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Saving Nico by Danica St. Como

After Marine scout sniper Niccolo Ferrari lost his best buddy, spotter Pietro “Pete” Galletti, to an Iraqi sniper gunning for the bounty on Nico’s head, he goes solo to avoid any more collateral damage. Though he becomes one of the most dangerous snipers in the Corps, Nico’s harrowing experiences leave him psychologically bruised and battered. He comes to the Sanctuary military training camp to decompress, to regain his confidence—and his humanity.

At Sanctuary's front door, he comes face to face with Game Warden Abigail O’Connell; the shock nearly stops his heart. He knows her features like the back of his own hand—she was Pete’s fiancée, the woman in Pete's photos, the woman whom Nico fell for from a distance, who he's lusted after in silence for years.

Abigail swore off men, yet she can’t deny the immediate heat, the unwanted sexual attraction to the emotionally damaged Marine. Nico can’t tell her that he’s her dead fiancé’s best friend. How can he when the urge to take her to his bed, to slide into her body, to stay there forever, is all consuming? If he tells her, he’ll lose her; if he doesn’t, their growing love is a lie.

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Book 6
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This story jumps straight into hot, steamy scenes full of dirty talk. Saving Nico is dual point of view so we know right off the bat that Nico is hiding a pretty big secret and knowing when all is revealed the fallout will devastating.

There are also accidents happening at The Sanctuary which turn out to be anything but. As with the previous stories in this series, there is a good mix of heat, romance and action.

I really enjoyed the combination of steam and emotion in this story even if there was the occasional cheesy bit of description in the sex scenes. Saving Nico was a lovely read full of hot guys and strong women.

I actually found this story really interesting and different and good... even if there was a bit of insta-love mixed in, which normally isn't my thing. There was a lot going on that made the story a real page turner. I loved all the characters. They were all unique in different ways (although most of them were blue-eyed).

While I loved the story and the characters I have to say the biggest down fall for me was that there was a very high repetition of phrases, which was a bit distracting and annoying (like saints in heaven, jesus sweet christ on a flippin' half shell, christly f*cking sake, Crocodile on a freakin' crutch.. but mostly saints in heaven.. gosh I can't say HOW many times that was used).

Then on to the naughty scenes... In my opinion if you are going to do naughty, go all the way. The use of words like 'sex,' 'member,' 'pelvic cradle,' and my personal favorite 'weep hole' really didn't work for me and ruined what could've been some amazingly HOT scenes.

There was a point or two where there was a misalignment of information as well. Where Abby would think about something pertaining to her ex that she shouldn't have known at that point in time.

However, all that being said, the biggest part of the story was good. I enjoyed the flow and realistic feel of the characters.

This was the first story in this series and this author that I've read, but I would be willing to read more from her for sure.

I've read all the books in this series, and think I possibly love this one the most! And that is really something because they have all been hot and exciting reads. This one though, had me stopping a few times to catch my breath!

The start is a little creepy in a way, and you just know that there is going to be hell to pay when Nico's secret comes out ... but along the way, it is impossible not to see how much he has Abby on his mind, and in his heart. I liked that the man was the smitten one for a change! And, whilst everything seems somewhat sudden, as the story unfolds it makes more sense, and definitely rooting for Nico. Along with the growing romance, we get a good mystery with some clever twists, and – possibly best of all – we see Lorelei, Adam and Lucian, and their growing family.

Looking forward to reading more about these fabulous characters. Thank you Ms. St. Como!

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St. Como, a Jersey girl born and raised, now writes at her farm in central upstate New York's dairy country, usually surrounded by a gaggle of Whippets under and around her oversized, over­burdened desk—while being stared at from across the room by a giant, malevolent treadmill. She puts her pen to several subgenres, including contemporary erotic romantic suspense, featuring any of the following: MFM and MMF ménage a trois, MM pairings, erotic historical, paranormal – all hot, all steamy, and all sexually explicit. In addition to stand alone novels and the Men of Sanctuary series, St. Como also writes erotic romantic suspense under the pen name Sophia Roslyn, author of Dragonetti's Mountain and Her Special Forces.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Saving Nico (Men of Sanctuary #6) by Danica St. Como to read and review.

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