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Hot-Blooded by Kendall Grey Re-Release & Review Tour

When an accident claims her mother’s life, Keahilani Alana must take charge of her family or risk losing what little they have. With an underage brother to care for and no education, she has few options. The door to a heavenly hellish opportunity opens when she stumbles upon a valuable secret her mother left behind on the slopes of an extinct volcano—a legacy that tempts the family with riches beyond their wildest dreams. But the secret is much bigger and more sinister than they realize. As reality unravels and exposes eerie truths about the siblings that should have remained deep under the mountain, Keahilani must either resist the call of her blood or risk being consumed by its darkness.

Blake Murphy is an assassin working to infiltrate a new Hawaiian cartel. His investigation reveals that Keahilani, the sexy surfing instructor he pegged as an informant, is much closer to the drug ring than he thought. Passion ignites between them in the bedroom, but their ironclad ties to opposing interests pit them against each other everywhere else.

When tensions reach the breaking point and her family is threatened, the only cure for Keahilani’s hot-blooded fury is a loaded clip with a body bag chaser.

* HOT-BLOODED is a suspense/thriller that contains drug use and graphic sex, language, and violence. The story is intended to entertain, not to condone or glorify illegal or immoral activities. This book is unsuitable for sensitive readers and those under the age of 18. *

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Note About Hot-Blooded

Today Kendall Grey celebrates the re-release of her suspense/thriller, HOT-BLOODED, with a new cover, updated content, and a SALE!

If you’ve already read HOT-BLOODED, the plot is the same—nothing new or different there—but the book has been simplified to make it easier for readers to immerse themselves in the story.

For those who haven’t picked up HOT-BLOODED yet, you’re in luck! Not only do you get alternative content and a brand new, alpha female (MEOW!) cover created by Sara Eirew, but you also get a deal.  
HOT-BLOODED is on sale for just 99¢ from now through Friday, September 19!

Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team
This is a powerfully mysterious story which weaves together a plot involving family, love, surfing, Hawaiian spirits and drugs. It is harsh, passionate, violent, intense, supernatural and addictive. The Alana family are the main characters in the story, and as their tale unfolds, parts of them are revealed, but much remains a mystery. The twists and turns are clever and confusing. The ending ... is in my opinion an opening for another story, or for the reader to determine what could happen next. I'd be happy with the former option.

I think this book holds wide appeal, and it is very well written.


3.5 stars

This one started out slow for me. I liked the authenticity to Hawaii but at times having to stop the flow of reading to see what something meant, became irritating. Once it finally got going it was very well written and I got lost in the story, but it did take a few chapters.

Overall all a good read I liked the suspense of the plot with the twists and turns. I can't wait to see where book 2 takes these characters.

**I did not read the first edition and do not know the differences or what was changed**

I'm on the fence about this one, only because so much is left unsaid. This is not a stand-alone and definitely not a HEA at least not according to what is written. I'm a fan of Strings, and I have to say the difference in the books is night and day. No similarities. Strings made me laugh out loud, this book made me frown. I want to read the next book in this series but I have to say I hope it takes a better turn. The writing is really good, and I feel like I'm definitely in the moment but maybe I'm sick in the head for wanting something to come out of this. I can't see no light at the end of the tunnel syndrome. So far the plot has puzzled me. Overall entertainment is three stars.

This was a tough one to rate.
I was very glad for the glossary at the beginning and how I was able to click on some of the words.
At the same time I was frustrated as it kept disturbing me from being 'in the moment' during scenes to see what words meant.

Putting that distraction aside the story was good.
It was a unique plot and I was entertained.

Kea is doing a good job I suppose at keeping her family afloat.
It's not the traditional way but it works for them.
Then comes along someone who can take it all away.
I am still unsure if he is in love with Kea or not.

I guess I will have to wait until the next comes out.

I'm still reeling from this book and am not really sure how to review it – and do the story justice!
From the get go this book completely shook me to the core. Quite possibly the most intense first chapter I've EVER read. Which set up this crazy story.
Meet Keahilani Alana, the matriarch of her siblings who is trying to take care of her family. Which is proving to be very difficult and trying, but she is determined to make it work, by any means possible.
The problem is the "means possible" aren't exactly legal, and she isn't the only person interested in "market" space. This is all I'm willing to say in order to avoid spoiling the story.

I can't really classify this, as it crosses SO many genres: Action/violence, Thriller/suspense, Dark erotica, a touch of romance, and a touch of supernatural.

This was a crazy ride from start to finish! I can't wait to see where this story leads.

Kendall Grey is the self-appointed past, present, and future president of the Authors Behaving Badly Club. A whale warrior and indie freedom fighter, she spends summers in the corner (usually with a dunce cap on her head) and winters hunched at the peak of Mt. Trouble, fiery pens of fury (complete with invisible ink) flying across the pages. She has a big set of cajones, and she's not afraid to use them. In her spare time, Kendall speaks your mind so you don't have to.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Hot-Blooded (‘Ohana #1) by Kendall Grey to read and review for this tour.

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