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Secrets from the Edge by S.C. Wynne

Keith Williams is twenty-two and struggling to feel normal again. Once a rising super star in the competitive world of snowboarding, he’s only now healing from a horrible crash that almost wrecked his body and ripped his confidence from him.

Jesse Royce is a reporter embedded on a snowboarding documentary that Keith has agreed to be a part of. The two of them have always had a sexual attraction that’s hard to ignore. But Keith’s loss of nerve isn't the only secret he’s keeping, and while it’s tempting to give into his desire for Jesse, it might end up being career suicide.

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Loose Id

Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Secrets from the Edge was a bit of a surprise for me. Not entirely what I expected from a Loose ID title. Keith was at the top of Snow Boarding until a tragic accident took him out of the game for several years. He returns for a documentary being created by his friend and mentor, trying to overcome insecurities while reconnecting with the friends he's always held at arm's length, while keeping his deep secret buried. But the only problem is, an old flame – a journalist – is along for the ride, reigniting passions & digging for secrets.

Solid writing, fast-pacing, accurate emotions, and a mild mystery surrounding the secret. The reason I was surprised with this title, after reading many Loose ID titles, they aren't necessarily plot-driven. However, the small plot Secrets from the Edge had to offer was the driver of the story, with sexual tension and romance as the vehicle. The steamy scenes (I believe 2 1/2) were very mild, short (a page or two), non-explicit, and later in the story. Almost an after-thought. Which I was good with, because I read for the journey the story takes me on and believe the climax is the dessert, not the meal.

There was a slight mystery as to who released Keith's deep secret from his past, and I was disappointed this wasn't explored more. The secret is released, everything is great, and it's tied up with a tidy bow. But I wanted to know the who, how, why, where, and when of this thread that drove the storyline.

Overall, I enjoyed Secrets from the Edge & I would read more by this author.

Secrets from the Edge had me very intrigued. I was interested in the characters, the plot, the mild suspense of it all and then it was just neatly tied up and done. I guess I just expected more, more drama, more back story from Keith's past, more...something.

Don't get me wrong the story was well written. The characters had depth, the athletic aspect was right on. Getting toward the end I kept looking at my percentage thinking, how is this ever going to get tied up in this small amount left? It did though. I guess after everything I just wanted more. The issues with Lance were over quickly, the big secret was revealed and everyone just accepted it and boom ending.

Up until that ending the story was believable and intriguing. I loved the suspense the secret created. I would have loved to keep going with the characters if only to dig a little deeper.

This is a good read, with an interesting storyline and some quite intense examination of what it feels like for a seriously injured athlete to come back to a dangerous sport. The added issue of a journalist being there to witness the return, and also that he is a one-time conquest who never quite left Keith's imagination works well. The side characters are well described and I felt the camaraderie. Yet competitive jesting between the boarders was well done.

Overall this was a treat, with a strong story and a spicy side dish of romance.

I never know what to say about myself, so writing an About Me section or bio is challenging. I love red wine and I’m obsessed with coffee. I haven’t won any awards for writing although I did win one for reading once. I’m not a world traveler…yet. The books I write are light and romantic with a healthy dollop of humor and just a dash of angst.

I’m not curing cancer, but I do think reading stories that make us happy can’t help but improve our lives. I fall in love with every character I write, and I hope my readers will too.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Secrets from the Edge by S.C. Wynne to read and review.

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