Thursday, December 15, 2016

Beautiful Lies by Heather Bentley

From the couture clothes, private jets and homes around the globe, I have the best of everything. But looks can be deceiving, and in my family, deception is an art form. So, I bide my time and count the days until I’m free.

Heiress Christina Harcourt lives a life surrounded by the finest this world has to offer. Unfortunately, what she wants most can’t be bought. After losing her mother in a heinous crime, she tries her best to live the life she knows her mother would want for her. But through her family’s hurtful ways, Christina learns the only way to do that, is to leave this life far behind. Everything is going as planned, until she meets him.

Sexy, carefree CJ Whitford is a hard-working, blue collar guy who can’t get the guarded brunette out of his head. So, he takes a chance and rearranges his life to go after the girl he’s falling for. He quickly discovers that Christina’s secrets are as big as her heart. A heart so fragile that all it will take to destroy it is one more lie… his.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

4.5 stars

Sara lives above the diner where she works in a town in the middle of nowhere. It is a peaceful place to live. She knows most everyone and that is good because that means that no one knows who she really is or where she came from. Running from your past is never easy when your family is famous and mega-rich. But getting away from being Christina Harcourt was what she needed to do because her life was a lie. After her mother's death, Christina was told what to do, what to wear, and how to act. It was about appearances and never about the love she needed.

One night, when Christina and her BFF, Becca, go to a country bar, she meets CJ and he is just the guy she needs for one night. He is caring, handsome, and oh, those eyes. But when CJ wants more, can she tell him who she really is and why they can't be together? Her family will not approve. And she doesn't want either of them to get hurt. But when CJ tracks her down at the hospital, she thinks that maybe they can give it a try.

CJ Whitford is the hardworking man that Christina met at the bar. And CJ has found the one that makes him feel things he has never felt with a woman before. Can she see past her fear about her family and see that they are good together? And what will happen when the biggest lie of all is CJ's?

Sara/Christina is a character that you will feel her pain, and CJ is the hero to help her heal. I loved this story and wished there would have been more confrontation with her family. But I do think it ended great.

This story is an emotional rollercoaster, so have plenty of Kleenex handy because you will need it. It is a great debut story from this author and I look forward to reading more from her.

Heather Bentley wrote her first story in the third grade while on a flight to Disney World. It centered around her hopes for her plane to land safely in sunny Florida and even included illustrations. Her flair for the dramatic never lapsed as she continued to write throughout high school and college, what would now be considered NA. Unfortunately, none of those stories saw the light of day but her passion for writing wasn’t lost along with them.

Heather worked as an advertising executive in Chicago before staying home to raise three crazy kids. When she’s not stealing time to write, she’s spending time with her husband, watching one of her kid’s baseball games, or feeding her online shopping addiction.

Beautiful Lies is her first full length novel.

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