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Fused by Fire by Draven St. James

Michael prides himself on being the man that everyone can depend on until one of his firefighters is severely wounded on the job. Will he be allowed to process the situation alone? Not when a loud and persistent Simon Winters shows up on his doorstep. The man hasn't met a boundary he didn't skip across.

Simon has had the biggest crush on Lieutenant Firefighter Michael Donovan since the first day he saw him. Which just happened to be at an interview for a job to work as a firefighter. Before his desire to lick the gruff older man from head to toe affects his work, Simon transfers over to being a paramedic. Just when he's begun to build a life that doesn't include hot shower fantasies of Michael, the object of his angst is thrust into his path.

All too quickly, Simon begins to barrel through Michael's defenses and dig up the desires Michael has fought so hard to hide. As passions flare out of control, tragedies collide from every side. Michael's struggle to keep Simon at a distance starts to crumble beneath the weight of the secrets that Simon is hiding. Will Michael be able to protect Simon when he needs it the most or will he lose Simon forever?

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Book 3
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This is the story of hot young paramedic Simon and fireman Michael. Hotness aside this story really stirred my emotions. Michael is dealing with guilt over a fellow firefighter's injury and Simon is dealing with rejection from his family.

Simon and Michael are opposites. Simon is young and easy going and Michael is 16 years his senior and more serious. They make a sweet couple. Fused by Fire is a lovely m/m romance.

On the surface, the Firehouse Six series looks like a hot, quick read filled with lust and not much content. But it couldn't be farther from the truth. I'm not much for a quick lay. So this series has been a pleasant surprise.

Firehouse Six has a lot of depth for so few pages, proving the adage less is more. Sometimes you don't have a billion hours to sit down and read hundreds of pages, but that doesn't mean you don't want a full story to digest, either. Don't get me wrong, the books are hot. But they aren't filled with redundant sex to use as padding to add page count. There is also a lot of story packed in so few pages, showing us past narrators and setting up future storylines, that leaves a reader's appetite whetted and hungry for more.

Fused by Fire elicited a lot of 'feels' from me. I got choked up a few times, and released a few tears at other times. Yet it was cute and sweet. It resonated as I know how it feels to wait for someone to come home, to wait by the scanner, listening to for a call for help, and being terrified until they finally walk through the door.

Readers have been waiting for Michael and Simon's book, longing to see the man in charge of Firehouse Six get his happily ever after.

I enjoyed Simon, and was emotional over his background storyline. It wasn't manufactured emotional extortion added to round out a character like some books offer. It felt genuine and authentic. Very real. So I connected with Simon on a level I didn't Michael. I still don't feel like I know Michael, even after his narration, but that it the type of guy he is...

Taber made me sad. Is his book next?

On a side note: I don't think it's possible for every firefighter in the series to be gay, but I'll ignore that ping of NFW and just sit back and enjoy the story. Which I will be doing in a moment, as I also have the next book to read and review.

This is the third in the series, and although an enjoyable story in itself, it does build on previous storylines. And anyway, they are good stories, so don't deny yourself!

Simon has been desperate to gain Michael's attention for a very long time ... but he never wanted it to be because he was injured. As Michael then proceeds to blame himself for the other injured firefighter, it takes an intervention from Simon to snap him out of it. I loved how things were developed and once again Ms. St. James draws the reader in with little details that make all the difference to a scene. I could not have stopped reading until I reached the end, unless there had been a fire for real! It is by turns sexy, caring, macho, sweet, hot and addictive. Go grab a copy and see what I mean.

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I have always loved to write and have been doing so since I could put pen to paper. My passion for writing led me to a desire to know what makes people tick. With that in mind I got my bachelor’s degree in psychology and English. The wealth of knowledge that was open to me enriched my writing in ways I could not have comprehended.

With my degree in psychology I was able to get a job performing psychological profiles. I learned so much for the simple act of understanding how personalities are formed. I utilized this knowledge in my books. I was able to form my characters by tapping into the experiences I have had within that profession.

My rather large family has also given me plenty of fodder to weave stories with laughter and joy. They have supported my desire to follow the crazy and unpredictable path of being a writer.

In my spare time I tutor those in creative writing who have yet to find their voice. I seek to help them find that part of themselves that calls out to be released in words.

Yet, at the end of the day I find my bliss in the written word. I strive to create worlds and believable characters that people can connect to and be inspired by. I endeavor to infuse passion and excitement into the lives of my readers simply by building a universe where anything can happen.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Fused by Fire (Firehouse Six #3) by Draven St. James to read and review.

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