Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Just a Bit Twisted by Alessandra Hazard

Professor Derek Rutledge is hated and feared by all of his students. Strict, reserved and ruthless, he doesn't tolerate mistakes and has little patience for his students.

Shawn Wyatt is a twenty-year-old struggling to provide for his younger sisters after the death of their parents. On the verge of losing his scholarship, Shawn becomes desperate enough to go to Professor Rutledge.

Everyone says Rutledge doesn't have a heart. Everyone says he's a ruthless bastard. Shawn finds out that everyone is right. He strikes a deal with Rutledge, but unexpectedly, the deal turns into something so much more.

Something all-consuming and addictive. Something neither of them wants.

Warning: explicit M/M content, teacher-student relationship.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

I have never read a book by Ms. Hazard before, so the BYOB month we have on Wicked Reads was the perfect opportunity to give one a try!

Overall this is a very hot book, with some super sexy scenes, and for that it definitely deserves four stars. I had a few issues with the power dynamics, but actually when I took a break and thought about it, there is a clever balance here, which distance makes clearer. Shawn may initially have needed something from Derek, and felt obliged to indulge his requests, but that situation soon becomes more a journey of discovery, rather than anything more nefarious.

Some of the plot devices were a little unbelievable, but I was prepared to give them a bye in order to see how Ms. Hazard managed to turn the story into a satisfying romance. I shall be reading the next book in the series when I can, as Christian's dilemma will provide a good story I am sure.

A mom. Engineer. MM Romance author. Avid reader of many genres.

I love romance with an edge: a bit twisted, a bit unhealthy and messed up.

I love that push-pull of two characters who drive each other crazy and yet are totally perfect for each other. I love mild D/s undertones, hate-to-love relationships, and the friends-to-lovers trope. I also have a bit of a weakness for the good old Alpha Male, stern, strong-willed and tough, but who will turn into a lump of sugar for the man he loves. I’m a sap, I know.

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Ruthie reviewed her personal copy of Just a Bit Twisted (Straight Guys #1) by Alessandra Hazard for this post.

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