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All Consuming by Jaci Burton

Does Hannah have the courage to risk her heart again, or will Kal lose her a second time?

A sizzling new romance about a firefighter who reunites with an old flame and tries to rekindle the passion they once felt.

When firefighter Kal Donovan transfers to the Tactical Rescue Team, he's determined to succeed by giving work one hundred percent of his attention. This proves more difficult at his ten-year high school reunion when he runs into Hannah Clark, his first love. She's still the smart, funny, beautiful girl he loved in high school, but everything has changed. She's divorced, has a son, and has zero interest in exploring an old romance.

Hannah has moved back home after a disastrous end to a marriage that never should have been. Now her only focus is getting her hair salon up and running, and making sure her son is happy. She doesn't have time for love—especially not with Kal. She intends to look forward, not backward, and Kal is most definitely part of her past.

However as Hannah and Kal start spending time together, Hannah realizes that what she's feeling for him isn't nostalgia, but red-hot attraction. Kal's intent on showing her what it's like to be cared for, romanced, and consumed with passion—and Hannah loves it. But she wonders if she has the courage to risk her heart again, even as Kal vows not to lose her a second time.

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All Consuming by Jaci Burton

Book 3
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This is the third book in the series, and I think you can read it as a standalone, although having the background to how the brothers grew up and how their life with the Donovans changed everything for them is worthwhile.

Kal has just transferred to the Tactical Rescue Team, and so we get some really hairy situations that they have to deal with – reminding us just how dangerous the life of a firefighter can be, and how it is not just fires which require their expertise and courage.

Hannah is very jaded about love, her ex-husband did a number on her confidence and she is just fine spending her time with her young son, Oliver. But at her ten-year high school reunion, she sees her first love, Kal. It is clear from the first moment that Kal is going to do everything he can to find what he felt before with her, but she is going to have to change a lot of her rules to believe in a happily ever after.

It is lovely watching her feel more comfortable with him and renewing her friendship with the rest of the family. Obviously, Oliver is a key part of the growing love in this pairing and Kal does not disappoint. The Donovan parents have every right to be proud of the boys that they raised – and are definitely enjoying the happy lives they now have with women who love and support them.

I have enjoyed all these stories, and the mix of excitement due to their careers and the risks which firefighting can bring, which impacts on them having good, secure, loving relationships.

This is the third book in the series and each is about a different brother. I do feel each can be read as a standalone, but then you would miss the back story on how the brothers grew up.

Kal has just joined the Tactical Rescue Team and wants to be part of the team, more like family in the way they work together. When he gets an invite to his high school reunion, he wonders if his high school girlfriend will be there. They split when he went off to college, but he never forgot her.

Hannah loved Kal in high school, but when he left for college she wasn't staying in town. She left, got married, and had a kid. Now she is back home and divorced. Seeing Kal at the reunion has stirred up those old feelings. She doesn't want to jump into another relationship. She wants to make it on her own for a while.

Can Kal make Hannah see that he loves her and wants what is best for her and her son? Will Hannah give Kal a chance to show her that his love is real? Will they get the happily ever after that started back in high school?

I really like this series and can't decide which brother I like best. Each one has their own strengths and a woman that will bring them to their knees. This story has all the feels that make it good. It will have you laughing one minute and ready to cry the next. If you are looking for firefighter brothers who love hard and fall in love harder, then this series is for you.

Avid Reader☆☆☆
M/F Second-Chance Romance

Kal loves his job. Working in the Tactical Rescue Team is exciting and challenging. Despite his co-workers being buttheads, Kal enjoys this new environment. The dating scene is a little tiresome for him though. He wants what his brothers and dad have. He wants a family.

Hannah is home to pick up again and dust herself off. After a divorce, she knows that her son, Oliver, needs some stability. Living with her mom, while not ideal, is just what they both need.

When Hannah and Kal meet up again, their chemistry is just as powerful as it was when they were kids. Now, though, they have more life experience to help guide them. But old fears creep in, relationship insecurities fight to take center stage.

These two want to find their happily ever after, but can they over come their past? This is a sweet, second-chance romance. There isn’t a lot of angst and you’ll get a happy ever after, but the book is just a little flat. It’s an easy read, but nothing truly jumps out and happens. It’s predictable and calm.



Author Bio

JACI BURTON is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling romance novelist. In addition to writing the Play-by-Play, Hope, and Wild Riders series, she has also coauthored a number of anthologies with fellow romance writer Lora Leigh. Burton lives in Oklahoma with her husband and dogs.

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