Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Space Wrangler by Kate Donovan

On this frontier, love could get you killed. And that’s part of the rush.

Like all miracles, a rip in space has its dark side. Through it, adventurers explore new worlds, smugglers make their fortunes, and wranglers like Rick Gage pit their skills against hordes of magnificent robots. The downside? Five percent of those who enter “the sinkhole” are never seen again.

Alexia Montoya isn’t looking for thrills. She just wants to find her brother, who disappeared in the sinkhole five years ago. Conventional wisdom says he disintegrated within seconds, and the powers-that-be want her to stop looking. Stop agitating. Stop ruining business.

When desperation drives her to transit the rip herself, the official reception is armed and hostile. Luckily, someone steps in to protect her: a handsome, gun-toting wrangler—who believes her quest is futile.

Rick has one piece of advice for Alexia. Go home. But the pesky woman persists until the authorities come up with a more permanent solution. Reunite her with her brother—permanently—by throwing her into the sinkhole. After all, no one would dare challenge their absolute authority.

No one, that is, except Rick.

Warning: This book glorifies outlaws, encourages lawlessness, condones unprotected space contact, and could lead to the rise of the kind of machines that don’t require batteries.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Mary Jo☆☆☆
I really enjoyed the world building in this story, but I found that it dragged in places.

Alexia Montoya’s search for her brother who went missing during a trip through the sinkhole has consumed her for the past five years. Everything she has done has been with the sole intent of finding him, even if the odds of him being alive are nil. She has a feeling that her brother is still alive and she's going to do everything in her power to get him back alive -- even if it means putting herself in grave danger.

What worked/what didn't: The chemistry between Alexia and Rick is solid as is their romance; however, I was more fascinated with the Titans, thugs and infodroids. I was left with wanting more information about them and the history of D'stry.

Words are Kate Donovan’s drug of choice, whether she’s crafting dialogue for a story or building legal arguments for a client. And as for leisure pursuits, well, discovering a new word, or better still, the origins of an old one, constitutes high adventure in Kate’s world. Also in her world are her husband – a fellow attorney – and their two children.

Predictably, the whole family loves to read, although Paul and the kids spend far too much time outdoors – fishing, hiking, exploring and lord knows what else – for her taste. Kate has authored twenty books ranging from time travel to space travel, historical to paranormal.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Space Wrangler (Space Rustlers #1) by Kate Donovan to read and review.

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