Friday, December 9, 2016

Hooked by Brenda Rothert

From the author of the On the Line and Fire on Ice hockey romance series comes a sultry novel featuring a brooding NHL player who’s hell on skates—and the no-nonsense woman who forces him to clean up his act.

Even though I’m broke, putting myself through college, and working two jobs, I’m trying to make the best of it. Meanwhile, Jake Birch, hockey’s hottest bad boy, lives in a luxury hotel in downtown Chicago—and still complains about every little thing in his penthouse. But after I tell him off, instead of getting me fired, Jake requests me as his personal housekeeper. Then he starts flirting with me. Only I’m not flirting back... at least, I’m trying not to. Did I mention that he’s hockey’s hottest bad boy?

I’ve met the best woman at the worst possible time. Miranda is the fire to my ice—a sexy, charmingly candid spark who breaks down my walls and reminds me what it’s like to feel again. But I’m being forced to date my team owner’s daughter to keep my job, so I can’t be caught with Miranda. Still, we’re getting closer—until Miranda finds out about my “girlfriend.” And that’s not the only secret I’ve been keeping. But Miranda’s the one I want... even if she doesn’t believe me.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Avid Reader☆☆☆☆
3.5 stars
M/F Sports Romance

This was a cute story. Think, Maid in Manhattan and instead of a politician, insert a hockey player.

Miranda is a fierce woman who is trying to make ends meet. She hates when rich people act as if they are above everyone else. Sometimes, her mouth gets her in trouble – especially at work. Not only does she not want to have to kiss her boss’s butt, but she really doesn't want to have to kiss the client's either.

While this story is predictable, it's sweet and has an easy to read flow. Overall, while it wasn't a very long story, I think that Rothert was able to write a very sweet romance story.

Fast paced, sexy, funny read that had me sucked in from page one!

Miranda is working two jobs to get by and one of those is as a maid at a fancy hotel where she gets assigned to clean the suite that Jake Birch, hockey superstar, is staying in. Jake is very superstitious and has to have things “just so” on game days, prompting him to have some odd requests of his housekeeper, Miranda. Her response is to tell Jake off, and instead of getting her fired, Jake loves her spunk and requests her as his permanent housekeeper throughout his stay. Miranda is different than any woman Jake’s ever met and he’s smitten, cleaning his room prior to her arrival just so that they can spend time together – the only problem is, he’s being forced to date the owner of his team’s daughter, and he can’t screw that up!

Miranda has to have been one of my favorite characters in a long while, she’s quick witted and doesn’t fall straight into bed with Jake. I’m giving 4 stars instead of 5 because though the story starts out original it begins to become a bit predictable about mid-way through. It makes up for that in steaminess though, it’s off the charts hot and that is balanced with humor – I found myself laughing out loud on more than one occasion and I really love when that happens with a book! I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more from this author!

This is a really good sports romance. It has a super hot hockey playing player, who attracts a crazy and entitled stalker, and who develops a real and serious crush on his hotel maid.

The plot is not complex, but there are plenty of strands to keep us guessing. Having the story told from both Jake and Miranda's points of view works really well, and we learn about them together. It is well written, and injections of humour from Paige and Tuck help even out the story. The unfolding story of Jake's detachment from his family is well done, and their behaviours reflect what we have learned about them accurately.

As we had the inside knowledge, the tension builds very effectively with regards to the crazy too, and I did have to stop reading for a minute or two when I knew it was going to happen. So what with hot romance, crazy stalker, and intense family moments – wrapped up in some good hockey lines, this was a very easy read.

Brenda Rothert is the author of Blown Away and the On the Line and Fire on Ice hockey romance series. She was a daily print journalist for nine years, during which time she enjoyed working on a wide range of stories. Rothert lives in central Illinois with her husband and three sons.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Hooked by Brenda Rothert to read and review.

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