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He Said Always by Ruth Cardello

The Lost Corisis. He Said Always by Ruth Cardello.

From New York Times bestselling author Ruth Cardello comes another hot Corisi romance about a bet, a love story, and the secrets that ruin relationships.

When billionaire and tech start-up capitalist Gian Romano strikes a bet with his niece Judy—the daughter of Dominic Corisi—to find even more of the Corisi family, his search leads him to the Boston area. But when he pops into a store, the woman who runs it becomes an instant distraction from his mission. Teagan is beautiful, strong, and too smart not to see through him.

What started as a friendly family bet quickly becomes complicated when sparks fly between Gian and Teagan. Nothing is as simple as it appears, and together they discover the past still has the power to hurt the ones they both love. Teagan won’t settle for less than the truth from Gian, but when it comes to her own secret aspirations, she holds back. If they learn to trust each other, they just might discover that some secrets are better when shared.

They’ll have to trust each other completely, or else their love, along with Gian’s lead on Judy, will be doomed.


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He Said Always by Ruth Cardello

Book 1
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

I liked the story of Gian trying to find lost family members and finding someone to love in the process. It was entertaining at times but for me, some of the time it seemed to drag along.

I liked Gian and Teagan as a couple, but his family didn't seem to want him anywhere near her. I wondered if it was because she owned a print shop. Did they think she was beneath him?

Anyway, I have read this author before and really like her work and will be reading more from her in the future.

This may be identified as the first book in a new series, but it is intrinsically linked to earlier Corisis' stories. I have to tell you that the complications in their family tree are enough to blow your mind! I am completely up to date and was very grateful that Cardello reminded us of the highlights. It really is complicated beyond reasonable... but makes for some fabulous opportunities for fascinating plots and reveals.

Gian Romano and his niece, Judy (Dominic's daughter), are on a mission to find other hidden relatives. To be fair to Gian, he is trying to keep Judy a little under control to help out Dominic, although he is keen to know the extent of his family. When he meets Teagan, for a moment he is worried they may be related, as he is completely besotted with her. Thankfully it is her best friend and employee who is the likely Corisi.

As Teagan and Gian get to know each other better, and fall for each other, the lost Corisi sibling’s story rather plays out as a sideline. It is interesting for sure, but the romance and efforts that Gian has to make with Teagan are really the most exciting bit!

Teagan is creating the ultimate in good white knight software, on a secret mission to save the privacy of society. She is very nervous of anyone finding out what she is doing, so Gian scoping out her shop, and Judy also appearing soon afterwards, fires all her protective streaks. Once she gets involved with Gian, she then has to decide whether she can trust him with this, and if not, what does that say about any future they may have.

You will love how she finally reveals all, and what a plan she has in store to support Gian's unusual plans for his career. Lovely idea and I wonder whether it will ever get developed for real!!

Avid Reader☆☆☆
M/F Romance

Gian is searching for more family. However, what started as a quiet endeavor quickly becomes a race when his niece challenges him to a contest to see who might find more family first. As Gian tries to figure out the best way to search without detection, he comes across Teagan.

Teagan is smart, protective, and knows that at any moment, things could go wrong. When she encounters Gian for the first time, let's just say that things don't go quite as planned... As she continues to encounter Gian and his family, Teagan isn't sure what to make of them. She is very protective of her family and wants to make sure it's their choice, but the choice is somewhat taken away when Judy and Gian find them first.

This was a great first encounter and I wanted to like this couple more, but even with Teagan's brains and invention, there just wasn't much to the story. I think I was expecting more to come of her invention, for Gian's family to be less standoffish, and for Gian and Teagan to have less conflict about everyone else.

I liked the series where this book stems from, so I'm intrigued to find out more about this branch. I did like how Judy had to grow up some and hope we continue with that line too.



Author Bio

RUTH CARDELLO was born the youngest of eleven children in a small city in northern Rhode Island. She lived in Boston, Paris, Orlando, and New York before coming full circle and moving back to Rhode Island, where she lives with her husband and three children. Before turning her attention to writing, Ruth was an educator for twenty years, eleven of which she spent as a kindergarten teacher. She is the author of seven previous novels including Bedding the Billionaire, which was a New York Times and USA Today bestseller.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of He Said Always (The Lost Corisis #1) by Ruth Cardello to read and review.

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