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Dead Reaper Walking by Mina Carter Blog Tour

Underage witches, a breakout from demon prison and a new hellgate... What could go wrong?

Reaper extraordinaire, Laney Larson, is stuck in Liberty, Oakwood of all places, for two reasons. One, there's way more paranormal activity going on than normal for a little town like Liberty. And two, a sexy as hell cop called Troy.

So when the proverbial hits the fan and they get wind of a demon break-out from the third hell, a prison even the demon king himself won't set foot in, what's a reaper to do but strap on her blades and help track the escapee down? But then the creature takes her man, and all bets are off.

A reaper, a demon and a cop...will Death claim them all, or just one?

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Book 2
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

I have read several of Ms. Carter’s novelettes and novellas and she never ceases to amaze me. No matter the length of the work, I’ve always finished fully satisfied with whatever I read whether it be a contemporary romance or paranormal romance. Dead Reaper Walking is no different. Once again she has managed to pack what feels like a full-length novel’s worth of action and adventure into less than 100 pages.

As the sequel to The Reaper and the Cop, we are back in Liberty with Troy and Laney and she quickly learns that the werewolf she reaped the night before was just the tip of the iceberg. Liberty has demons and Laney has just been promoted from Violent Deaths to Special Operations, which means there won’t be any Reaper back-up coming to town and she’s on her own. With her promotion comes access to a whole new level of information and skills, neither of which help her during her first encounter with the demon. But when the demon takes Troy, all bets are off as Laney has to decide between her duty as a Reaper and her love for Troy. She also makes a startling discovery about herself that I didn’t see coming.

Again we are treated to the sassy snark that is Laney and she certainly provided a tension-easing laugh when things got too heavy. Of course, Troy is just as sexy as before and, if possible, the chemistry between them is even more intense. Bathroom stall anyone? Dead Reaper Walking combines the right amount of paranormal elements, action, steamy sex, and romance and kept me engrossed from beginning to end. I’m looking forward to the next book in the Liberty, Oakwood series because I cannot wait to see what Ms. Carter has planned next for Laney and Troy.

Also Available in the Liberty, Oakwood Series

The Reaper and the Cop

Death’s big business. For Laney Larson, it’s a full time job.

The latest in a long line of Reapers, Laney hits Liberty, Oakwood expecting the usual ‘reap and run’ type of job. However the small town holds far more secrets than she expects, including a sexy cop who blind-sides her reaper instincts big-time.

Liberty. It used to be a nice town until the things that go bump in the night moved in.

Detective Troy Regan moved to Liberty to claw back a little of his soul after working homicide in the big city. But the sleepy little down has problems of the paranormal kind and it’s police department have gone from calls about lost cats to Boggarts in the basement. Then the seriously nasty stuff moved in.

Sparks fly when a sexy Reaper meets a hot as hell Cop...

Troy’s not sure exactly what flavour of paranormal Laney is, but he doesn’t care. She’s tiny, delicate and gorgeous. When he finds a Lycan looming over her in an alley, all his protective instincts flare up. He needs to get her home, keep her safe…in his bed.

But is she the answer he’s been looking for to fill the empty spot in his heart, or the most dangerous creature he’s ever met?

Book 1
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Ms. Carter has proven once again that she is a master at crafting a novella that packs so much into that I forget it’s not a full-length novel. As this is the first book in the Liberty, Oakwood series, it serves as an introduction to Laney – a Grimm Reaper. She is freaking cool as all get out. She’s a serious bada$$ in a tiny little package. And then we get to meet Detective Troy Regan. Troy … mmmmmmmmmm!!! The chemistry between Troy and Laney is intense and makes for one seriously hot sex scene. But as much as I enjoyed that, it was the reaping scene that really sealed the deal for me with this series. I loved The Reaper and the Cop and am looking forward to spending more time in Liberty, Oakwood. Thanks Ms. Carter for yet again exceeding my expectations. I cannot wait to read the next book in the series.

Mina was born and raised in the East Farthing of Middle Earth (otherwise known as the Midlands, England) and spend her childhood learning all the sorts of things generally required of a professional adventurer. Able to ride, box, shoot, make and read maps, make chainmail and use a broadsword (with varying degrees of efficiency) she was disgusted to find that adventuring is not considered a suitable occupation these days.

So, instead of slaying dragons and hunting vampires and the like, Mina spends her days writing about hot shifters, government conspiracies and vampire lords with more than their fair share of RAWR. Turns out wanna-be adventurers have quite the turn of imagination after all…

(But she keeps that sword sharp, just in case the writing career is just a dream and she really *is* an adventurer.)

The boring part: A full time author and cover artist, Mina can usually be found hunched over a keyboard or graphics tablet, frantically trying to get the images and words in her head out and onto the screen before they drive her mad. She’s addicted to coffee and would like to be addicted to chocolate, but unfortunately chocolate dislikes her.

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