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An Expert in Domination by Sindra van Yssel

Sophia comes to Bondage Ranch to get naked and dance around the bonfire, and maybe hook up with a guy. She wants a weekend of sensual fun before going back to her life as a single mom. What happens at Bondage Ranch, stays at Bondage Ranch, right?

But then she meets Colby Brock. Colby’s not the dance around the bonfire type. He’s a minor celebrity, an expert at BDSM and author of multiple books on the subject. Sophia never thought leather and whips and the like were for her, but she ends up being volunteered to be Colby’s demo bottom, and then he invites her to explore further. Soon, she finds Colby’s dominance addictive, and she’s torn between wanting more, and wanting to stop before she gets hooked.

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Book 7
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Mary Jo☆☆☆☆
This is book 7 in this series but I have not read the previous book and didn't feel lost at all.

Sophia went to the Bondage Ranch with Remy -- a guy she had been casually dating -- for the adventure of it. Not expecting to participate, or enjoy, any of the aspects of the ranch, an unexpected downpour sends her to the barn where she meets Colby Brock, a Dominant who's been brought to the ranch to provide demonstrations on several techniques.

Colby has a strict code of conduct when it comes to his relationships with submissives. When he sees Sophia across the room, he's intrigued. When her "boyfriend" volunteers her as his model for his demo, he's even more intrigued by the woman who oozes sensuality.

The brief taste they had of each other during that shortened weekend wasn't enough to satisfy either of them. Colby's previous marriage has left him gun-shy when it comes to long term relationships. Sophia's prior marriage wasn't the best, but she truly believes in the power of love.

I hadn't read any other Bondage Ranch books but after this one I plan to rectify that! I enjoyed this story! Sophia is more of a hedonist than a submissive but she loves to try new experiences. Colby is a somewhat famous dominant who's at Bondage Ranch to do some tutorials. Her acquaintance and somewhat fling raises her hand to participate for a demo with Colby and Sophia finds herself in ropes and being flogged. She enjoys it more than she thinks she should!! Colby was a great character and was written well as a divorced and eternal bachelor. Sophia makes him question his month long only contracts with submissives and his thoughts on love. Truly enjoyable read with steamy scenes and enjoyable characters.

I really enjoyed this story – it involves a single Mum who is not in perfect shape, but believes that life is for enjoying, and a very controlled ... expert in domination. After a chance encounter in DC, where she lives, he goes back to LA where he lives, and yet ... he can't get her off his mind. Apart from the hotness that is the two of them together, I loved that she wouldn't compromise, nor put her desires before her responsibilities. Colby was a good guy too – and well, they were well matched.

There wasn't any great drama, but there was enough tension, plenty of chemistry and a satisfying conclusion – perfect reading material!

There were some parts of this story I REALLY, REALLY liked and others I think fell a bit flat.

I loved the beginning of this book. The teaching of D/s and some impact play was awesome and hot, but also showed that there is so much more there than what meets the eye. I felt like Sophia was a bit wishy washy for me at that point because she'd like it but she wouldn't, however, I can understand partially as it was her first time and she hadn't expected it to be that way.

I have to say I was a bit sad we missed so much of their week together. I think the reader could've done with more of the bonding that the couple was able to do during that time. And I have to say that the ending left me feeling like things were so very much up in the air and not so much as a HEA as expected but a HFN.

However, all in all, I would love to read more from this author and this series as this was the first part that I'd read.

I live in Northern Virginia with my partner, my teenage son, and a lot of fish. For many years I was active in our local BDSM community. Yes, people really do the things people do in my books!

By day I work in a public library, where I get to meet all kinds of readers. I've a soft spot for happy endings and characters who learn more about themselves, but I enjoy torturing my characters along the way, too. Hopefully you'll enjoy watching them squirm as much as I do.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of An Expert in Domination (Bondage Ranch #7) by Sindra van Yssel to read and review.

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