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Bottom of the Ninth by Jami Davenport Blog Tour

This long-awaited story of the third Wolfe brother introduces the Seattle Skookums baseball team.

Zeke Wolfe, the man who's written off his entire family, rescues a young woman and three children on a stormy Seattle night. Before he knows it, he has an instant family and a fake fiancé he's certain he doesn't want.

Paisley Madison dreams of having a real home for herself and her sister's children. When a handsome baseball player drops into her life, she knows a gift when she sees one and hires herself as his assistant.

As their business arrangement turns into something much more personal, Paisley and Zeke's pasts threaten to destroy their precarious hold on a future together. Can they conquer their demons and find love, or will they run from their pasts and abandon their future together.

While all books in this series can be read as standalones, you'll most likely enjoy reading the other books in the Game On in Seattle sports romance series

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Book 6
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He’d been traded to fucking Seattle.

Zeke Wolfe still couldn’t believe it, even though he’d made a few trips to the rainy city since the deed had been done, and he’d been wearing the Seattle blue and green during spring training.

Hell, he hadn’t come to terms with his new reality even as the Boeing 737 banked a steep turn to land at Sea-Tac Airport. He caught glimpses of Puget Sound and the Space Needle through the dark, oppressive clouds hanging over everything, including his life as of late.

Why did God hate him so much that he’d done this to him?

Truthfully, he probably didn’t hate Zeke. More likely, God didn’t know he existed. The big guy hadn’t been there for Zeke any more than his brothers had. At least he’d had his sister—until he didn’t have her anymore, either.

Zeke disembarked, hating the place that was his new home. It was bad enough he’d been yanked from sunny California to this dark, dreary place where the sun never shone and mold grew in every crack and crevice, but even worse, his brothers both lived here and played for Seattle’s professional hockey and football teams. Maybe God did hate him after all and was laughing his ass off at this latest cruel twist of fate.

Turning on his phone, he frowned as message notifications blipped across the screen. Them again. Why couldn’t they just leave him the hell alone? He’d just changed his number a month ago. Now he’d have to change it again.

Despite being irritated, Zeke put on his happy face in case anyone with a trigger finger on their cell camera happened to recognize him. Grabbing his bag from the baggage carousel, he found his recently purchased silver Jaguar F-PACE SUV, parked exactly where Al, his agent, promised it would be. The bastard was thorough. He’d give him that.

Relaxing into the plush leather seat, Zeke allowed himself a moment of forced calmness, then he pulled onto the wet streets. He listened to the GPS as he navigated to the house his agent had also bought for him in a quiet Seattle neighborhood of older but upscale homes. Al promised the house boasted views, views, and more views. Zeke didn’t give a shit about views right now, but he’d kill for something more substantial than airplane food, along with a blissful night’s sleep.

He stopped at a takeout place and grabbed a couple pizzas, before continuing his journey. The aroma of pepperoni and melted cheese merged with the new-car smell. His stomach growled, and he pressed harder on the accelerator.

Cutting the corner as he turned onto a side street, Zeke hit a deep mud puddle, hydroplaning and throwing water in all directions, including his windshield.

Shit. He couldn’t see a damn thing.

Slowing, he noticed a bedraggled woman standing on the sidewalk completely drenched—thanks to him. The hood of her ancient car was up, and she held the hands of two equally bedraggled and drenched little kids while a third stood nearby.

Well, crap.

Judging by their piece-of-shit car piled high with crap, they were probably homeless. He fully intended to drive on by. They weren’t his problem. At the last minute, he made the mistake of glancing in their direction. His gaze connected with the pleading, soulful brown eyes of the woman. She was young, but not too young; probably his age, yet way too young to have children this old unless she’d had them when she was just a kid herself.

Despite her miserable state, she was beautiful, with long blond hair and a cute figure. She looked like the girl next door, sweet and kind and needy.

Zeke so did not do needy.

Well, not too much. At least, not to the point he couldn’t extricate himself without some messy drama to go along with the neediness.

With a sigh, Zeke glanced at the time and pulled over. Pizza and sleep would have to wait a little longer because of his damn pesky conscience.

Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

4.5 hot and steamy sporting stars

This is the sixth in the series – and I would absolutely recommend that you read them all and in order... however, this could be read as a standalone, but you would miss some of the ongoing plot-lines and relationships. What I found to be really special, and requires a talented author to achieve, is that although I did not have time to reread the previous books, there were strong reminders of previous events that just prompted me enough, without repeating everything. It was really fascinating to see another side of the Wolfe brothers' story.

Zeke and Paisley (along with Sophie, Sadie, and Brandon) are the stars of this story. Their unexpected meeting and subsequent employer/employee relationship show us that Zeke's claims about being heartless are somewhat overstated, and that Paisley is all about getting the best for her charges, and will not let this opportunity pass. Her behaviour could grate on the reader, but actually she is a good person and selflessness is the ethos by which she lives, so it is easy to forgive her. Watching the children unfreeze is very precious, yet not overdone. All in all, I just enjoyed every page. There were some really moving moments, some dramatic ones, and some very hot and steamy ones. There was plenty of sport time, plenty of development for other team members, and we got to see the Maxwell sisters and their men too.

Highly recommended – a really good addition to the series. Looking forward to what happens next!

Paisley is strong, resourceful, and raising her sister's three kids. It was easy to love Paisley and her optimistic outlook on life, and she is just what Zeke needs in his life.

Zeke's unhappy childhood means he doesn't get close to anyone. From the outside, he appears to have it all. Great career, money, good looks, and as far as the world knows, two brothers he loves. But Zeke is not close with his brothers, or many people at all. It is all for show. Zeke is lonely, but too afraid to let anyone close.

Zeke stole my heart. He makes me sad and I desperately wanted him to be happy, and I think that made the ending of this story that much sweeter. Great story.

Baseball is my favorite sport so I’ve been anxiously awaiting Zeke’s story, and I was not disappointed – loved it!

Zeke Wolfe is the youngest Wolfe brother and the one who got stuck alone with his evil father when his brothers left home to begin their careers. Zeke wants absolutely nothing to do with his brothers, and when the things that happened from his childhood are revealed, it’s no surprise he wanted nothing to do with the brothers. When Zeke is traded to the town where both his brothers currently reside and then his manager decides they need numerous photo opps things get really tense. Paisley Madison has custody of her believed-to-be-dead sister’s three young children, and when she gets to Seattle she’s penniless. Then Zeke finds her, and though he doesn’t want to, he moves the little family into his new home and Paisley has no plans to leave.

I love the originality in this story and the detail the author gives is fantastic – I’m an “old house” fanatic and I felt like I was in Zeke’s home with the details painted by Jami Davenport. This was a fantastically written, fast paced story that I didn’t want to come to an end. I can’t wait for Jami Davenport’s next book!

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USA Today Bestselling Author Jami Davenport writes sexy contemporary and sports romances, including her two new indie endeavors: the Game On in Seattle Series and the Madrona Island Series. Jami's new releases consistently rank in the top fifty on the sports romance and sports genre lists on Amazon, and she has hit the Amazon top hundred authors list in both contemporary romance and genre fiction multiple times. Jami ranked Number Seven on Kobo's Top Ten Most Completed Authors, an honor bestowed on the year's "most engaging" authors based on an average page completion rate by their readers.

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