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Black Moon by Sam Burns & W.M. Fawkes Blog Tour

Blog Tour. Sam Burns & W.M. Fawkes’ Black Moon.

An apple a day won’t keep this doctor away.

Linden Grove has always known that he’s not destined to be the next pack alpha. That position belonged to his brother Aspen—but then Aspen left the pack to join the military. When the unthinkable happens and the pack is left rudderless, someone has to step up and take care of it. Can a doctor go from “do no harm” to defending his own with his teeth and claws?

Colt Doherty is used to a certain kind of life. Glittering, picturesque, and... empty. As the youngest child of the country’s only werewolf senator, Colt has grown up in the spotlight, and he’s all too used to knot-headed alphas taking credit for the work of others, especially omegas like himself. When his editor sends him to write a story on the Grove pack, though, he finds something completely unexpected: Linden Grove in his unpolished perfection, as shiny and sweet as the apples his pack are known for.

A Grove pack omega has been kidnapped, and someone has to step up. The pack needs Linden to fill his father’s shoes, but no wolf can stand on his own. To save the day, sheltered Colt has to drop the politics and become the action hero he never thought an omega could be.

Black Moon is a standalone novel featuring one fiery journalist, one doctor with an obsession for hand knit sweaters, and the sweetest apple pies on the whole eastern seaboard, all bundled up in a non-mpreg A/B/O universe.


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Black Moon by Sam Burns & W.M. Fawkes

Book 1
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If you’ve never driven the side roads off Virginia highways, let me tell you, you’re missing out on a whole bunch of fields. Hours and hours of trees and farmland. Endless, mundane hours.

Before I even got to Grovetown, I lost patience with the audiobook I’d been listening to, slammed it off, and turned on an old Blink-182 album, shouting along with lyrics worn familiar by a youth spent pissed the fuck off.

Finally—fucking finally—I wound my Prius up hilly roads, passing what looked to be an apple orchard with a sign out front that said, “Grove Apple Grove.”

Right, the Grove pack had been founded around an orchard, wolves rushing in from the coast back in ye olden times and settling where they could grow fruit plentifully.

Sounded kind of nice, all those sweet apples. A whole pack’s hopes and dreams growing deep with tree roots in soil.

Hey! Maybe apples were the key to overcoming the Condition. An apple a day and all that shit. You never know, but I was already looking forward to heirloom apples and cider donuts.

Whatever the case, I was surprised by how much I liked the sound of a pack with a place to belong. There was, of course, a pack in DC. Dad was alpha, but we were spread out through the whole district, and everybody had drives and intentions outside of the good of the pack. There wasn’t much communal about it, just, if two wolves had a problem, if an alpha got out of hand, Dad was expected to delegate someone to handle it.

That was the kind of pack I was used to, not the kind who looked after each other, settled in close to their neighbors, and worked together.

As idyllic as it sounded, it was just a nice thought. Like the drive through the countryside, there was no damn way that kind of life wouldn’t bore the ever-loving shit out of me the second I was done writing about the Grove pack’s weird traditions and backward habits.



He was a healer, sure, but it was more than that. He was warm and vital, the beating heart of a pack that needed him.



Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

4.5 Stars

Black Moon is the first installment in the Wolf Moon Rising series. Written by new-to-me authors, I wasn't sure what to expect. What I was pleased to experience was an engaging read from word-one. Instantly hooked, I read the entire novel in a single sitting.

Contents: Alpha/Beta/Omega shifter (wolf) universe, featuring both males and females. A single sentence clued me in that the series won't feature Mpreg.

Told in dual perspective.

Linden is the second son to the pack alpha, his elder brother AWOL from the pack for at least a decade. An intellectual, a doctor looking to cure the Condition affecting both male and female omegas, Linden is a kinder, soothing, healing soul, versus how alphas are generally shown to be narcissistic and sexist in nature.

Growing up as the only omega in the family, outside of his mother, Colt is the youngest child of a senator. The politics, the sense of being a second-class citizen, being used as a prop to further his father's career. Colt is a journalist, independent in nature, personality more befitting a beta or alpha. Not wishing to mate because he doesn't want to lose his independence, when his father and family are so suffocating. Being an omega himself, Colt is curious to report on why the Condition is better controlled in a rural pack not far from DC in the hills of Virginia.

Set to the backdrop of a horrible kidnapping, an election for who is to become the next Grove Alpha, the Condition, Linden attempts to lead his people while meeting their needs, while Colt tries to ferret out why they are omega-rich and healthy.

The emotions ran the gamut for me, shedding more than a few tears for Brook. Excitement, fear, the warm and fuzzies, and hope for happily ever afters. I was hooked, reading the entire novel in a single sitting, more than curious to see how it would end. Once completed, I was ravenous for more, wishing to know the outcomes for many of the characters.

Other than the silly – completely out of Colt's character and made him seem as not only a different person but infantilized – "Stomp my foot!" moment when Skip makes Colt doubt Linden, I enjoyed both of their personalities, the balance they created as a couple, and the sweet building romance between them.

Personal observation, I'm always thrown by what the purpose male omega heats pose if not for biological reasons, such as fertility, when Mpreg isn't included. In female omegas, I assume it is to aid in conception. Added in with the knot, which also has a biological function. This confusion intensified with the Condition. Other than soothing the alphas, the condition and the heats wouldn't affect the pack structure when it came to male omegas, as they don't reproduce.

Learning that the series didn't include Mpreg wasn't an issue for me because I wanted it to be included, just that it mucked up the world building until the plot made zero sense.

The condition caused poor health, early deaths, birth declines, and difficult labor, which has the species dying out. But if this isn't Mpreg, how does this affect the male omegas other than poorer health?

The need for the rival pack to kidnap a male omega, as he wouldn't be able to reproduce in an omega-less pack. A male omega, other than soothing the alpha, wouldn't be as valuable as a female omega, since the female could contribute new wolves to the pack itself, some perhaps being omegas themselves.

I realize I'm being nitpicky, but a singular sentence in the ending shifted the world building for me, until what previously made perfect sense now made absolutely none. Do betas reproduce? Can male omegas reproduce with female omegas? Are female omegas the only ones in the pack who can reproduce? If so, judging by that sentence, then I'd think the study on the condition would be most important/valuable if it were centered around the female omegas, as they're the ones who continue the existence of their entire species.

As I said, this isn't a "I wanted it to be Mpreg" whininess. It's just that if it isn't included, the condition, the heats, the knots, and the kidnapping made zero sense when it came to male omegas.

While there were a few things that made my hackles rise slightly, overall, it was an enjoyable, entertaining, engaging read, where I cannot wait to see what happens next. Highly recommend to MM Romance fans, particularly those who love the warm and fuzzy and angst of shifters featuring alpha/beta/omega.



Something about the flexing muscles of Linden’s back, the soft steadiness of his hands, made him look like… Fuck, this was going to sound weird, but the guy looked like life itself…


Author Bio

Sam Burns, Romance Author.

SAM BURNS is an author of LGBTQIA+ fiction, mostly light-hearted fantasy romances. Most of her books include a little violence, a fair amount of swearing, and maybe a sex scene or two. Or four.

She is a full-time writer who lives in the Midwest with her husband and cat. Someday, she plans to be a full-time writer who lives near the ocean with her husband, cat.

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W.M. Fawkes is an author of LGBTQ+ urban fantasy and paranormal romance. She lives with her partner in a house owned by three halloween-hued felines that dabble regularly in shadow walking.

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That was the moment when I realized that no matter what happened during Colt’s heat… my life was never going to be the same. Either he was staying forever, or I was going to have to relearn how to live without him.


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