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Come Home to Me by Liz Talley

Healing the wounds of the past doesn’t come easy in this novel of friendship and forgiveness from award-winning author Liz Talley.

Summer Valentine has returned to Moonlight, South Carolina, a very different woman from the naive wallflower who left years before. These days she’s straightforward and savvy, determined to do right by her son, David—even if that means cashing in her struggling music career in Nashville and returning to the town that drove her away. Sure, she took a fall. But at least she now knows where she stands…

Despite her anger over the past, Summer believes David deserves a relationship with his father, Hunter “Hunt” McCroy. Though Hunt’s illustrious career has faded, privilege still protects him from his worst mistakes.

Someone else is back in Moonlight too: Rhett Bryan, the golden boy of Hollywood, who’s taking stock of his own life after a tragic accident. As his rekindled friendship with Summer quickly deepens, she must reconcile the painful history that ties her to both men—one she’s finally forgiven, one she’s afraid to love—to claim healing and happiness.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Mary Jo☆☆☆☆
This book deals with a lot of heartache, loss, and forgiveness. A person's thoughtlessness, inattention, or inebriation can often to lead to hurt feelings, injury, or worse. That's what happened to both Summer and Rhett.

Dealing with the repercussions of those actions is a lifelong struggle and oftentimes, it’s when the victim can forgive the perpetrator for their actions that they can begin to heal themselves. It’s not about right or wrong, but acceptance of what has happened and learning to find a new normal for themselves.

The perpetrator of those actions may have to face lots of fears in order to acknowledge what they did or didn't do. Once accepted, it’s the ability to learn from those mistakes, ask forgiveness if possible, and strive to do better. The guilt that some people carry weighs them down to the point that they can never forgive themselves for the hurts they have caused others. It’s the forgiveness of the victim that may help the perpetrator learn to love themselves again.

A solid book which I truly enjoyed.

Avid Reader☆☆☆☆
M/F Romance
MAJOR Triggers: Click HERE to see Avid Reader’s review on Goodreads for trigger warnings.

Summer and her son have been living a great life. Summer is an amazing singer and songwriter and despite her love of music, she knows that she can make some sacrifices so that her young, teenage son can have a relationship with his father. Summer and Hunter's relationship being very strained, she knows that if she pushes too hard, her son will be lost to her.

Hunter has lived a very privileged life. Despite having a father who was always pushing him and not really understanding that his baseball career was his alone, not his father's, Hunter has decided that he does want to have a relationship with his son. Old feelings of anger come back to haunt him when Summer points out things from his past that he doesn't want to face, but ultimately, you get to see Hunter grow in this book. The fact that it takes his son's wisdom to help Hunter grow is just the icing on the cake.

Then you have Rhett. He is also fairly spoiled in that he got to live out his dream. When tragedy strikes his life, he returns home to find Summer and her son living in his childhood home. Rhett makes some pretty big leaps and assumptions throughout this story and I had a hard time rectifying his attitude... but in the end, he learns a lot from Summer and her son, as well as looks back on his past to see where his future will bring him.

Overall, this is an emotional read about a family that isn't quite typical. Boys who learn lessons that make them into men and a young boy just trying to find his way. I really enjoyed this story and despite some of the heavier topics, felt that Talley did a great job of writing these relationships.

4.5 stars rounded up, because it really is a very good read.

I have not had the pleasure of reading a Liz Talley book before – but will definitely be remedying that soon. The writing style is smooth and gives the story the very best chance to shine.

This is a story which deals with some very difficult issues – it does not pull its punches. I think that all the conversations and the time shifting to ensure that the truth is revealed slowly and carefully work brilliantly. Summer display a wonderful level of common sense and pragmatism which serves her and her son well. She is a stable centre around which both Rhett and Hunt have to face their pasts and consider their futures. In some ways, they know what must happen, such as Hunt protecting David from his own father's expectations. Rhett comes home to Carolina and doesn't even recognise the grown-up version of Summer, who is living near his grandfather. The attraction between them is strong, but he has no intention of hanging around, so is resistant to his desires... you will soon find out how effective that plan is!!

There are plenty of light-hearted moments, but do expect to need a tissue on occasion. We don't get to see all that much of Summer's family, yet they make up some very poignant scenes. It is definitely a book which does not shy away from discussing consent – brilliantly done Ms. Talley, thank you.

Liz Talley is the author of sassy contemporary romances, including the RITA-nominated The Sweetest September. A finalist for the Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart Award in the Regency romance subgenre, she made her debut in contemporary romance in June 2010 with Vegas Two-Step. She went on to publish fifteen more titles. Her stories are set in the South, where the tea is sweet, the summers are hot, and the men are hotter. She lives in northern Louisiana with her childhood sweetheart, two handsome children, three dogs, and a mean kitty.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Come Home to Me by Liz Talley to read and review.

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