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Love Me Like a Rock by Amy Jo Cousins

In art and in love, it’s the rough edges that make things interesting.

Having grown up with artistic implements always in hand, there's almost nothing Austin can't make real. Except for one thing—an official relationship with his best friend, rowing teammate and occasional hookup, Vinnie.

The combination of emotional and sexual frustration fuels a spark between Austin and the nude model in his drawing class. Austin isn't used to having trouble focusing; models are merely challenging subjects to be rendered on paper. But the geology TA's direct blue gaze is powerful enough to drag Austin's focus away from his physique.

After a quick and very dirty post-class encounter, all the reasons that Austin has been waiting for his best friend go fuzzy in his mind. Sean is nothing like Vinnie. Sean is persistent, pays attention, and makes it clear he wants to be together.

But if Austin can't get his head and his heart on the same page, he could lose his friend, or his lover. Or both.

Warning: Contains rock geeks, tent sex, a dictatorial cox whose idea of a good time is drawing naked dudes, plus one naked dude who wants to be more than a good time.

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Book 6
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Austin is hung up on his friend and roommate, Vinnie, who he occasionally hooks up with. So when he meets geology student, Sean, he makes it clear that he is only in it for a good time. The story is told entirely from Austin's point of view, but it isn't difficult to see that Sean wants more from this relationship than Austin says he can give.

As time moves on and our couple spend more and more time together, Austin finds himself only interested in Sean. I so desperately wanted these two together, they are good for each other as well as being hot in the sack.

I devoured this story in less than a day. I absolutely loved this simple, straight forward romance, which was well written and easy to read. Love Me Like a Rock is book six in the Bend or Break series, but I read it as a standalone. I've now gone back and purchased book 1 and I can't wait to get started.

Having met Austin in Level Hands, I was excited to read Love Me Like a Rock. Considering how the book begins with Austin finding himself in a rather uncomfortable position during his life drawing class, well I knew it was going to be a treat to read. I was right.

I thought it was quite amusing that Austin, who we know can become so engrossed in his art that he loses track of everything around him, found himself unable to see the model in the life drawing class as a subject, but rather saw the man attached to a rather impressive appendage. I was chuckling right alongside his neighbor and she didn’t have the access to Austin’s inner monologue like I did. His discomfort when the model approaches him after class and asks to see the drawings was just as amusing, but then Austin’s personality snaps back into place and reminded me why I enjoyed his presence so much – he’s a funny and charming guy. But it was the chemistry between the two that was the driving force of the book. Not because of how hot they were together – and they were scorching – but rather, as Austin indulges in his time with Sean, his misplaced crush on Vinnie gradually wanes as he develops genuine feelings for Sean.

As we are dealing with college guys, several of whom live together, go to school together, and row together, there is definitely angst within, but it’s all appropriate to what’s going on in the story. But one of the things I really liked, and I mean REALLY, REALLY liked about Love Me Like a Rock, is that once Austin committed to Sean (and even before that), Sean didn’t try to force Austin to cut ties with Vinnie. Sean might have been jealous of the friends with benefits arrangement that Austin had with Vinnie prior to the start of their fling, but he understood they were friends first and didn’t try to come between that. I loved that Cousins chose not to make Sean a jealous boyfriend simply to add drama. Love Me Like a Rock was a great addition to the Bend or Break series and I cannot wait to read Hard Candy next to find out what’s going to happen to Vincent now that Austin is no longer an option.

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Amy Jo Cousins writes contemporary romance and erotica about smart people finding their own best kind of smexy. She lives in Chicago with her son, where she tweets too much, sometimes runs really far, and waits for the Cubs to win the World Series.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Love Me Like a Rock (Bend or Break #6) by Amy Jo Cousins to read and review.

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