Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Wild Card by Rachel Vincent

Kaci Dillon is a man-eater.

She’s grown up on the fringes of shifter society, hearing the whispers. One desperate act as a starving, terrified child has made her the first tabby in history with no romantic prospects. But whatever. Eighteen is too young to get married anyway. Still, when she stumbles upon an opportunity to get away for a few days, who could blame her for seizing it?

Justus Alexander is screwed.

Confined to the South-Central territory, awaiting trial for crimes he committed as a traumatized, newly infected stray, Justus has discovered that the tribunal already intends to vote for the death penalty. He has no choice but to run. Too young to touch the trust fund that could finance his escape, he’s betting on a big win at the poker tables—until Kaci, his secret crush, catches him sneaking out and demands that he take her with him to Las Vegas…

After a wild night she can’t remember, Kaci wakes up with a ring on her finger, next to a young billionaire who can’t access his fortune until he turns twenty-five—or ties the knot. If she can keep her hands off her hot, charismatic new groom, she can have their unconsummated marriage annulled. But can she really abandon Justus to his death sentence, just to undo her own mistake?

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Book 3
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Wild Card is a young adult-ish installment in the Wildcats series. It's a little bit of "lighter fare" than the usual, even Vincent mentions this in the prologue. Kaci is only 18, but growing up in the shifter world makes a person an adult quicker than most. The other toms in the enforcer group only know Kaci as the man-eater because she was found eating a human corpse after being stuck in cat form for too long. They don’t want a thing to do with her when usually tabbies are sought after. I felt for Kaci in her story, she didn't choose this life and she's overcome a lot of adversity. Hard to be an outcast among outcasts! Justus is up for trial for infecting and murder. He is in a similar situation to Kaci and can empathize more with her than most of the natural born tom cats. This is the story of the two of them running off together to Vegas. I really enjoyed their banter and their budding love story. There was a lot of power plays on the tribunal in this installment, with Titus trying to get the strays accepted in the pack. Loved having Marc and Faythe in the action too. It was a fast moving and easy flowing story.

RACHEL VINCENT is the New York Times bestselling author of several series for teens and adults, including Shifters, the Stars Never Rise, and Menagerie, and remains fascinated by writing about the things that scare her. She is a former English teacher and shares her home in Oklahoma with two cats, two teenagers, and her husband, who’s been her number one fan from the start.

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