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Royal Treatment by Tracy Wolff

What’s a crown prince to do with time on his hands? Or better yet, who? It’s Prince Garrett’s turn to find love in this mouthwatering standalone novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Royal Pain.

Once upon a time I was being groomed to sit on the throne of Wildemar. Now I’m lucky they let me into the palace through the front door. After I was kidnapped and tortured by extremists, my reward upon my release is that nobody trusts me enough to let me be king. And since my twin brother, Kian, has assumed all my responsibilities, I figure why not take over as the black sheep?

But after breaking things off with my betrothed—we never had much chemistry, anyway—and giving the jetsetting playboy lifestyle a try, I’m starting to wonder if I’m cut out for this s***. Then I meet Lola Barnes, a drop-dead gorgeous entrepreneur from the States who’s as refreshing as she is feisty.

It’s supposed to be a one-night-stand—until the press catches wind of my “new American sweetheart.” Trouble is, Lola’s no sweetheart. But the more I see our names together in the headlines, the more I find myself craving another taste

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Prince Garrett, His Royal Hotness, was the crown prince. After he was kidnapped, he had time on his hands to get his mind right, so his father the king thinks. But all Garrett wants to do is forget what happened and move on with his life.

Lola is an American girl who owns her own multimillion-dollar internet vintage clothing company. She meets Garrett one day while he is swimming and when she acts like she doesn't know who he is, he seems to be relieved. But everyone knows who Garrett and his twin brother are.

While Lola tells it like it is and Garrett is proper in every way, they do not seem to be the couple kind of people. But after one date, the people of Wildemar are thrilled Garrett has found such a string woman. So the PR people at the palace wants to use the couple idea to help Garrett get his crown prince status back.

So now while Garrett and Lola are playing the couple, will their feelings for each other grow stronger? Can Lola play the part without losing her heart? Will Garrett finally lose his cool and release all the pain of his kidnapping, so he can finally heal?

I loved the first book, but Garrett and Lola stole my heart. The way he fought to keep his pain hidden and wanting to get his status back until he realized that wasn't all that mattered in life. It was the perfect way to get his life back on track. And Kian will always be Kian, the fun loving second brother.

If you love a great royal romance with a twist, this one is more about the prince than the Cinderella story, then this series is for you. I loved both stories and would even love more. And if you haven't read anything from Tracy Wolff yet you should and pick anything from her, you will not be disappointed.

This is the second book in the series (I would love there to be more) and I would recommend that you read them in order. Royal Pain introduced us to younger twin Kian, who has been the playboy of the duo. He suddenly had to step up when his brother, Garrett, is kidnapped, which was not the easiest transition. Now we get to read Garrett's story on his return to the kingdom.

I really enjoyed this book – it had the requisite fairy tale elements but was most definitely not shying away with the difficult times that Garrett is having returning to normal life. His father, the king, has severely undermined his self-respect as he has insisted that Kian remains the crown prince, inferring that Garrett is incompetent. After the strength he showed under torture, this is just destroying him. A distraction in the form of a beautiful, wily, and funny woman called Lola might just be the answer in more ways than one.

Watching Garrett and Lola dance the dance, even under the circumstances that they have agreed to, and as they realise how much they care about each other is a mixture of sexy, fun, and also frustrating. Add in the fallout from the abduction, and we get a very engaging story of two seemingly very different people, who actually have a lot more in common than you would imagine.

Thank you, Ms. Wolff, for a fresh perspective on royal romances.

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New York Times bestselling author Tracy Wolff lives in Texas and teaches writing at her local community college. She is married and the mother of three young sons.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Royal Treatment (His Royal Hotness #2) by Tracy Wolff to read and review.

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