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Blood Dance by Samantha Cayto

What lurks in the dark is not always a monster. Sometimes it’s your deepest desire.

A thousand years ago, Alex captained an alien ship that crashed on Earth. Stranded, he has tried to keep his men together while forging a new life. He’s locked into a never-ending war with mutinous crewmembers that makes unsuspecting humans collateral damage. That humans mistake them as vampires is all to the good. Humans are still not ready to learn aliens live among them. Alex has finally found some peace running a private club, but the memories of a human, loved and lost, keeps him alone.

Quinn Cooper was kicked out of his family when he came out as gay. Having travelled to Boston, he takes a job in Alex’s club. His boss and the men around him are large, scary and hard to ignore—as is his instant attraction to Alex. Becoming involved with the boss is always tricky. There’s something about Alex, however, that’s too sexy and compelling to ignore.

Knowing that seducing the vulnerable and virginal Quinn is a bad idea, Alex tries to keep his distance. He’s also trying to protect the boy and everyone else when the traitorous crew once more stirs up trouble. Alex’s and Quinn’s growing attraction leads Quinn closer to the frightening truth of whose bed he shares, while putting him in unfathomable harm’s way. Alex has to find a path forward to end the alien war for good or risk losing another love.

Reader advisory: This book contains scenes of non-consensual sex and torture.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

5 Guilty Pleasure Stars

Samantha Cayto is my go-to guilty pleasure author, and I always look forward to reading her books.

Blood Dance is the first installment in the Alien Blood Wars series, and I couldn't put it down. I could easily see where the author took inspiration from other influences yet managed to make an intriguing and original universe for her newest series.

In a noncomplex fashion, the world-building and romance seemed to be on equal footing, lending to the easy flowing and addictive storyline. Generally, during the first book of a new series, the readers is subject to many info-dumps to explain the world-building. However, Cayto managed to release a steady stream of information in an organic manner.

Vampire lore combined with alien lifeforms, set in the human world, with the added bonus of a BDSM sex club setting. In her past series, the focus was more sex-driven, but I was happy to see that the author concentrated on the plot, the world-building, and the relationships between the narrators and the side characters, while setting up what's to come. Waiting created a scorching hot, push-pull, tension-filled payoff when the narrators finally 'went' there.

There is a ton of potential for subsequent books.

Kicked out of his home in Michigan, by parents who were too narrow-minded to accept a gay son, even though he's still a virgin, Quinn is homeless and slowly spiraling downward to willingly doing whatever he can to survive. He applies for a go-go boy position and gets a lot more than he bargained for. Naïve, sweet, trusting, and in need comfort and support.

As their leader, Alex has kept himself apart, especially from the fragile humans. He's moralistic, seeing himself as a protector, and has found a home in Boston. When they crashed landed, Alex's subordinates fractured off into two factions. Dracul will not rest in his plan for global domination, thinking the humans are beneath him.

As Alex and Quinn traverse their budding romance, a serial killer drops dead bodies on their doorstep. Romance, sex, mystery, politics, cops, added with alien and human world-building.

*There is an mpreg thread, which I have never read before. Since it doesn't influence these narrators, the ins and outs were not shown.

The major reason why I quickly passed out a 5-star rating is simple, I wanted to get my hands on the next before I even read 'the end' of Blood Dance.

This was a nice combination of some tried and true vampire novels. Reminding me of one of my old favorite series, The Breed, these vamps aren't truly vampires but aliens. There's some weird twists, as they can make their male lovers able to carry offspring!! All this based in a Boston BDSM club with go-go boy entertainment.

Quinn, who just turned 18 and was kicked out of his house for coming out as gay, moves to Boston. Trying to survive on his own, he answers a help wanted ad for a go-go dancer at a club. Meeting Alex, the boss, who is big, dark haired, and gorgeous, Quinn finds himself entranced by Alex right from the first meeting. Alex thought he gave up his weakness for humans a long time ago; as his old shipmate and sworn enemy used them as a bargaining chip to keep Alex in check. Falling for Quinn is the last thing Alex needs to be doing, but it's inevitable. He can’t stay away.

There's somewhat of an age play dynamic as Quinn is barely 18 but looks much younger and Alex is ancient, literally. I think though, that's part of the allure of the story. The innocent Quinn being seduced by the much older Alex. The two men definitely have good chemistry! But I was more intrigued by Alex's "brother" Val and his human submissive, Mackie!

A lot of action keeps the story moving well and some intriguing side characters, such as human police officers and a homeless vet who lives behinds the dumpster, set up the world nicely, well rounding the story and adding vulnerability to the fierce aliens living inside the club. If book two is Val's… I'm IN!

Samantha Cayto is a Boston-area native who practices as a business lawyer by day while writing erotic romance at night—the steamier the better. She likes to push the envelope when it comes to writing about passion and is delighted other women agree that guy-on-guy sex is the hottest ever.

She lives a typical suburban life with her husband, three kids and four dogs. Her children don't understand why they can't read what she writes, but her husband is always willing to lend her a hand—and anything else—when she needs to choreograph a scene.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Blood Dance (Alien Blood Wars #1) by Samantha Cayto to read and review.

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