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Damon Snow and the Viscount Temptation by Olivia Helling

The only thing incubus and prostitute Damon Snow wants for his dreaded “twenty-first” birthday is to spend the day at Byrne’s bedside. But Byrne is growing ever more distant.

Claiming it’s due to his ongoing struggle with his business partner, Viscount Ashton, Byrne assigns his next lesson: Damon will seduce Ashton into ceding to Byrne.

Damon desperately needs the extra money. As much as he’d prefer to stay in Byrne’s bed, he can’t refuse, and seducing the wanton creature he’d seen so many years ago seems easy enough.

But when the viscount offers Damon the respectable and lucrative position of valet, it comes with one catch: he’ll never see Byrne again. When it seems like even Byrne regards Damon as little more than a whore to be bought, can Damon afford the choice?

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Book 3
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Damon Snow has been a favorite of mine since I was contacted to review the series. I've had this title on my Kindle for months, simply because I wasn't in a Historical Romance mood. In a way, I'm glad, as it was the perfect time to dive right in.

This is one series that I've always wondered why it's not more popular. Damon's narrative always hooks me from the first page. Damon Snow is a male prostitute incubus, but the paranormal tidbits are below the surface.

At the root of it, Damon is insecure (poor guy doesn't want his impending birthday), awkward, not nearly as enticing as he believes yet is more so in a different way, in need of love, and incapable of voicing his wants and needs. He sees himself as lesser, as I'm sure many in his position also felt. But he also doesn't believe himself worthy of love, which forces him to lash out like a terrified, wounded kitten.

While reading, I get the feels. Olivia Helling writes in a way that I experience the same emotions right alongside our narrator. I simultaneously want to kick Damon's perfect behind while giving him a huge hug.

There are a few intriguing side characters. Damon is in love with his mentor of sorts, who is dying, and he doesn't know how to handle it. His fellow molly I believe is in love with Damon, but he doesn't see it as such (thinking the man only wants to use him). His mentor's partner takes a center stage performance in this book, with a detailed BDSM scene which was almost as cute as it was hot (you'll have to read it to figure out what I mean by that). I just enjoy Damon getting his ass handed to him because he's so... just Damon.

Excuse me while I go fetch the next in the series. I don't have it for review, but I'll buy it and have it added to the posts just the same.

I truly believe this series needs some recognition. Sweet. Funny. Dark. Grieving. Very human yet other.

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Olivia Helling doesn't believe in love at first sight... but maybe, just maybe, it blossoms along a few books. That is, after all, how she fell in love with her husband.

Olivia writes about the darkness and flaws from within, the struggle with self-confidence, self-perception and fear of failure, and fantasy and historical worlds that refuse to allow love between men. So be warned: happily ever after is not guaranteed.

The protagonist and love interest don't always end up together by the end of one book. But when they finally come together, their love will be a thing of beauty.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Damon Snow and the Viscount Temptation (Damon Snow #3) by Olivia Helling to read and review.

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