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Wilde Child by Eloisa James

He wants a prim and proper duchess, not the Wildest of the Wildes! Wilde Child by Eloisa James.

Eloisa James returns to the Wildes of Lindow Castle series with the next Wilde child who runs and joins a theatre troupe – and the duke who tries to save her reputation.

He wants a prim and proper duchess, not the Wildest of the Wildes!

Already notorious for the golden hair that proves her mother’s infidelity, Lady Joan can’t seem to avoid scandals, but her latest escapade may finally ruin her: she’s determined to perform the title role of a prince—in breeches, naturally.

She has the perfect model for an aristocratic male in mind: Thaddeus Erskine Shaw, Viscount Greywick, a man who scorned the very idea of marrying her.

Not that Joan would want such a dubious honor, of course.

For years, Thaddeus has avoided the one Wilde who shakes his composure, but he’s horrified when he grasps the danger Joan’s putting herself in. Staring into her defiant eyes, he makes the grim vow that he’ll keep her safe.

He strikes a bargain: after one performance, the lady must return to her father’s castle and marry one of three gentlemen whom he deems acceptable.

Not including him, of course.

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Wilde Child by Eloisa James.

Book 6
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Wilde Child is the sixth installment of The Wildes of Lindow Castle series. While it is possible to read the novel as a standalone or out of series order, I strongly suggest against doing so. The couplings of all of the Wilde children, along with events from past books are brought up on the pages. If a new reader found this as delightful to read as I did, they would end up spoiling the previous installments for themselves.


We hear from Jane.

Born within a marriage, Lady Jane is seen as the daughter of a duke. However, all know her mother left her in the cradle, abandoning her as she ran off with her lover, Lady Jane's true father. With two curses hanging over her head, in a society built on stringent rules, Lady Jane is neither biologically related to anyone in her household/family, while not truly illegitimate as she was born within the marriage, but she is also the daughter of an unfaithful, abandoning mother who divorced a duke.

Lady Jane is a stunning beauty, whispered about in ballrooms. Those with titles see her as a mark against their reputation should they fall for her. While others see her dowry and title as a way to climb up in polite society.

Having heard it all since her birth, those fair features of her birth father signifying how she is most certainly no Wilde, Jane lets it all wash off her back. Since she will not be welcome into polite society anyway, why not do as she wishes, tossing the rules and living life as she sees fit. In the true chaotic, zany fashion of the rest of the Wildes.

Thaddeus is a stickler for rules, never welcoming even an air of impropriety. The son of a duke, acting as the duke for the majority of his life. His father leaving him and his mother behind to cohabitate with his mistress and chosen children. Thaddeus must live by the letter of the law, trying to outrun his father's reputation. He must marry a woman who will help not hinder his reputation.

Having gone through two of the Wilde daughters on the marriage mart, the third is not a proper lady, but that doesn't mean Thaddeus isn't drawn to the Wilde family, wishing for the family structure and love he missed out on as a child, but it is Lady Jane Thaddeus cannot seem to ignore.

A budding actress in britches, Lady Jane is trying her hand at being Hamlet, putting the production on for her family to enjoy. Jane dressed as a bloke, her best friend, Otis, dressed as Ophelia. These zany elements bring levity, a delight to read. While not too over the top, it is a pleasant escape for everyday stressors.

Jane and Thaddeus are polar opposites, bringing out the best parts of one another. Thaddeus forces Jane to see that she has a future, if only she'd reached out to grasp it. While Jane shows Thaddeus the adventure, the laughter, the light and love, and the hope that it doesn't have to be lonely at the top.

Partnership and joy are at their fingertips, if only they don't get in their own way.

Lighthearted and warm, dry wit and zany humor, well-meaning and villainous relatives, sharp-tongued society mavens and strong support systems. Wilde Child displays polar opposite themes, just like the Hero and Heroine of the tale.

Highly recommend to fans of Historical Romance. Eloisa James is at the top of my favorites list in this genre. Broody and happy characters, a menagerie of animals, the plight of being at the top, romance mixed with dry wit, all of Eloisa James' series have been a delight to read.



Author Bio

ELOISA JAMES is a New York Times best-selling author and professor of English literature who lives with her family in New York, but can sometimes be found in Paris or Italy. She is the mother of two and, in a particularly delicious irony for a romance writer, is married to a genuine Italian knight.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Wilde Child (The Wildes of Lindow Castle #6) by Eloisa James to read and review.

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