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One Glimpse by Lydia Gastrell

For years, Sir Samuel Shaw has secretly lusted after the handsome and popular Lord John Darnish, a man known for his good humor, expert riding prowess, and very female mistress. Certain that John is an unattainable fantasy, Sam is shaken when an accidental discovery reveals John might not be as unattainable as he once thought. But what is possible is not always likely, and Sam finds himself trapped between keeping a friend and risking everything for the unlikely hope of something more.

John is terrorstruck when his drunken mistake threatens to shatter the double life he has worked so hard to maintain. His terror soon turns to hope when he finds himself drawn to Sam, who he is sure does not share his interest in men. But subtle things cause him to second guess and fear that his hopes are making him see what he wants to see.

Sam's risks and John's hopes turn futile, however, when blights from Sam's past resurface to threaten them and Sam's family. Can Sam choose between the love he has always wanted and the security of his family, or will forces outside his control hurt all the people he holds most dear?

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Immediately after finishing One Indulgence, I had to begin One Glimpse. Had to. There was no waiting. To the point I couldn't wait on my reviewer copy & bought my own.

Lydia Gastrell created an addictive historical romance series with the added twist of the issues facing gay men of the era. It's an added bonus of angsty deliciousness that keeps the reader hungering for more.

I've searched far & wide for His-ro MM that didn't devolve into erotica, and was story-driven with developed, complex characters, & I finally found it in this series. Nothing against the above, but it wasn't what I was searching for. Any recommendations?

What I enjoyed the most was that it wasn't predictable. Yes, with romance you know the heroes will have an HEA, but the side events definitely have surprise outcomes, keeping the reader engaged from start to finish.

I was frustrated, aggravated, heartbroken, & delighted during the course of the book. I wanted to shake the characters, then give them hugs.

I was glad the author allowed a reconciliation between Henry & Sam. Also for giving the reader Richard & Henry page-time, to keep us connected to the pair. I hope this trend remains in subsequent books, as I'd miss characters I've grown to love.

Well, here's hoping Julian gets the next book. There is another, right? I'll be the first in line to read it & I need to know if it involves Evers.

Genre: Historical Romance | Male/Male Romance | developed & involved side characters | returning protagonists | Heat level HOT but story-driven |

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I live in sunny, sultry Florida where I spend most of my time hiding behind sunscreen lotion and an open laptop. I enjoy traveling and long car rides, though I'm sure I must be the only person on Earth who is happy when a flight is delayed, because it just means I have more time to read.

I began writing fan­fiction when I was a teenager, outraged that my beloved TV characters rarely got the ends I thought they deserved. With great encouragement from readers over the years, I eventually decided to turn my creative juices toward my own unique characters and stories. My love of history, romance, and seemingly hopeless situations has led me to genres I never would have expected and which I have come to love.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of One Glimpse (Indulgence #2) by Lydia Gastrell to read and review; but Erica couldn't wait for it and bought her own & reviewed her personal copy for this post.

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