Monday, December 12, 2016

Jockeying for You by Stacy Hoff

Jake Carter is on a mission—to prove his family wrong. He may have bought a troubled horse, but he’s hired Ryder Hannon, a “horse whisperer,” to get his horse back on track. She’s more than just a trainer to him, she’s the woman he’s been looking for.

Ryder Hannon, a thoroughbred horse trainer, has a big problem—fighting her fear of racing again. Her emotional scars run deeper than her physical ones. But her romantic feelings toward handsome, uber-rich, stable owner Jake Carter is a bigger problem. Is Jake truly in love with her or is he using her to get back at his smug family?

When Jake’s jockey gets injured, he wants Ryder to race. He knows deep down she wants to live up to her family’s legacy. So why does she keep fighting him—and her destiny?

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

I really enjoyed this novel, it’s fast paced and you can tell it’s well researched, the author did a great job!

Ryder Hannan is daughter to a late great horse jockey legend and she attempted to follow in his footsteps, only to be seriously injured, prompting her to switch careers, becoming a horse trainer instead. Ryder is known at the tracks as a horse-whisperer, known for her ability to work with even the most difficult horse, even in her man-dominated career. Jake Carter purchased Handsome Dancer in the hopes that Handsome Dancer would be a winner, but finding a trainer for the stubborn horse has been quite a challenge, so Jake reaches out to Ryder. The attraction between Jake and Ryder is off the charts, but Ryder is determined to put her focus on figuring out why Handsome Dancer won’t let anyone but her ride him. Jake is determined to win Ryder over and sets out to “woo” her.

This is not only a love story for Ryder and Jake, but it’s also a really great story of Ryder rediscovering herself. I found it really inspirational, I also love that it’s fast paced and has a side of steamy romance as well. Ryder and Jake are just perfect for one another, and Ryder’s bond with Handsome Dancer is written so well, I found myself wanting to head to the tracks to watch a horse race! I look forward to reading more from this author!

I really enjoyed this story – which is set in the fast paced, and somewhat cutthroat world of horse racing. Ryder was born into this world, but a terrible accident in her first professional race as a jockey meant that she is now a trainer instead. She is very good at it – a fact that Jake Carter knows when he seeks her out to give his wayward colt a chance at success. Little did he expect to fall for her, nor see interest in her eyes. As we get to see her methods work on Handsome Dancer, clearly they work on Jake too! If you have ever had any interest in horse racing, then this will give you some insight to the other side of racing, and a rather fun, sweet, and hot romance too.

Stacy Hoff is a contemporary romance author, as well as an attorney. She has practiced law for two decades, primarily handling contracts. Romance novels have always been her secret passion. She writes her romantic stories until the wee hours of the night. Stacy lives in New England with her husband and two boys.

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