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Getaway by Casey Cox Blog Tour

Blog Tour. Casey Cox's Getaway.

Ever woken up and realized you’re in love with your childhood best friend?

I’ve got three big problems.

One, I’m in love with my childhood best friend.
Two, he hates any kind of change with a capital H.
Three, he thinks I’m straight.

To be honest, up until recently, I thought I was straight, too. But something’s shifting in me. I don’t know what it is exactly, but I can feel it. We tell each other everything, so I want to tell Cassius this.

I figure a tropical weekend getaway is the perfect time to do it. I mean, what could possibly happen that would change our lives forever?

Getaway is a best friends-to-lovers, gay-for-you, rom-com style MM romance.

It features two childhood best friends, a luxury (clothing optional) resort, beach bonfire kisses, newly invented dance moves, dubious dietary claims, and some creatively named cocktails. You can expect more than a few gasps, giggles, and OMG moments on the way to a satisfying happily ever after that will make you feel like you’ve just returned from the best vacation ever.
(Suntan lotion and beach towels sold separately.)


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Getaway by Casey Cox

Book 1
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The meal had been exquisite. The company and conversation, first-rate. It couldn’t have gone more smoothly even if I had planned it. Which, of course, I had. Down to the very minute. And post-food—once Cassius was fed and happy, but before he fell into a food coma—was the moment I would tell him.

I took a sip of the sparkling water, suddenly wishing the bubbles were of the alcoholic variety. I still had absolutely zero freaking idea how to begin this. A million possible suggestions were whirring about in my brain—

So, Cass, funny thing, I think I might be… Nope. Dead end.

Hey, Cass, did you ever in your wildest dreams expect me to be… Bah-bow. Another dead end.

Come on, Cass, do you believe in love? ’Cause I’ve got something to say about it, and it goes something like this… Whoops, that was the start of a Madonna jam.

Listen up, Cass, I’ve got something to tell you…

Hmm. Seemed like I’d just found a winner.

He squinted his eyes at me. “You look like you’ve got something to say, Spence.”

I nodded, wiping the corners of my mouth with the napkin. I placed it on my lap, my fingers fidgeting nervously with it. “I do, actually.”

This was it. This was the moment I was going to tell him my truth. I took one deep, final breath and opened my mouth to speak—



You and I have an amazing friendship. That’s the best foundation for any relationship.



Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

3.5 stars

Getaway is the first book in the Escape series.

Getaway is a friends-to-lovers, gay-for-you read. Friends-to-lovers is one of my favorite tropes. Cassius and Spencer met when they were six and have been the best of friends ever since. Cass has been out while Spencer has been straight through their seventeen-year friendship. While on vacation at an all-male clothing optional resort, Spencer has some big revelations all filled out on his spreadsheets that he wants to share with Cassius. Cassius and Spencer are polar opposites but something about that is pulling them together.

Getaway was a very sweet read, and I loved the relationship between Cassius and Spencer BUT it was agonizingly slow. The buildup was most of the book and as soon as the big revel happened, it was a race to the finish. I was invested in the characters, but the pace definitely was a hurdle for me.

I really enjoyed this book. I seem to be gravitating towards friends-to-lovers books lately and this one was good. Cassius and Spencer were so good together. This was a super sweet, low-angst book that once I got into, I didn't want to stop until I finished. The setting, the story, the sex (besides that one awkward time), and oh, the epilogue. Highly recommend and looking forward to the next book.



He delicately brushed the tear away, but he was doing more than that. He was brushing away a lifetime of fears and doubts and insecurities.


Author Bio

CASEY COX is devoted to delighting readers with sassy, sweet and sometimes steamy MM gay romance tales of gorgeous, good-hearted and complex men chasing that thing we all love: a guaranteed HEA.

Casey’s writing has an escapist, wanderlust quality to it because, let’s face it, these days there are plenty of reasons to run from reality.

Casey lives on the east coast of Australia, loves the beach and is a proud paw-parent to two utterly adorable French Bulldogs named Ralphie and Lilly.

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Every time I’ve kissed you, it’s been the best kiss of my entire life.


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