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Strong, Silent Cowboy by Lora Leigh & Veronica Chadwick

Strong, Silent Cowboy. He loves her more than words can say... Lora Leigh & Veronica Chadwick.

From #1 New York Times bestseller Lora Leigh and Veronica Chadwick comes a second chance at love and bodyguard romance Strong, Silent Cowboy, a Moving Violations novel.

He Will Do Anything…

Sallie Hamblen had three incredibly hot, sexy nights with Jacob Donovan, an undercover CIA agent, before he disappeared, leaving her broken hearted and forever yearning for the man she lost. Years later, Jacob doesn’t know that the beauty he’s about to seduce in a small town bar is the woman he held in his arms all those years ago… and that she’s on the run from her past.

To Keep Her Safe…

Former CIA agent turned cowboy, Jacob Donovan wants nothing more than a simple life. Just the ranch and occasionally someone warm and sweet in his bed. Until Sallie comes back into his life and all of a sudden he wants to be in her bed every night...all night. When he discovers that her life is in danger, he swears he’ll protect her. Even when secrets are revealed that threaten everything between them, he will lay everything on the line to keep her in his arms.

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Strong, Silent Cowboy by Lora Leigh & Veronica Chadwick

Book 2
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This is the second book in the series and whilst Jacob appears in the previous book, and the leads in that book are mentioned, there is really little other overlap of the couples or the storyline. I have to admit I was a little disappointed and I had assumed that Hunter and Samantha would have featured more.

We get the story from both viewpoints, so we soon know that there is history between the two leads, but that only Sallie has memories of it. She has been on the run for many years, and although confused by Jacob ignoring her for the last three years, she has settled down more than she had expected. If I had been her, I would have avoided a few of the lonelier places she found herself, but I am a bit of a worrier! There are some great side characters – such as Jacob's Gran, and the twins at the ranch, as well as the Culpeppers and Tara. They add to the levels of comfortable that Sallie has achieved at Deer Haven and increase her reasons to stay – even if Jacob seems to have no idea that they once spent a weekend together.

As they finally spend some time together, Jacob starts to try and understand who exactly Sallie is and, through his CIA contacts, the mystery starts to unravel. It is full of twists and turns, as well as some hot passionate encounters between them. Some of the plot is wildly complicated. but it is a fun read for sure – and these two definitely deserve to have a more peaceful future.

Mary Jo☆☆☆☆
Both authors are on my "go to" list when it comes to comfort reads and when they teamed up, it was an automatic buy for me.

This book quickly became one of the "classics" for me in that the characters are so real and the reader has a vested interest in the lives of Sallie and Jacob. The chemistry is palpable and the reader is fighting for the couple as much as the couple is on the page.

I strongly recommend picking up this book (and book one) and spending an afternoon reading about a cowboy and his love.

Avid Reader☆☆☆
M/F Second-Chance Romance
Triggers: Click HERE to see Avid Reader’s review on Goodreads for trigger warnings.

Sallie Hamblen isn’t really her name, but it’s who she is now. Years ago, she fell fast and hard for Jacob and she never was able to get her heart to recover after he left her.

Jacob has always been a protector and always will, but after a near death accident, he knows that he’ll have to do his protecting in a different way. Meeting Sallie has niggled something in his lost memories, but it’s always just out of reach.

Sallie and Jacob dance around each other for years. When they do finally come together, memories will resurface, hearts will heal, and heads will roll. Someone is out to get Sallie and Jacob, but unless they can figure out who, neither of them will be safe.

As the danger draws ever closer, Sallie and Jacob will search out clues.

This was a somewhat jumbled story for me. Jacob was domineering, but not in a sexy way, for me. He was simply domineering. I thought that his character was somewhat flat, I wanted more dimension from him. Sallie was more dynamic, but still closed off, in terms of relatability. I liked the mystery within the story, but it seemed almost rushed.

Overall, it was entertaining, but lacked depth and felt rushed.



Author Bio

#1 New York Times bestseller, LORA LEIGH is the author of the Navy SEALS, the Breeds, the Elite Ops, the Callahans, the Bound Hearts, and the Nauti series.

"Lora Leigh writes compelling, red-hot romance." – Sacramento Book Review

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VERONICA CHADWICK started storytelling when she was a little girl. She was first published in 2004. Veronica is the author of Rude Awakening and The Warlord's Gift, and coauthor of the Moving Violations series (One Tough Cowboy) with Lora Leigh.

Veronica passed away on August 21, 2019.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Strong, Silent Cowboy (Moving Violations #2) by Lora Leigh & Veronica Chadwick to read and review.

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