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Rescuing Sadie by Susan Stoker – The Lexi Blake Crossover Collection Blog Tour

Sadie Jennings was used to being protected. As the niece of Sean Taggart, and the receptionist at McKay-Taggart Group, she was constantly surrounded by Alpha men more than capable, and willing, to lay down their life for her. But when she learns about a friend in trouble, she doesn't hesitate to leave town without a word to her uncle to help. After several harrowing weeks, her friend is now safe, but the repercussions of her rash act linger on.

Chase Jackson, no stranger to dangerous situations as a captain in the US Army, has volunteered himself as Sadie's bodyguard. He fell head over heels for the beautiful woman the first time he laid eyes on her. With a Delta Force team at his back, he reassures the Taggart's that Sadie will be safe. But when her past catches up with her, Chase has to use everything he's learned over his career to keep his promise... and to keep Sadie alive long enough to officially make her his.

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Book 7.5
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Sadie faced the man in front of her without trepidation.

Sean Taggart might know twenty ways to kill without making a sound thanks to his time as a Green Beret, but to her, he was just Uncle Sean. She’d only known him for six years, ever since Aunt Grace got married, but he’d always supported her no matter what she wanted to do and treated her and her aunt Grace like princesses.

Not this time.

“Uncle Sean, this is ridiculous.”

Sean crossed his arms, giving her what she knew was his “displeased” face. Brows drawn, lips pressed together, eyes narrowed. “It’s not and you know it.”

“Why can’t I just go back up to Dallas with you?”

Her uncle sighed. They’d been over this before, but Sadie couldn’t let it go.

“Because Jonathan is still missing. Captain Jackson said he’d continue to look after you until he’s caught.”

Sadie shook her head. “But if I came home, you could keep me safe.”

Sean looked down at her with love in his eyes. His voice gentled. “I could, you’re right. But I think we both know that you wouldn’t like my kind of protection. Or Ian’s. Or anyone else we could find.”

She knew what he meant without him coming right out and saying it. Sean was overprotective. As was Ian, and probably most of the other men who worked for McKay-Taggart. She could handle their overprotectiveness and bossiness… but only to a point. If she had to endure it twenty-four seven, it could damage their relationship. And that was the last thing she wanted.

“I can go stay with Milena’s parents again,” Sadie volunteered almost desperately. Maybe she’d even make it in time for Milena’s surprise engagement party. She might not want to become one of McKay-Taggart’s overprotected clients, but she wasn’t sure she wanted to be in close quarters with Chase Jackson anymore either.

From the second she’d laid eyes on the man, she’d wanted him. It was as if her body had said, This is it. This is the man I want.

Unfortunately, he’d been in the middle of rescuing her from a crazed, perverted pedophile at the time, and now she was afraid he felt responsible for her, rather than wanting her back.

Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This is part of the Masters & Mercenaries Crossover series that is being released by a number of super talented authors. I am so happy to be reading these books and reviewing them. I am a huge M&M fan, and this was another great addition to the series. I am also up to date with the Delta Force Heroes, so got a double treat with this read!

Sadie left Dallas and the reception at the MacKay-Taggart group a while ago, much to the guys' dismay (even if they wouldn't admit it) and here we catch up with what she has been doing. And, as it turns out, she is in need of protection herself after being held by one of the perpetrators of a paedophile ring, who is now on the run. As luck would have it, Chase Jackson, one of the Delta Force who rescued her, is most definitely planning on taking care of her – in fact, he is so certain that she is "the one" he intends to never let her go. I love his certainty and his patience (well sort of patience!).

We get to meet up with Ghost and Fletch and their families, and are reminded of the importance of the family you make, especially in times of trouble. And these guys certainly have to suffer through some trouble. I had to stop reading at a couple of points because I needed to catch my breath. I should have trusted Ms. Stoker, because though dramatic, it was just the perfect way to get the result that we all wanted.

Hot, sexy, and certain of their minds and hearts, Chase and Sadie are perfect for each other.

Avid Reader☆☆☆☆☆
4.5 stars
M/F Romance
Triggers: Click HERE to see Avid Reader’s review on Goodreads for trigger warnings.

This is a fast-paced book that is absolutely gripping. Sadie is running from breaking open a giant pedophile ring – she has a stalker, Jonathan, who was helping to head the ring. He is a sick man who only wishes to create children to abuse.

Chase is a Delta Force hero, but in his mind, due to some past incidents, he is not feeling very hero like. Despite his reservations of talking about that incident, he feels comfortable with Sadie and reveals all to her.

These two have a chemistry that is undeniable. Chase has to bide his time and show Sadie that he really and truly means what he says. Sadie has to allow herself to be loved and show her vulnerable side.

I really enjoyed this story and am so excited that these crossovers are happening!

Susan Stoker is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author who loves hot alpha heroes. She debuted her first series in 2014, and quickly followed it up with her SEAL of Protection series and her Ace Security series, which includes Claiming Grace and Claiming Alexis. She is addicted to writing and creating stories readers can lose themselves in.

Susan considers herself an all-American girl with a heart as big as her home state of Texas. Thanks to her army husband, she’s lived in several different states. Now that he’s retired, however, it’s his turn to follow Susan around the country.

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