Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Always by RJ Scott

Single Dads #4. Always by R.J. Scott.

Lives change in an instant, but with family found and forever love, there is always hope.

Impetuously putting his life on the line, Adam saved a child trapped in a car wreck and suffered career-ending injuries. Living with chronic pain, and at his lowest moments, he had friends who wouldn't let him give up, a family who had his back, and even though his future was different from what he'd always planned, he at least had hope. When Cameron and Finn land on his doorstep, he never dreamed that he would fall in love with the small family or that maybe he'd get to be a hero again.

Cameron goes from being a devoted husband to a single dad overnight. With his neatly planned future in ruins, he will do anything to make a new life for his son, even if it means moving to the other side of the country. Renting a room from Adam is the first step in making a home for him and Finn, but falling for the former firefighter was never part of the plan.

The shadows from Cameron's past might take a long time to touch this fragile future, but will he have to face the consequences alone when they do? Or will there always be hope?

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Always by RJ Scott

Book 4
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

The struggles Adam and Cam both go through are a bit heavy and angsty for this series. I loved watching them navigate things and falling for each other. Finn was an added bonus and I just adored watching him make friends. This isn't a light and fluffy read, but still a good read nonetheless.

This is the fourth book in the series, and although you wouldn't have to have read them in order, it would make more of the connections make sense... and they are all excellent reads, so why deny yourself!

Adam has bought the house that the guys from books 1-3 lived in, now that they are all in happy relationships. One only moved next door, so Adam's pool is still the place that everyone meets up when they are off shift. They are also keeping a close eye on him as he is still recovering from his life altering injuries. Be warned, it is quite traumatic how he got them, although utterly selfless.

Cameron is retreating from a horrible life in New York – I will let you read just what happened to him – with his young son, Finn. He is returning to San Diego, for now, to recover, and also because his best friend, Nick, has offered him help. Much as he feels guilty accepting, he knows that he really has no choice. It turns out that he is now renting a couple of rooms from Adam.

Cue an instant attraction, but the worst timing ever. Both men are in dark and difficult places, and Cameron is waiting to be found and exposed, even though he harbours no guilt in what transpired, other than being naive.

I loved the slow, intense, and caring relationship which develops between the two men, and how Finn gives us a good barometer of how progress is coming along. It was lovely to see Nick again, and to get the two men in a room and iron out all the issues their brains had erroneously created in their silence.

Really good addition to the series, and I look forward to Nick getting his story told next!



Author Bio

RJ Scott

RJ SCOTT is a USA Today bestselling author of over 140 romance and suspense novels. From bodyguards to hockey stars, princes to millionaires, cowboys to military heroes to every-day heroes, she believes that love is love and every man deserves a happy ending.

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