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Completely Yours by Erin Nicholas Blog Tour

The first book in a brand new contemporary romance series from New York Times bestselling author Erin Nicholas about three geeky girls and the hunky guys who fall for them.

Kiera Connelly leads a quiet life, and that's just how she likes it. She's built a name as a graphic designer and meets up with her friends online, all from the comfort of her living room couch. But when a rare outing turns disastrous, Kiera finds herself up close and way too personal with an unbelievably hot real-life hero.

Zach Ashley doesn't see himself as a hero. He's just a regular guy who gets to help people every day as an EMT. But when he's called to a scene and has to treat his most gorgeous patient ever, he finds himself mixing work with pleasure. He never hesitates to put his life on the line... but will he ever risk his heart?

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She was still watching the ambulance, and she nodded absently. “Okay.”

He moved in front of her and crouched to get on eye level. “You can go right over and see them at the hospital. Mass General. If you’re not family, they might not be able to tell you much, but if you can get in touch with their families, they can come and sit with you, right?”

She nodded again but Zach wasn’t sure she’d heard him. He really wanted to know that someone was going to be there with her. Shock in survivors wasn’t uncommon. The that-could’ve-been-me thing could kick in at any moment if it hadn’t already. But there was nothing like seeing someone you cared about hurt.

He put his hands on her arms again, this time rubbing up and down and just ignoring how good her skin felt against his rough palms. Mostly. He needed to comfort her more than he needed to worry about how she made him feel.

“Do you know where Mass General is?” He didn’t love the idea of her driving herself over there. She was clearly overwhelmed.

Kiera nodded. “Yes.”

“You can get there?” he asked.

She nodded again.

Okay. So…

“Zach! Let’s go!”

Zach glanced over at Reed. His co-workers needed help so he was going to be here for a while. He couldn’t be messing around, obsessing about a woman who liked to play dress-up. “Kiera, I need to go but…”

“Yeah, of course.” She shook her head and looked around. “You go.”

“But…” But nothing. She was fine, and he was needed by people who weren’t fine. “Okay.”

He had the fleeting thought that he wanted to kiss her goodbye. But that was crazy. They’d just met. In the middle of an emergency. No way should he kiss her.

Finally, he let go of her and stepped back. But not touching her didn’t do a thing to make him not want to touch her. He forced himself to turn away and head toward Reed, trying to clear his mind of green and gold sweet-smelling flowers as he went. But when he got about twenty feet from her, he glanced back.

And she was still standing there. Hugging herself. Looking lost.


“I’ll be right there,” he told Reed.

Reed glanced back. “Dude…”

“I know.” And he did. He needed to not be distracted. But the only way that was going to happen was if he knew for sure that Kiera was taken care of.

He jogged back to her side. “Hey princess, what’s up?”

She looked at him, and her look of confusion cleared. That made him feel stupidly good.

“I don’t have a way…”

She trailed off, and Zach frowned. “You don’t feel up to driving?”

“We brought Sophie’s car, and her fob thingy is with her.”

Ah. A little issue. “You have someone you can call?”

“I didn’t bring my phone.”

“You can use mine.”

“No one’s home. I live with Maya and Sophie,” she said. “Obviously, they’re not… there.”

Her voice wobbled, and Zach worked on not grabbing her and hugging her.

They’d just fucking met. Hugging and kissing wasn’t appropriate. Dammit.

“How about a cab?”

“I don’t have any money.”

He looked her over again, revisiting the curves he realized he’d already memorized. He could give her money for a cab of course. He could get her home. But she’d be home alone. He could get her to the hospital, but they wouldn’t talk to her and she’d be stuck in the waiting room for God knew how long. Alone.

And leaving her alone was simply something he could not do.

“You need to come with me.” He reached out and snagged her hand before he could tell himself that holding her hand was a bad idea.

Because it was. Her hand felt good in his, and the way she curled her fingers around his tightly and followed him without question felt good. And the idea that he was going to get to spend more time with her felt good. And all of that was bad. And yet, he pulled her along with him through the convention hall and into the heart of the chaos.

“What are we doing?” she asked.

“I need to go help with some more injured. And I need you to stick with me.”

“Me? Why?”

He looked over at her. Her cape floated behind her, and for the first time, he noticed the golden sword swinging at her left hip. Damn. That was kind of hot. “Because you’re a gorgeous kick-ass warrior princess, and the people in here are gonna need some gorgeous kick-ass stuff.”

She looked at him with surprise, but as he held her gaze, he saw something that turned him on even more than her smelling like candy—a spark of determination. She pulled up straighter as she walked, and he felt her hand tighten on his.

“Kick ass. Right. I can do that.”

He smiled. “And I could use some help from an interpreter.”

“An interpreter? I speak some Spanish but that’s about it.”

“You don’t speak geek?” He hoped he wasn’t committing a faux pau in calling her, and all of this, geeky.

But she actually gave him a half smile. “Oh, geek. Yes, I’m fluent.”

Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Avid Reader☆☆☆☆
M/F Romance
Triggers: Death

This was truly about learning that life isn't something you can completely control. Kiera is a strong woman – she knows who she is, what she wants, and she's not afraid to achieve those goals. However, from the glimpses you get to see of her past, you know that wasn't always the case. There was a time when she tried to bend, mold, and shift herself into the perfect view of someone else.

Josie and Aimee and Zach had a great life – at least that's what Zach thought. However, the issues within a family are usually hidden such that an outsider won't know what the dynamic is within a family. Zach learns this the hardest way possible. Despite being successful and loving his job, he's a fixer. When he can't fix things, he neglects himself in order to try and figure out a way.

This has a lot of dynamic built in. Aimee is struggling to come to terms with the death of her sister, trying to please her brother, and hiding the secrets of her parents. While finding a new circle of friends, she realizes that she is free to do so without fear of disappointing her brother and parents, because they all have their own things to work through.

Kiera and Zach are very different when they first meet, but both are unafraid to be who they want. I think that the relationship between Kiera and Zach is pretty organic from the beginning, despite them coming together fairly quickly. I think that Aimee helped to create the organic dynamic.

This was a sweet story with great characters. I do hope that more characters get their own stories and with this being a book one, I am hopeful it will be soon.

4.5 Sweet, hot and meaningful stars – rounded up because the more I think about it, the more I realise how much I enjoyed it!

This is the first book in a new series, and I cannot wait to immerse myself back in the company of this delightful group of interesting people. I did not read the first chapter of book 2 at the end though, because I knew just how frustrated I would be at having to wait for the next story! I do hope Ms. Nicholas is busy plotting, so that we get it soon.

Sometimes books which pitch two people at each other in a moment of crisis have an element of drama that never seems real. Here Ms. Nicholas has done exactly that and exploited it brilliantly through an online world. I cannot emphasise how cleverly she leads us down a path of reality, to then use the online world to make us laugh, and wait for everything to come together. I am not someone who enters such worlds, but I absolutely get why it happens, and how it can help in times of trouble.

Parallel to this, Keira and Zach live in a world which is far from perfect, and approach it in a very different way – watching them learn about each other, become firmly entrenched in each others' hearts and lives is so enjoyable. They are clearly so right for each other, and yet...

With a good sized cast, and lots of potential stories in the future, I have a feeling this is one of those series that will become a best friend to be turned to in times of need. So, whilst I would happily reread this immediately, I shall wait until Maya gets her turn, and then indulge in a twofer. Thank you in advance Ms. Nicholas!

Erin Nicholas is the author of sexy contemporary romances. Her stories have been described as toe-curling, enchanting, steamy and fun. She loves to write about reluctant heroes, imperfect heroines and happily ever afters. She lives in the Midwest with her husband who only wants to read the sex scenes in her books, her kids who will never read the sex scenes in her books, and family and friends who say they're shocked by the sex scenes in her books (yeah, right!).

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