Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Wolf's Clothing by E.J. Russell

What do you do when you finally prove the existence of the otherworld, but the ghosts kick your ass?

For Trent Pielmeyer, the answer is run like hell — away from his hostile family, away from the disbelieving cops, and far, far, far away from anything that smacks of the supernatural. After seven years’ captivity in a whacked-out alternate dimension, he is so over legend tripping.

When Christophe Clavret spots Trent in a Portland bar, he detects a kindred spirit—another man attempting to outrun the darkness of his own soul. But despite their sizzling chemistry, Trent’s hatred of the uncanny makes Christophe hesitant to confide the truth: he’s a werewolf, one of a dwindling line, the victim of a genetic curse extending back to feudal Europe.

But dark forces are at work, threatening more than their growing love. If Christophe can’t win Trent’s trust, and if Trent can’t overcome his fear of the paranormal, the cost could be Trent’s freedom and Christophe’s humanity. Or it might be both their lives.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

That was abso-freaking-lutely awesome! When I discovered that Russell was releasing another book in the Legend Tripping series, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. Upon reading the title and blurb – it was a must have! I was excited to see how Russell would develop a story around werewolves. And I was not disappointed. I’m not sure what I’m more impressed by – the fact that Russell has penned a truly unique werewolf romance based on some apparently obscure folklore OR that the author did such a good job at making the story her own that I didn’t even suspect the werewolves’ shifting ritual was based on folklore until I read the author’s note. Ultimately it doesn’t matter, because despite the fact that I’ve read hundreds of shifter romances, Christophe’s werewolf nature is unlike any I’ve ever encountered and it was not only fascinating, it made for a great story.

While Wolf’s Clothing is the second book in the series and it is not imperative that you read Stumptown Spirits first, I STRONGLY recommend that you do. Not only was the story extremely entertaining (and this comes from someone who is not a fan of ghost stories or time travel themes), but it will give you a better understanding of what Trent is dealing with. The author does provide some of the necessary background so that new readers will have an idea of what’s going on, but it barely scratches the surface of why Trent suffers from PTSD and is merely surviving, not living his life. If you have read book one, you’ll likely be pleased to know that we get to catch up with Logan and Riley and they each play important roles in this book as Logan and Trent used to date and Riley and Christophe used to date – which makes for some rather amusing scenes throughout the book as Logan and Christophe are both alpha males, Christophe quite literally. But I digress and I kind of mean to because the truth of the matter is that I don’t want to ruin Christophe’s surprise for you. However, what I will say is that I really liked the way their connection was written. Despite Christophe’s wolf instincts, there isn’t a drive to mate with Trent. No, their initial attraction is purely physical and once I came to realize the full ramifications of Trent’s disappearance from book one, I found their times of intimacy to be more than a slaking of lust, especially when given the chance to experience them from Trent’s point of view – they were sensual, they were heartbreaking, and they were beautiful.

The other reason I’m being rather vague about the story itself is that, like book one, there is a definite romantic suspense element present. In the case of Wolf’s Clothing, it’s a bit of a conspiracy and Christophe is the target. While I had a niggle in the back of my brain about part of the conspiracy, there was an unexpected element that completely shocked me when it was revealed. Fortunately for Christophe, Trent had to call in the cavalry and with Riley (I know!) came some of the production staff from the paranormal investigation show, Haunted to the Max, who we got to see in action once again. Not only are readers treated to a fascinating legend, some tense action scenes, and a beautiful romance, we also get the cruelest of teases about who will likely be front and center for the next adventure in the Legend Tripping – and I cannot wait!

E.J. Russell holds a BA and an MFA in theater, so naturally she’s spent the last three decades as a financial manager, database designer, and business intelligence consultant. Several years ago, she realized Darling Sons A and B would be heading off to college soon and she’d no longer need to spend half her waking hours ferrying them to dance class.

What to do with all that free time?

A lucky encounter with Jim Butcher’s craft blog posts caused her to revisit her childhood dream of writing fiction, and now she wonders why she ever thought an empty nest meant leisure.

Her daily commute consists of walking from one side of her office to the other, from left-brain day job to right-brain writer’s cave, where she’s learned to type with a dog attached to her hip and a cat draped across her wrists.

E.J. is married to Curmudgeonly Husband, a man who cares even less about sports than she does. Luckily, C.H. also loves to cook, or all three of their children (Lovely Daughter and Darling Sons A and B) would have survived on nothing but Cheerios, beef jerky, and satsuma mandarins (the extent of E.J.’s culinary skill set).

E.J. lives in rural Oregon, enjoys visits from her wonderful adult children, and indulges in good books, red wine, and the occasional hyperbole.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Wolf's Clothing (Legend Tripping #2) by E.J. Russell to read and review.

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