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Convincing the Secretary by Ava March

Business and pleasure is a mix no gentleman should consider.

Lord Grayson Holloway goes after what he wants—be it in the law office on his clients’ behalf or in the bedchamber. His new position as partner puts him closer to achieving his goal of becoming the most successful solicitor in London. There’s just one problem—his new secretary. Broad of shoulder yet mild of manner, Edward tempts Gray like no other. Yet the young man barely notices him.

Edward Fenton tries to be a good secretary, but being in Lord Grayson’s hard, commanding presence rouses Edward’s most forbidden desires. Wicked, naughty desires no gentleman should consider giving in to, let alone with his new employer.

Gray is more than willing to mix business with pleasure. But convincing Edward to take a chance on a future with him? That might be the most challenging case Gray has ever taken on.

Warning: Includes buttoned-up gentlemen who become undone, improper use of a desk, spankings, and a big bad lord who has a soft spot for his virgin secretary.

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Book 3
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

4 Lusty Stars.

Convincing the Secretary is the third in the London Legal MM historical romance series. However, it's the first I have read in this series. Since I was offered this for review, I jumped on it, and was pleasantly surprised that I wasn't lost. Perhaps things said or done would have had more meaning if I had read the prior books, but it was enjoyable for me nonetheless.

In essence, Convincing the Secretary was meant to be a lusty novella filled with heat and power-exchange, being driven by an underlying legal case. The solicitor and his reluctant, then eager secretary. Ava March delivered on all accounts.

Recommended for fans of historical MM romance with a BDSM kick. Being that this a novella, keep in mind that everything is truncated – instantaneous. Lust, the storyline, and the emotions, in order to fit into a shorter amount of pages. If you're looking for a few hours of mindless entertainment, where you don't want to read an involved book, Convincing the Secretary is guaranteed instant gratification for the reader.

Although I haven’t read the previous two books in the series, I was optimistic that Convincing the Secretary could be read as a stand-alone book as it featured different characters. After finishing the novella, I was relieved to learn that I was correct and pleased that I took a chance because Edward Fenton was such a delightfully naughty young man, while Lord Grayson Holloway proved to be the stern solicitor who was more than willing to take young Edward in hand – quite literally.

I have always enjoyed historical romances and have learned within the last year or so, that this holds true in the M/M genre as well. There is just something fascinating about watching two men navigate societal dictates and laws that could land them in jail simply because of how they were born. Not the landing in jail part, obviously. Rather it is the dance two gentlemen must partake in so that they can judge whether or not the objection of their affection is interested in them, and then whether or not they are willing to act upon their predilections. Lord Grayson is no stranger to the “dance” and has enjoyed the company of his fair share of men, but much to his disappointment, none have been interested in more than a night or two of fun. Unfortunately for Lord Grayson, the latest man to catch his attention is his secretary, Edward Fenton. While Gray knows that Edward is attracted to men by the longing gazes Edward directs at Mr. Barrington, Edward has never looked at him the same way. So Lord Grayson sets out to find out if he can turn the young man’s eye his way and keep it there for the long-term.

I actually found it quite amusing when Gray started feeling Edward out only to realize that the biggest obstacle between them was not Gray’s parentage, but rather that Edward had no idea that Gray preferred men. Once that misunderstanding was cleared up, Edward lost most of his awkwardness because he was no longer worried about being imprisoned. Once we learn more about Edward’s desires – and they are some good ones – it is much easier to understand why he was so cautious and was inexperienced. But it turns out that Gray and Edward’s desires complement one another quite well and this makes for some extremely stimulating reading. Sadly, they both make assumptions about the other’s motives and feelings, and the ensuing separation was a bit heartbreaking to witness. The upside of Convincing the Secretary being a novella is a quicker resolution, so once the men took the time to talk to one another and listen to what was being said, they found a way to move forward. I especially loved that March didn’t force Edward to comply with societal dictates for a young man of his station and gave him the inner fortitude to find his happiness without kowtowing to his family’s demands. I look forward to going back and reading books one and two as I have now bought them, as well as reading whatever the author has in store for the London Legal series next – and hopefully get an update on Edward and Gray.

Ava March is an author of regency-set m/m historical erotic romances. She loves writing in the regency time period, where proper decorum is of the utmost importance, but where anything can happen behind closed doors. She has a daughter and is married to a wonderful man who doesn’t mind in the slightest that she spends her evenings writing naughty books.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Convincing the Secretary (London Legal #3) by Ava March to read and review.

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