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Under Control by Shannon Stacey

Meet the tough, dedicated men of BOSTON FIRE—and the women who turn their lives upside down.

When faced with the opportunity to change shifts while staying in the same house, veteran firefighter Derek Gilman jumps at the chance. His new schedule means not working Saturdays, which means more time to spend with his two kids. His divorce may have been amicable, but being a firefighter and a single dad is a lot to juggle. And when fate brings a gorgeous, wealthy woman into his life, he’s pretty sure he can’t handle more than he already is.

Olivia McGovern loves plans. She planned to start her own business and planned its growth. It’s earning her seven figures now, but her personal life simply doesn’t exist. Getting trapped in a broken elevator figures in exactly nowhere, and freaking out in front of a sexy firefighter definitely isn’t on the agenda. Especially not one with two kids and an ex.

What would have been a random incident with an attractive stranger becomes something more when a charity event brings them back together. They’re from different sides of the tracks, literally—with friends, family and careers to consider. But as Derek and Olivia are discovering, chemistry doesn’t allow for plans, and love doesn’t bother with logistics.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Avid Reader☆☆☆
M/F Romance

This is a story about finding yourself and truly being happy. I thought that Derek embodied hotness. He was calm and collected under pressure and he was great with his kids when necessary. Despite his family situation being what it was, his adjustment was spot on. He loved his kids and was best friends with his ex-wife.

Olivia is all about organization and streamlining the options. She teaches others how to plan and organize their life. When she gets stuck in an elevator with Derek, she has a slight panic attack. But once she realizes that she was stuck with a very attractive man, she kind of kicks herself.

These two dance around each other for a while. I haven't read a ton of books in this series, but this seemed more focused on the relationship between Derek and his family than the relationship with the firehouse and the other brother's in his life.

This had great potential, but for me, it just was a little long-winded. For Olivia being an organization teacher, she is not very organized in her personal life. I also thought that she was somewhat whiny. Overall, I enjoyed the book, but felt that these two characters didn't have great chemistry.

What happens when a sexy firefighter and a sexy self-made businesswoman get stuck in an elevator together? The firefighter is calm and calls for help while the woman starts to panic because she is going to be late for her next appointment. And her business is teaching people how to make their work life more efficient and it wouldn't look good for her to be late.

Derek Gilman loves being a fireman, and changing shifts so he can have Saturdays off to be able to spend more time with his kids makes his life almost perfect. Being stuck in the elevator with the sexy businesswoman makes him want to spend more time with her. But his fireman buddies are quick to rescue them, and she is walking away quickly, almost running away. He can't believe he didn't get her number.

Olivia McGovern is a planner, it is her business. From the time she gets up and until she goes to sleep, her day is all planned out. So, getting stuck in an elevator was not part of her plan. And neither was meeting the sexy fireman named Derek. Oh well, he can star in her dreams because she will not see him again, he isn't in her plans. She never thought she would find Derek at a charity she had offered to help out. Her planning expertise will get the charity on track and get them the best money and sponsors.

Can Olivia give up her planning and let Derek into her life? What happens when she learns he is divorced and has two kids? Can Derek make room for Olivia without feeling like he isn't good enough for her?

This is the first I have read in this series and I really enjoyed it. I would have liked to have more from his firehouse family, but I guess I would have that from reading the rest of the series. This couple has enough heat to set off a three-alarm fire and their love is what will either make them or break them. So, if you are into hot firemen and strong women, then you need to read this one. And yeah, start from the beginning, I should have.

This is the fifth in the series – and I have to admit the first I have read... but I have put the earlier ones on my to-read list as I really enjoyed this book. I can guess at some of the previous romances but will still happily read how they came about!

Derek and Olivia come from very different families, have different views on life, live on the opposite side of town, have a very different income bracket, and Derek has an ex-wife and children... they, however, find that the chemistry between them is pulling them together regardless. Can all those issues really be so easily overcome – and who will break first?

I really liked the way this story unfolded. Both of them have opinions based on their pasts and societal norms, but will they be able to overcome their issues to give love a chance? The author has cleverly used side characters to make some pointed comments, and to make these two realise what is and what isn't important. Derek's children have some of the very best lines, both in stating things as they are, and in order to lighten the moment.

Who would have thought being stuck in a broken lift could lead to such a bright new future? Sign me up now!

I enjoyed this book, it’s an unpredictable story and that made it very interesting. Olivia is a control freak who has her life planned down to the second and doesn’t know how to handle it when Derek storms into her life. Derek is a firefighter and divorced father of two that knows exactly what he wants and that’s Olivia. Olivia didn’t plan for Derek in her life and that makes it difficult for her at first, their story is definitely not a paved road. I enjoyed the banter between the two main characters and especially between Derek’s kids and Olivia.

I love that the author does such a fantastic job bringing this story to life, I was invested from the very first page. This story just felt real, there weren’t things in it that had you saying, “yeah, like that would happen” and I find that impressive. It’s well written and has a great pace that made it hard to put down. This is the first book in the series that I’ve read but it definitely won’t be the last!

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Shannon Stacey lives with her husband and two sons in New England, where her two favorite activities are writing stories of happily-ever-after and driving her UTV through the mud.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Under Control (Boston Fire #5) by Shannon Stacey to read and review.

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