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Total Bravery by Piper J. Drake

True heroes will do anything to protect the women they love...

As the newest recruit at Search and Protect, Raul has a lot to prove. Luckily, he's got the best friend and partner a man could ask for: a highly trained, fiercely loyal German Shepherd Dog named Taz. Together, Raul and Taz make an unbeatable team. But their first mission in Hawaii really puts them to the test when an international kidnapping ring sets its sights on the bravest woman Raul's ever met...

Mali knows her latest job has put one hell of a target on her back. And on this small island paradise, there's nowhere to hide. With a service dog like Taz, Mali feels safe. Sharing close quarters with a smoldering muscle-for-hire like Raul, she feels something else – an unexpected wave of desire. Raul feels it too. But when the kidnappers make their move, he's got to turn that slow-burning passion into hard-hitting action – and save the life of the woman he loves.

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Book 4
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Avid Reader☆☆☆☆
M/F Thriller romance
Triggers: Click HERE to see Avid Reader’s review on Goodreads for trigger warnings.

I have not read any of the previous books in this series and never felt that I was lost or didn't know who the characters were.

This is a fast-paced story where you are thrust in to the beginning and it never really lets you go. It starts with a call for help. Raul is just starting at his new job. With his K9 partner, Taz, by his side, he wants a fresh start. When he receives a distress call from his best friend's sister, he drops everything to help her. He knew that getting out of the military and hooking up with this new group, he would have a chance to do better things than what he had seen and done in the military.

Mali is a spunky, nerdy, and beautiful researcher. She is on the island to conduct field research into the human trafficking issues that are so prevalent on the island. But when her fellow researchers and herself find themselves in the sights of someone with a personal stake in the game, she knows and follows her sister's advice – call Arin and get low. Expecting her sister, she's surprised when Raul answers. And even though she's nervous about getting help from someone she doesn't really know, the fact that her sister trusts him is enough for Mali.

This is a great thriller in that the group is constantly moving. The dogs are a huge part of the story and I love how they are incorporated. Mali and Raul have to navigate the danger first and their relationship second, all while trying to maintain her sister so that Arin won't kick Raul's butt. I loved how spunky both sisters were and how we were able to see their relationship develop as well.

I think I'll have to go back and read the previous books and hope that more come out! I enjoyed this a lot and would like to read more of Drake.

This is the story of an exciting romance between a sociologist and an ex-military member of a private security company. When Mali’s research into human trafficking attracts the wrong kind of attention, she seeks protection from Raul, her sister’s new teammate.

Mali is a great female lead. She’s clever, fierce, and resourceful. At times, Raul’s protective instincts are a little bit over the top but they balance each other and work well together. I liked the complicated relationship between Mali and her sister.

Raul is a stereotypical alpha male military type. His relationship with his dog is humanising but he is private and guarded. I liked him but beyond the dog, there wasn’t much to separate him from every other ex-military romance hero.

This is a relatively low heat romance and the relationship between Mali and Raul works – but it is a little bit insta-love and more than a little bit predictable. I enjoyed the action more than the romance in this one.

Once readers accept the somewhat unlikely concept of a private paramilitary security company composed of highly trained dogs and their ex-military handlers, the rest of the story comes easily. I enjoyed the relationships between team members. The Hawaiian setting is gorgeous but possibly a little bit overplayed. I found the human trafficking storyline fascinating and the action scenes were exciting. There are hints that this is the first in a series and I’m already looking forward to the next books.

Piper J. Drake is a bestselling author of romantic suspense and edgy contemporary romance, a frequent flyer, and day job road warrior. She is often distracted by dogs, cupcakes, and random shenanigans. Find Piper around the internet for insight into her frequent travels and inspiration for her stories.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Total Bravery (True Heroes #4) by Piper J. Drake to read and review.

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