up more of that mumbo jumbo that split them apart.

Despite William’s refusal to listen, Nate can’t ignore the premonition. And, William can’t ignore Nate. Before the gunman strikes, William must choose either to trust in Nate's ability or to rely only on the facts, but if he does the latter, pride could be the death of him.

Publisher's Note: This book was previously released by another publisher but has been substantially revised and re-edited for this version.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

3.5 Stars
Perceived Love was a quick read – two hours of escapism. The novella focused solely on the couple, with few side characters. Which was a nice change of pace when you just want to read to relax and not get too wrapped up in dozens of characters, angst, and an involved plot. The characters were enjoyable, realistic in action, reaction, dialogue, and emotion. The storyline was solid, and the writing was well-executed.

Second Chance romance between a man with ESP and a doctor. Their original breakup was due to the fact that the doctor couldn't accept that his partner had the ‘gift,’ and I felt this argument very realistic. Science vs Mysticism, coming head-to-head. The synopsis is accurate, so I won't do a play-by-play of the plot.

Was Perceived Love too short, too long, or just right? I thought it just fine the length it is now. I highly doubt it was written to be a saga. However, my rating was based simply on the fact that I wasn't totally engaged while reading, able to put it down and not pick it back up again if it weren't for it being a review book. This may have been my mood, my reading tastes, but not a direct reflection on the author.

Would I read more by this author? Yes. I'm curious to see what else she's written.

Revised/expanded second edition. Since I didn't read the first edition, I cannot compare the differences.

Genre: Second Chance Romance | M/M Romance | Paranormal spin with ESP but not paranormal in nature | Steamy, but not erotic level – there is a prevalent storyline |

Multi-published and award winner, Viki Lyn is a successful writer of gay paranormal and contemporary romance. After reading and collecting whatever she could get her hands on, she wrote her first male/male romance. And that was ‘it’ for her. She never looked back. Viki travels the world in search of inspiration. She considers herself blessed to have traveled to many of the mystical sites she had dreamt about as a child. Her travel experiences have been influential in creating her paranormal worlds. When she needs to relax, she calls a friend to meet at their favorite coffee house. When the chattering in her head goes off the charts, she plays one of her favorite RPGs on her Play Station and immerses herself in the world of dragons and magic.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Perceived Love by Viki Lyn to read and review.

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