Friday, December 9, 2016

Unf;nished by J.R. Barten

Could a pair of tattoos ignite a passionate romance?

Technical analyst Garrett Jones lives a solitary life. Occasionally, he must venture into the outside world to get what he needs. On one such occasion, he finds himself at a local tattoo shop getting inked for the first time with a semi-colon as a reminder of his past--a past he cannot allow himself to forget.

Fun-loving and outspoken Dev Hemingway is a social worker for a local LGBTQ shelter. He’s covered in tatts, has long hair, and though most people think he belongs on a Harley, he prefers his Venom electric scooter. He’s adding a semi-colon to his tattoo repertoire to mark eight years since his mental health diagnosis.

Though they start seeing each other casually, Garrett and Dev’s relationship soon deepens into something more than either one could have prepared for. But will the illness that brought them together ultimately be the one to tear them apart? Could this be the end of their story, or is there still too much left unfinished?

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

I absolutely loved the fact that this book shines light on bipolar in a positive way, but also shows the ups, downs, and the ways it can impact someone's life or the people in their life.

That being said, I really didn't feel like this story was only about bipolar. It was about two people who have been through a lot of pain and are trying to find their way through it while learning how to love again.

I really enjoyed watching as these two very different people came together and the struggles they had to deal with. It was a very well written story that I really enjoyed, with some humor and great secondary characters.

However, I do have to say that at times, I felt the first half of the book moved a bit slowly. and then the second half seemed to zoom along, almost too fast.

J.R., or Jen, as friends call her, has always been an avid reader, oftentimes reading five to six books a week. When she was a kid, she found a huge box of old romances in paperback at a neighbor's garage sale and offered the woman a quarter for the entire haul. Jen then went home and locked herself in her bedroom so her younger brother couldn't interrupt her while she read. This fueled her love for romantic fiction and inspired her to try her hand at writing. In 2013 Jen started writing fan-fiction, and then began creating her own original stories in 2014. Currently, her favorite genre to read and write is contemporary gay romance.

J.R. Barten was born and raised in Iowa and now resides in the Twin Cities of Minnesota with her wife of seventeen years and their two beloved rescue dogs.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Unf;nished by J.R. Barten to read and review.

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