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Fleur de Nuit by Cat Montmorency

The difference between wanting and taking is the barest catch of a breath…

Decadent food, smoky music, dark delights—who could live in the French Quarter and not be tempted to partake? Moira D’Arcangelis, that’s who.

Ever since her college boyfriend tried to add her to his list of murder victims, she’s lived a quiet life, which is code for no life at all. When her best friend Kara convinces—okay, drags—her to meet Adrian LaCroix, master of the local underground kink scene, his commanding presence and sexy Cajun accent bring her latent desires back to life.

His offer to train her as a Domme is the key to regaining control of her life. Yet becoming Adrian’s protégé comes with complications. As he opens her body, mind, and soul, she begins to see Kara in a new light—right about the time a legendary Domme returns, intent on stealing Kara away.

Moira has a fight on her hands. For Kara, and against a past that comes roaring back with a vengeance. She’ll need every trick Adrian can teach her to win the right to both life—and love.

Warning: This book contains more seasoning than a New Orleans kitchen. It’s simmering over with sex. Boy/girl sex. Girl/girl sex. Girl/boy/girl sex. Sex toys, sex talk, sex clubs, dark and troubled sexual pasts…you get the picture. Could be too spicy for beginners, but hey, where there’s Cajun heat, there’s fire. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Fleur de Nuit is a bit different than the regular bondage club books. It's about a vanilla woman becoming a domme which is something I've not read much about. Moira was in an abusive relationship and her ex actually kidnaps her and attempts to kill her. Her best friend Kara is by her side through it all and helps Moira in her recovery but then Kara moves to New Orleans. Moira follows Kara to The Big Easy after her mother passes away from cancer, which was the only thing keeping her from reuniting with the woman who's always been by her side. The besties are inseparable and closer than ever but Moira is still not taking life by the horns. Eventually Kara convinces Moira to try the BDSM world after Kara insists Moira has just been skating thru life without really living, after her attack. Enter Adrian, the dom in charge of Fleur de Nuit who takes Moira under his wing to train her as his newest domme.

I really loved the dynamic between best friends Kara (who is submissive) and Moira the burgeoning domme. Add a very hot Cajun, French speaking Adrian and you have a dynamite story. I enjoyed the 3 of them together in a few steamy scenes that honestly I could have read more of. The characters were well written, enticing and erotic. Moira blossoming into dominance and retaking control of her life and control of Kara makes us root for her! If you dug the domme aspect of The Original Sinners series by Reisz you would probably like this series also. Buildup of side characters along the way left me wanting more and excited to read the next installment.

3.5 Stars
I had a hard time with the beginning of this book moving so quick. From never going out to suddenly being a kickass domme. I wish we could've seen more of the learning process and what helped her become a much stronger woman. Then there was Adrian. I actually liked his character for the most part... except the Cajun and French blended in randomly (distractingly and annoyingly so).

I thought the plotline was good, but felt like this could've really been split into three parts. The part where Moira learns to be a domme and learns to come out of her self-imposed prison, where we all fall in love with Kara and the parts with Tamara and the surprise. It really felt like there were 3 different parts and the parts between dragged on when it came to passing.

Overall, it was a good book, I really liked the domme aspects and getting to see her stop letting fear hold her back, but I would've liked to really see more development with her as a character. The naughty scenes also felt... emotionless. :(

I really, really enjoyed this book – and am really looking forward to book 2.

The premise behind the story is good, the execution is excellent and the plot is engaging. I really liked how we see the story unfold; the setting in New Orleans; the accents; the backdrop of Mardi Gras; and the pomp and ceremony that comes with this world of kink. I felt that the ending was both clever and sexy, and set up the next adventure in Bourbon Street Bondage very nicely. The friendships were genuine, the characters were hot, sexy and the introduction to kink was done beautifully.

Hugely enjoyable way to spend my time, thank you very much, Ms. Montmorency.

Moira wants to take her life back, be the person she used to be. When her best friend Kara convinces her to go to the BDSM club and she meets Adrian, a dom willing to train her. She knows she's found what she's been missing especially when she realizes it comes in the form of her best friend.

The author combines the erotic nature of BDSM with the sexy and sweet of friendship between Kara and Moira. Then you add in Adrian and this story really takes off.

I can't wait for the next one.

Cat Montmorency grew up reading every book she could get her hands on, and pining after the ones she couldn’t. She’s been everything from lifeguard to riding instructor to high school math teacher, but discovered that being a ninja gamer-girl and out-of-the-closet die-hard romantic who writes things was much more fun. If pressed, she’ll describe herself as a Southern Belle with a geek complex and a fetish for well-crafted words.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Fleur de Nuit (Bourbon Street Bondage #1) by Cat Montmorency to read and review.

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