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Sweet Hart by Rae Marks Blog Tour

Blog Tour. Rae Marks’ Sweet Hart.

When Brayden stumbles into a covert operation, Sam has to keep him alive. Together they navigate their unexpected attraction and the world of the Ukrainian mafia.

Brayden Hart needs to find his older brother Mason and time is running out. Mason disappeared after being discharged from the military two years before. While on leave from the army, Bray follows a lead his friend has been able to find. When he knocks on the door of a dingy apartment outside Miami, the last person he expects to meet is the gorgeous but grumpy Sam Wheeler.

Sam denies knowing Bray's brother and turns him away. But Sam is Bray's only lead. Luckily, Bray's childhood friend is one of the best hackers in the country and helps Bray follow Sam to Ukraine.

In Kiev, Bray falls blindly into the fray of a covert operation and Sam steps in to keep him alive. While navigating the choppy waters of the Ukrainian mafia, Bray and Sam fall into the bedroom. But what happens when the mission ends?

Reader advisory: This book contains references to historical rape, child sexual abuse and sex trafficking. There are also scenes of violence.


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Sweet Hart by Rae Marks

Book 1
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“He’s adorable,” Colt purred through the mic.

Even though he knew it was a joke, Sam found his gaze flicking to the door down the hall where Colt, Ax and Brody were cooped up doing surveillance. Sam was off his game today and the blond in front of him was responsible. He’d never expected Mase’s family to get entangled in their op.

“Better get him out of here and quick, Magnum. Your mark is T-minus eight minutes,” Ax said.

Sam wanted to roll his eyes at his call sign. He hadn’t used it in years, but Colt and Ax had of course started using it as soon as they’d found out what it was. Colt went by Reaper. Ax’s call had been Loco. It wasn’t exactly fair that Sam got the name of a cheesy eighties TV character. Damn mustache.

Sam leaned in and told the kid again that he couldn’t help him. Brayden Hart kept licking his lips and it was making Sam’s pants tighter than he liked. It was probably a nervous habit, but it kept drawing attention to his perfectly formed mouth, not to mention his razor-sharp jaw.

Sam usually dated guys his own age, but Mase’s little brother was ringing all his bells. All the more reason to get him out of the way. Brayden had no idea what he’d just stepped into.

After a few more delay tactics, Brayden finally moved his foot from blocking the door. It was a good thing too, because the stench in the hallway was pretty unbearable. It also gave Sam a minute to let his body calm down before he had to meet with some pretty serious homophobes. The last thing he needed was a tent in his jeans.

As soon as he closed the door, Sam went to his laptop. He opened it and watched the security cameras located throughout the building.

“One of you needs to tail him to make sure we’re the only ones who know he was here.”

“Be more than happy to follow that ass—” Colt started.

“Bro, you follow him. And make sure you’re the only one following him.”

“Sure thing, Sam,” Bro replied.

“Did you know they were twins? Can you imagine if they were identical?” Colt groaned.

“Kid looks smart enough not to fall for your bullshit,” Ax said.

Someone snorted and Sam assumed it was Bro, since it was only his three back-ups in the apartment down the hall, and no way was Colt going to laugh at a joke at his expense, even if the guy was a manwhore.

Sam hadn’t known they were twins. He knew Mase had two younger brothers but not much beyond that. They tried to leave the past in the past. But two guys who looked like that kid? No one in their right mind would be able to resist putting that in their spank bank.

Sam watched as Brayden stood in the hall and stared at his closed door. Normally he'd be completely turned off when someone pushed back as hard as Brayden had. He could respect it, sure, but to have it turn him on was disconcerting.

Mase’s kid brother had made it seem brave. The desperation in those pretty blue eyes had Sam actually considering opening the door back up to comfort him... Brayden Hart.



“I don’t imagine many people get to see you on your knees,” Bray blurted. He wanted to face-palm himself. Why did he get so tongue-tied around Sam?     “Only you,” Sam replied with a smirk.



Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This book had a lot going on. I am sure it was to build the universe for the series. There are multiple characters and then a storyline that didn't really get wrapped up, so I am going to assume it will continue in another book in the series. Sam and Bray have mega chemistry, so hot. But Sam was in the military and seems like he forgot everything he learned while serving. This book was good, but it wasn't a favorite of mine.



He’s forced to navigate the world of the mafia as he fights his attraction to his protector.


Author Bio

RAE MARKS has been secretly penning romances since high school. It started with short stories that grew into full-length novels. When she received her first Kindle and had thousands of books at her fingertips, she became a little distracted from writing. Then one day she read a book that she would have written a different way. She began writing again and hasn't stopped since.

When she's not writing, Rae can usually be found reading, walking along the beaches of Half Moon Bay, or taking her geriatric dog to the vet, yet again.

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Can Sam and Brayden keep each other alive without falling head over heels?


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